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Make Your Enchanting Experience In Batubulan Village


Batubulan Village

If you are foreigners, visiting Bali is a must. But then what to visit, because there are so many tourist destinations there. One of them is Batubulan Village. Having so many cultures and traditions makes Batubulan as the very wonderful village to visit. Let’s get closer then.

Where Is It?

Batubulan village is located in Bali, especially in the Gianyar regency, Sukmawi district. It is the most strategic place in Denpasar as the headquarter of Bali. Because the many tourist transactions are done here. The gate is located in the west area. This location is crowded because located near other tourist destinations too.

What Is The History Of Batubulan Village?

Batubulan has a history behind it. Dewa Agung Kalesan who is the stepchild of King Badung was given an authority to build a palace in the forest. One day, when he and his people went to the east area of the forest, he saw a stone shining like a moon. That is why the name is called as Batubulan coming from batu for stone and bulan for the moon. Then, Dewa Agung Kalesan builds a palace there.

How To Get There?

From Denpasar, the headquarter of Bali, people need about fifteen minutes to reach the location both by motorcycle or car. It is provided with a large parking area there, so do not be afraid of using your own motorcycle or car. However, if people choose to walk around, they need about forty-five minutes to reach there.

How Much Is It?

Basically, to enter the village, it is free. You are not supposed to pay. However, you should pay for some performances like dance performances you should not miss. It is about Rp. 30.000, 00 for each performance.
What To Do In Batubulan Village?
Batubulan is famous for its arts, from visual arts to many crafts. Here are some of them and the other beauty of Batubulan.

  1. Art Shopping

    Knowing that Batubulan is the village which has the art artifacts will lead you to see how people make them. The most well-known art is stone carving. Here, people can make a statue and many other art forms like a necklace, ring etc. The persistence of people in doing so makes Batubulan as the potential region to well economically developed. You will not regret anything while buying the accessories there, because they have the very high quality from the first-hand makers. So, happy shopping there.

  2. Enjoy The Dance Performances

    Bali, as the other provinces in Indonesia, has many traditional dances like Legong Dance, Kecak Dance, Barong Dance, and many more. There are some schedules when to see those performances. Usually, it is about 09.00 in the morning until 10.30 am for Barong Dance. While Kecak Dance is shown about 18.00 until 19.00 in the dusk. Do not forget to bring your camera to capture the great moment there.

  3. Enjoy The Art Galeries

    Besides those activities, you can walk around the village and see how the people are making the art crafts. You can learn and ask them for some questions like what to be made, what for, how, and why? Because some crafts are culturally produced like a statue for example or the dancing ornaments. You also can take photos there and see more details about the art galleries.

  4. Photo Hunting

    With so many cultural views, it is obviously the right moment to capture the most unforgettable moment in your life. You can take a photo from the many angles you want because each angle of this village is very beautiful.

  5. Culinary Hunting

    Do not forget to buy some food and spoil your tongue with the yummy culinary here. The dishes sell there are well made and full of the Indonesian taste that is spicy. However, the Bali taste itself is not spicy as what other region has like Yogyakarta for example. Basically, the price is not too expensive, but you should consider your money.

6 Reasons To Visit And The Route To Padang Padang Beach

Padang Padang Beach

Most people come to the beach to enjoy the beauty and the atmosphere of the beach. Some others visit the beach to try some water sport such as speed boating and surfing. Well, there are many reasons to visit a beach, especially in Bali where there are lots of beautiful beaches. One of the recommended beaches you can visit in Bali is Padang Padang beach.

Route To Padang Padang Beach

If you go to the beach from Ngurah Rai airport, you can go via Ngurah Rai bypass to the south. After that, you can head to Uluwatu and then to Pecatu. Next, you’ll find Pecatu Indah Resort area which will lead you to Dreamland Beach. Go straight from the intersection for about 2 km and turn left to follow Labuan Sait Street to get to the beach.

It is recommended for you to rent car or motorcycle rather than taking the public transportation. It will be more efficient and accessible. When you arrive at the beach area, you still need to walk down the stairs and narrow crevice. Well, you should be careful, but don’t worry. The view of the beach won’t disappoint you.

Reasons You Should Visit Padang Padang Beach

Every beach has its own attractiveness. Therefore, here are some reasons why you should visit Padang Padang instead of the other famous beaches:

1. Surfing Paradise

If you have a big interest in surfing, you should try riding Padang Padang wave. International tourists love to visit Padang Padang for its great wave. To have a great surfing time, you need to swim about 300 meters from the shoreline. The perfect wave and underwater current will give you a great surfing experience. This beach even has annual surfing competition which is joined by many surfers either from Indonesia or the other countries.

2. Beautiful Scenery

When you enter the beach area, you’ll be amazed by a series of the huge magnificent coral reef. The combination of the big coral reefs, cold and clear water, and white sand is good to refresh your mind. Put on your shades and you can lie all day long enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful scenery.

3. A Sense Of Private Beach

As mentioned before, this beach is surrounded by great coral reefs. This kind of view creates a sense of private beach for this place. In addition, you can enjoy a calm and relaxing atmosphere in this beach. Well, unlike the famous beaches, there are only a few tourists on this beach.

4. Hollywood Filming Set

Who knows this beach famous for being one of the filming set of Hollywood movie, “Eat Pray Love”? As we know, this movie took place in three different countries which are Italy, India, and Indonesia. Many scenes were taken in Indonesia especially Bali which is chosen to represent the “Love” part of the movie. It proved that Padang Padang has an excellent view to represent beaches in Bali to the worldwide eyes.

5. Excellent Facility

Although the beach is not as famous as other beaches, this beach provides excellent facilities. For example, you can easily find restaurant and motel around the beach. So, it enables the tourists to stay for days. This beach also supports watersport especially surfing. Not only for the surfer, has the surfing lessoned also available for all the tourists. They rent the surfing board and take the lesson for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level of surfing.

6. Affordable Price

About the prices, you don’t have to worry, as Padang Padang won’t drain your pocket. For the ticket entrance, it is only 5000 rupiah for domestic tourists and 10,000 rupiahs for international tourist. It is also supported by large parking area near the beach. And if you are interested in surfing but you don’t have any board, you can rent the board with only 100,000 rupiahs for 2 hours.

Those are the reasons why you should visit Padang Padang beach and the route to get there. Have a good Holiday!

5 Things To Do At Legian Beach And How To Get There

Legian Beach

When we go to Bali, we’ll never miss the chance to chase the sunset on Kuta beach. However, when most of the tourists in Bali go to Kuta, it is sometimes uncomfortable to be at that beach with many people around us. Most people love going to a beach for its calm and relaxing atmosphere. If it is also your problem, Legian beach is the solution.

Well, if you want to chase sunset in the calmer ambience, you can just go to Legian. Just like Kuta, Legian also has a great sunset. Some people also said that Legian is the doppelganger of Kuta. Both of the beaches are located in the southern part of Bali with white sand and beautiful sunset.

Things To Do At Legian Beach

There are many things you can do during your holiday at Legian. Here are the things to do at Legian:

1. Chasing Sunset

When we visit beaches in Bali, enjoying sunset is a must. However, sometimes we can’t make to enjoy sunset because we stuck in a traffic jam, so we miss it. Or else, we are able to get to the beach in time, yet we can enjoy the beach as the beach is too crowded. However, in Legian, you can have both sunset and the calm beach. Well, many tourists visit this beach. But at least, it is calmer than Kuta. We can still take some photos of the sunset without annoyed by the passerby.

2. Laying On The Beach

Most tourists at Legian aim to enjoy the view while lying down on the beach. This way, they can have their mind refreshed, body relaxed, and also the sun-kissed skin as the bonus. So, it’s not a weird thing to see women with tiny bikinis along the beachside. You can also try to do natural tanning method. Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen or you’ll get the sunburn.

3. Taking Photos

We can say that taking photos during the holiday is a must. This way, we can capture the moment in the photographs and recall it every time we want. At this beach, you can take dozens of beautiful photos, as the beach provides you with the amazing view. The combination of the bright blue sky, clear water, and the white sand will mesmerize you. Also, don’t forget about the spectacular sunset.

4. Surfing

Keen on surfing? Just go to Legian. The sea of Legian provides you with the great wave. And if you don’t bring your surfing board, don’t be worried as you can easily rent the available board. For the beginners, you can also learn how to surf and enjoy the wave riding.

5. Enjoy The Nightlife

Although the beach offers you the calm atmosphere at day, you might be able to find it different when the night comes. For you who love to enjoy the nightlife, you can take a walk around Legian and find many of places for your night hangout. As Legian is located near the centre of the city, we can easily find bars, clubs, and pubs, around the street.

So, grabbing some beers with your friends might be a good idea to end the day. About the price, you don’t have to worry, as the places at Legian offer a wide range of prices. Everyone is able to choose the most suitable place to hang out or just enjoy the night with your friends.

How To Get Legian Beach

This beach is very accessible, as it is only 30 minutes from the Ngurah Rai Airport. It can be accessed by public transportation. Or if you want flexibility, you can simply rent a car or motorcycle. Motorcycle renting may only cost about 50,000 rupiahs for a whole 24 hours. In addition, a motorcycle may be the best transportation option, as the route to Legian might be in a traffic jam in the rush hour.

That’s all you can do at Legian Beach and how to get there. Hope you’ll enjoy the holiday.

6 Things You Wont Forget From Balangan Beach And How To Get There

Balangan Beach

Are you sick of your tiring schedule and dull routine? Just take a break and have a fun holiday. Talking about a holiday, there’s nothing better than lying a whole day on a beautiful beach. So, you might need to start browsing about Balangan beach as the recommendation for your holiday.

Location Of Balangan Beach

Balangan is one of the beaches at the southern part of Bali Island. It is located around Pecatu, about 40 minutes from Kuta by motorcycle. Well, a motorcycle is the best means of transportation to go to Balangan as the beach might not be easily accessed by car. You need to be a little bit adventurous to go there. This is also the reason why this beach is also called a hidden beach. So, you can leave from Kuta to Nusa Dua via I Gusti Ngurah Rai Street. After that, you can pass Uluwatu – Jimbaran road to Balangan beach. Then, you can just follow the path and down the stairways to enjoy the beautiful beach with white sand, clear water, and magnificent reef. Or else, you can simply check the location and follow the guide from your mobile map application.

Things You Won’t Forget From Balangan Beach

We can say that every beach has its point of interest, such Kuta with its famous beautiful sunset. So, here are the 6 things you won’t forget when you finally visit Balangan.

1. Beautiful Scenery

The beach offers you the natural scenery you can’t have by simply visiting the famous beaches in Bali such Kuta, Nusa Dua, and Sanur. At Balangan, you’ll find the more natural beach which represents the exotic Bali. You’ll be amazed by the clear sky, blue ocean, also the white sand and the green grass. Not to mention the magnificent tall coral reef around the beach. You can enjoy the scenery from the top of the coral reef.

2. Peaceful

The beach is also known as the hidden beach. It is located quite far from the center of the crowded city. The beach offers you a peaceful retreat as it’s not padded with tourists just like the other famous beach in Bali. You can lay by the beach or take a walk around the beach.

3. Coconut Trees

It might be the most interesting point from Balangan beach. Different from the common beaches in Bali, this beach is beautified by a line of coconut trees along the beachside. It gives you the exotic Hawaiian beach atmosphere.

4. Surfing Paradise

Some of you might love to visit the beach for your interest in surfing. Well, Balangan also offers you the perfect surfing spot as it has the perfect wave to ride. It is better visiting the beach in the afternoon to have the perfect timing for surfing.

5. Recommended Photo Spot

Today, it’s common that people turn their holiday into the photo session. Don’t worry, for you who love going to the natural tourist attraction for photos, this beach won’t disappoint you. It presents you beautiful and unique scenery for your social media photos. Coming to the beach when the water goes down will give you an amazing view to take photos.

6. Good For Backpacker

The beautiful and strategic beach is often followed by exclusive and expensive accommodation. But don’t worry. You can spend a little money for it at Balangan. To enter the location, need no more than 5000 rupiah. For the accommodation, you can stay in motel around the beach with affordable prices.

So, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendar for some days off, grab the ticket to Bali and head to Balangan for an impressively relaxing holiday. Have a great holiday!

A Complete Guide For Great Holiday At Geger Beach

Geger Beach

Do you plan to have a holiday in Bali? Have you decided which tourist resort and beach you would like to visit? Once you in Bali, make sure you don’t miss visiting the beautiful beaches in Bali. One of the recommended beaches to visit is Geger beach. You will find many things to do at that beach to spend your holiday.

Location Of Geger Beach

Geger is one of the beaches located around Nusa Dua, the famous tourism area in Bali. It is specifically located at Peminge traditional village of Sawangan Nusa Dua. This area is about 20 km from the Ngurah Rai international airport. You can enter the beach are by only paying Rp 3000. However, you’ll see that this beach is divided into two. The right side of the beach is open for public and managed by the resident, while the right side is owned by a private resort at Geger. Although the beach on the right side is meant for the resort guests, the public can also enjoy this beach.

Facilities At Geger Beach

There are many facilities you can enjoy at Geger during your holiday. The facilities might be similar to those on the famous beaches. Some of the facilities at Geger are:

1. Water Sport

This beach presents you with the calm and refreshing water around the beach line. It enables you to enjoy water sports such swimming and snorkeling. However, the outer limit of the breakers at Geger offers a great surfing site for the wave rider. Make sure you try one of the water sports available at this beach.

2. Luxurious Resort

Don’t you know that King Salman from Saudi Arabia visited this beach at March 2017? Well, that time, King Salman along with many of his people visited Bali and booked some the prestigious resorts around Geger. As we know, Nusa Dua provides you with many luxurious resorts along with the beautiful beaches including Geger beach.

3. Camel Riding

One of the unique facilities you can get from this place is camel riding. You can enjoy the beauty of this place while riding the camel around the beach. Don’t forget to take some photographs, as the combination of camel, light brown sand, and bright blue sky will present you a great background photo. This is also the reason why couples love to have the pre-wedding photo session on this beach.

4. Beautiful Pura

This beautiful beach also presents you with the sense of exotic Bali. You can see a beautiful pura located around the beach. It is Geger Dalem Pamutih, one of the Hindu temples at Nusa Dua. You can visit the Pura and enjoy the beauty. But make sure you wear the appropriate apparel to visit this holy place for the Hindus.

5. Sunbathing Spots

Keen on sunbathing? This beach provides you with many beach chairs. You can rent those comfortable chairs with only Rp 25,000 for a whole day. You can lie down and have a good sunbathing time. Don’t forget to put on your shades and apply your sunscreen so you are perfectly protected. In addition, this beach is very clean and comfortable for sunbathing.

How To Get Geger Beach

If you head to Geger from Ngurah Rai Airport, you will only need about 30 minutes to get there. You can take the Ngurah Rai Airport Street to Bali Mandala or Nusa Dua Street — Ngurah Rai Airport — Benoa Toll Road. Then, head to Southern Kuta. After that, you can turn right to Gopala Street, and then turn left to Srikandi Street to Nusa Dua Street.

If you come from the other directions, you can just follow the guide from your mobile map application. This beach is quite easy to find. Or else, you can just rent a car along with the driver, so that the driver is able
to guide you.

Location And Reasons To Visit Seminyak Beach

Seminyak Beach

When we talk about a beach in Bali, the first comes to our mind might be Kuta. We know that Kuta makes Bali famous for its beautiful beach with spectacular sunset view, excellent facilities, and casual atmosphere. However, we can say that today Kuta is padded with too many tourists. If you want a calmer atmosphere for your fancy holiday, you should visit Seminyak Beach.

Location Of Seminyak Beach

Seminyak is an area where you can find many famous exclusive resorts. And about the location, it is located at Seminyak Village, of Kuta District which belongs to Badung Regency of Bali. It is at the north of the famous Kuta beach. it takes about 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport to Seminyak Beach.

There are three routes you can take to get the beach from Ngurah Rai International Airport. The first is via Sunset Road Street which goes through 10.5 km, via Kubu Anyar Street with 8.5 km, and 10.5 km by Ngurah Ray Bypass. For the means of transportation, you can take either motorcycle or car, as this area is very accessible.

Reasons To Visit Seminyak Beach

Visiting Seminyak will not ever disappoint you. There are many reasons you would love this beach. Here are some of the reasons:

1. Private Villas

Not only exclusive hotels, you can also rent some luxurious private villas around Seminyak. The private villas will make sure your family has a relaxing and comfortable holiday. The villas are also supported by the exclusive facilities and amazing scenery. Seminyak is such a perfect area to relax both of your body and mind.

2.Excellent Shopping Center

Your fancy holiday will not be quite fancy without a shopping spree. Surprisingly, Seminyak is not a merely where you can linger on a beach chair all day long. It is an area in which you can shop many branded items. You can even find designers’ shoes, bag, clothes, and accessories from the shopping center of this area.

3. Beautiful Beaches

Did you say beaches? Yes. There will be numbers of beaches around Seminyak. Seminyak is considered to be one of the new tourist attractions in Bali. Therefore, there are many beautiful newly opened beaches around Seminyak. You can find some beaches such as Echo Beach, Canggu Beach, Kayu Putih Beach, and Double Six Beach. those beaches are also able to offer you a sense of private beaches for their calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Seminyak is dominated by beautiful beaches with white sand, clear water, and clean environment. You can do many things on this beach. you can have the impressive snorkeling experience, great wave for your love of surfing, and the spectacular sunset for some photos. Or do you just want to linger on your beach chair? Everything you can do at Seminyak.

4. One Stop Culinary Destination

Visiting Seminyak is not only about enjoying beautiful beach view. In this area, you can also enjoy many kinds of foods. Traditional Balinese foods, Indonesian foods, and even the international cuisines are available around this area. Don’t worry about the price, as the wide range of price is available here. You can find the most suitable food according to your budget.

5. Fun Nightlife

Want to enjoy the nightlife in Bali? Don’t worry, because Seminyak provides a number of exclusive clubs for the clubbers. There are about five Bali nightlife clubs which should be on the list of clubbers’ night plan. One of the clubs which provides the high end nightlife is located at Ocean Boulevard. Chilling with new people and having a fun night atmosphere might be a good idea to close your day.

So, what are you waiting for? Take some days off, plan your holiday, and ask your family or friends to come along.

5 Things You Have To Know About Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach

Bali is paradise beach. There are many beaches and one of them is Dreamland Beach. This beach is so popular as a favorite destination for local and foreign tourist. Every day, this beach always full of tourists, especially on weekend and holiday. We will be presented with the charm of natural beauty that is different from the other beaches in Bali. Dreamland beach is located in Pecatu Indah Resort, Pecatu village, south Kuta district, Badung, Bali. You just need 30 minutes to reach this beach from Kuta. Access to the location is so easy, you can use motorcycle or car. Before you visit in the seashore, you must pass Pecatu Indah Resort and New Kuta Golf. Characteristic one of the beach on Badung regency in Bali is very unique. Well, There are some of the attractions of Dreamland Beach that you should know before visiting here.

1. Paradise For Surfers

The main attraction of Dreamland Beach, especially for foreign tourists is the waves on this beach is a large and rolling high, which is perfect for surfing sports here. Big waves, certainly not suitable for people who want to swim in Dreamland Bali, because it can be dragged the waves into the sea. For people who are not great swimming, you should not swim in this beach when the sea tide.

Despite having large waves, many tourists are tempted to swim at this beach because of the clear water. The clean water of this sea makes visitors enjoy in the water, although it can be hit by waves.

2. White And Soft Sand Beach

Dreamland Beach also has white and soft sand beach, typical beaches in the south of Bali. Tourists who come to this beach also like to sunbathe on the sandy beach with a cloth. Usually while sleeping like that, tourists also while reading books that have prepared first.

3. Beautiful Sunset Ever

One thing that can not be missed, Dreamland Beach is a beach that also faces to the west, so on this beach visitors also can enjoy the beauty of sunsets such as in Kuta Beach, Legian Beach, German Beach and Jimbaran Beach.

4. Dazzling Cliffs

Dreamland beach has an iconic spot, looks around it surrounded by towering cliffs and large rocks. Similar but not the same, the geographical contour is almost identical to the natural scene typical of Pandawa Beach or Crytal Bay Beach Nusa Penida. Some even think that Dreamland Beach itself is almost similar to Kuta beach, so this beach was also dubbed New Kuta Beach.

5. Exciting Activities At Dreamland Beach

Various exciting activities can be done at Dreamland Beach Bali, among them the most important is surfing, which is one of the water sports (water-sports) are favored by foreign tourists. The texture of the waves on the beach is highly favored and suitable for surfing, which is why this beach is referred to as New Kuta Beach, looked from the type of waves are almost the same.

In addition to surfing, visitors can also do other activities such as sunbathing on the sand or on leased seats, strolling on soft sand beaches, playing water / swimming (be careful with hard waves), burying themselves in the sand beach, self-taken photos, model photos or pre-wedding with a cool background or just waiting for sunset arrival.

Visitors can also enjoy a meal or beverage by cafes located on the beach or buy from a light food and beverage merchant found mostly in this coastal area. In Dreamland Beach there are also many clothes or accessories are sold. Which is suitable for use when being on the beach. Upon returning home, visitors can buy souvenirs and souvenirs to give to relatives at their residence after returning home from vacation in Bali.

So that is 5 things you must to know before going to Dreamland beach. Do not hesitate to go there and enjoy the beauty of the beach. King surfers or sunset lovers will regret if you have never been to this beach. Do not forget to invite family and friends to add to your holiday excitement.

Complete Guide For A Casual Holiday At Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach

Have you ever heard about Bingin beach? It is also known as the hidden beach at the southern part of Bali coast. This beach is located near the famous dreamland beach, the great surfing site Padang Padang beach, and the exotic Balangan beach. All of them are the beaches on the south coast of Bali island with white sand and inviting water.

So, why we should visit Bingin instead of the other beaches? The answer is that Bingin offers you the calmer beach for your relax and casual holiday. This article will give you the complete guide to going there along with the location and facilities of the beach.

Access To Bingin Beach

As mentioned above, this beach is located in the south part of Bali, specifically at Pecatu of South Kuta District. It is approximately 32 km from the capital city, Denpasar. It is also said that the location of this beach is still hidden that common people do not notice. Therefore, follow the instruction of the local people might be the best guide to get to the beach.

Talking about means of transportation to Bingin, it is recommended for you to rent a motorcycle. The place cannot be accessed by public transportation. Even if you ride a motorcycle, you have to park the motorcycle in the parking area and walk the rest of route to the beach. You need to be a little adventurous to walk through the narrow and slippery path to the beach. But don’t worry, the view won’t disappoint you.

Reasons To Visit Bingin Beach

This beach is actually close to Dreamland Beach. However, the route to Bingin is considered to be difficult. There are some reasons why you should take the risk by exploring this hidden beach, such as:

1. A Sense Of Private Beach

It is a small beach with only a few tourists visiting. However, it is the main reason why we could feel the sense of private beach at Bingin. Local people do not really like to visit this beach as it is quite inaccessible for their vehicle. But for lover of travel and adventure, it doesn’t matter since the view deserves the effort. You can sit on the bench enjoying the scenery and the ambiance.

2. Surfing Paradise

International tourist put their effort to get to this place for one main reason, surfing. Well, Bingin present the wave rider with the impressive wave for their love of spurring their adrenaline. For surfer, the perfect timing to surf is during the afternoon, when you can have the spectacular wave.

3. Affordable Facilities

How about the ticket entrance to this place? The answer is that it is completely free. In addition, although Bingin is considered to be a disclosed area, you can easily find motels and inns in affordable prices. Not to mention about the foods. You can easily grab foods from the nearby food stalls. What an amazing place for backpacker.

4. Great Diving Spot

Although Bingin is located in line with the sandy beach at south coast of Bali, this beach doesn’t have more sand. Most of the area is dominated by coral reef. So, it’s not a good place for sunbathing, yet it is an excellent place for swimming and diving. Bingin has calm water to dive in. and don’t forget to wear your footwear as you may step on the sharp coral reef.

5. Beautiful View

This beach is surrounded by a tall cliff with green plantation on the top of it. It gives the beautiful combination to the bright blue sky, clear water, and the white sand of the beach. We can also see a small pond with calm water near the beach line in the low tide. And when the sun goes down, you will have such a great sunset experience.

Those are the guide to enjoy your holiday at the hidden beach of Bingin. Have a good relaxing holiday, everyone!

Location And Some Good Reasons To Visit Batu Belig Beach

Batu Belig Beach

Have you ever heard about Batu Belig beach? some of you might never know about it. some even cant guess where it is. In fact, Batu Belig is one of the beaches located at Bali. As we know, Bali of Indonesia provides us with hundreds of exotic beaches you can’t get enough. And one of the beach you should visit is Batu Belig.

In this article, you will find the reasons why you should visit this beach instead of the other beaches. The reasons involve the location, access, facilities, and of course the attractiveness of Batu Belig. So, read through the page to help you decide which beach you are going to visit for the next holiday.

Location Of Batu Belig Beach

Why is the location of Batu Belig one of the main reasons to visit this beautiful place? Well, it is because Batu Belig or Kerobokan beach is located near the hottest tourist resort, Seminyak. The beach of Batu Belic is specifically located at Kerobokan Traditional Village of North Kuta District, Bali. It is surrounded by the other famous tourist area such as Canggu Splash Park. Therefore, you can also visit the other interesting places.

The other reason is that you only need 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. And about the transportation, you don’t have to worry. Means of transportation are available to take you to the beach and from the beach.

The Attractiveness of Batu Belig Beach

Talking about the attractiveness, you will be impressed by the attractive golden sand on this place. The light brown sand of Batu Belig looks like gold under the sunlight. The flat beach enables you to lie all day long while complimenting the amazing view. In the afternoon, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset just like what we can find in Kuta. Batu Belig also owns that scene, yet in the cleaner and calmer atmosphere.

1. Facilities Of Batu Belig Beach

At Batu Belig or Kerobokan beach you will find many interesting facilities. Therefore, you won’t have to worry during your holiday. This place also supports the facilities for a family holiday such as:

2. Water Sports

You can try many kinds of water sports at Batu Belig such as paragliding, surfing, and swimming. Adults can try any kinds of available water sport. On the other hand, the swimming area near the beach line is recommended for children.

3. Horse Riding

Who says horse riding can only be found at the mountain? On this beach, you are able to try the sensation of relaxing horse riding while enjoying the beautiful beach scenery. you can also take your children with you or ask them to learn how to ride a horse. And the most interesting, mothers can get their back massaged or the nail polished while watching the children.

4. Restaurant

Feeling hungry after a beach day out? Let’s find something to eat. Batu Belig provides you with wide options of trendy restaurants, café, and bar. You can find some recommended restaurant for your family. Or else, you can also find some café and bars with lounge to sit while admiring the spectacular sunset view.

5. Shopping

Ladies and gentlemen, you don’t have to worry about your holiday wardrobe. You can get everything for the surrounding sellers. They sell Balinese shirts, sarong, and handicraft. You can buy some for yourself and your friends at home, of course in the moderate prices. Besides, you can also find some chic boutique for your shopping spree in Bali.

6. Hotel

When you visit Batu Belig, you can easily find a hotel to spend the night. Just choose any hotels which meet your preference and suitable for your budget. Hotels at Batu Belig offer excellent services and facilities.

Do you see how the location, attractiveness, and facilities of Batu Belig being so inviting? So what are you waiting for? Free your agenda, grab your ticket, pack your things, and have a nice holiday.

5 Uniqueness You Have To Know About Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach

The holidays will come! It is time for you to refresh your mind, soul, and body with the holidays. The best recommendation is definitely to the beach, but which beach can make an unforgettable moment? Bali Island has beautiful beaches and Sanur Beach is best suited for the pleasure seeker. Besides beautiful scenery, Sanur Beach has a uniqueness that other beaches do not have.

1. Beautiful Sunrise Ever

The sunrise hunters would not want to pass the beauty of sunrise on this beach. In Sanur Beach is already known as a sunrise beach. You can imagine the atmosphere of the beach on a quiet morning while waiting for the sun to rise. Especially with loved ones. Guaranteed your holiday will be a special moment and Sanur Beach will start your day off perfectly. Do not forget to take a picture, because the beauty of this beach sunrise is unmatched

2. The Calm Waves

After sunrise, it is not complete if you already on the beach but you do not feel the sea water. Once satisfied to enjoy the sunrise of Sanur Beach that is super beautiful, you can play water to enjoy how cool sea water in this iconic beach in Bali. Do not worry about the waves! The waves are very friendly, it will not drown you because the sea here is quite shallow even when tide. This makes Sanur beach visited by many tourists.

3. Combination Of Beach And Bicycle

Although it is not possible to get bored playing water on the beach, you also have to feel the euphoria of cycling on the beach. You Have never imagined how fun to ride on the beach. Only at Sanur Beach, you can enjoy the scenery, people passing by, the cool air, and looked at dozens of small-looking ships. So you can enjoy the beach from all sides. For those who do not bring a bike during the holidays here, you can really rent because there are providing bikes for rent. You can rent at a rate of Rp 20.000 / hour. You must not feel boring if you already fun to play bikes, especially with friends or family. Cycling will be cooler done in the afternoon. The morning is also not less extraordinary. While cycling can really make a video like youtubers. Cycling on Sanur beach, you can enjoy the scenery and definitely get a beautiful unforgettable moment.

4. Nusantara Coffee

Early morning most relaxing if drinking coffee and in Sanur Beach area. There is a coffee lovers hangout which is definitely recommended. There is Kopi culture. Customers can order typical coffee from the various region in Indonesia. You can choose your favorite coffee such as Aceh coffee, typical coffee of Bali, even Toraja coffee available in this shop. Do not be lazy to queue, because in the morning it must be crowded. People come just want to enjoy a cup of coffee. About the price do not be afraid to drain your pocket, because the price of coffee is very friendly. For people who do not like coffee, just calm down. They already anticipate it because in this shop also provides various juices and milkshakes.

5. The Best Selfie Place Ever

The most fun during holidays is when capturing moments with loved ones. Sanur Beach is able to display an extraordinary backdrop for a complete added moment. Besides it is the best place to enjoy the sunrise, there is also the best place to immortalize your vacation. You can enjoy as much selfie here and guaranteed not to be disappointed with the shots.

Well, have you already had a plan to vacation at Sanur Beach? Do not be hesitate, now invite your friends to vacation here. Order tickets to Bali and enjoy the beauty of Sanur Beach that certainly will not make you regret. Instead, want to go back and forth again.