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One Stop Information About Surf & Turf Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua

When you visit Bali, you will be presented by numbers of natural tourist attraction. Not to mention the beaches. Bali offers you with exotic beaches you can’t get enough. The beaches in Bali are the perfect place for sunbathing, swimming, and the other extreme water sport. But if you want a different atmosphere, Surf & Turf Nusa Dua beach offers you the combination of a waterpark, beach club, and amazing sea view.

The Route To Surf & Turf Nusa Dua Beach

This water park is located at Nusa Dua of South Kuta. The location is specifically beside the Nusa Dua Beach, one of the famous beaches in Bali. To get there, you need approximately 30 minutes from the capital city Denpasar via Ngurah Rai Bypass. transportations are available if you don’t have your vehicle with you.

Ticketing And Operating Hours Of Surf & Turf Nusa Dua Beach

For the ticketing, activities package charges are available depends on your activity. The holiday fee is about 1.5 times higher than the weekday fee starts from 50K for single activity and 150K for package. This place is open from 10 am-8 pm daily. Each activity has its own operating hours, such as the surf rider which is closed at 7 pm, the beach activity is at 6 pm, and the restaurant is at 8 pm.

Activities At Surf & Turf Nusa Dua Beach

There are many exciting activities you can do at surf & turf. You can have the thrilling experience from the exciting activities at the waterpark. Or else, you can also enjoy your leisure time at the available place. The activities you can do at surf & turf are listed as follows:

1. Surfing

Interested in surfing but cannot face the huge wave on the open sea? Don’t worry, because surf & turf provides a spot for the surf rider. In this area, you can have surfing simulation, so that you can learn to ride wave properly. But don’t take it easy. The surfing area can present you the experience of wave riding just like what you can have on the open sea.

2. Waterslide

Waterslide in a waterpark might be a common thing. But what you find in surf & turf might be a whole new experience. You can make a very big splash by sliding from 6 meters tall water slide. Or else, you should try the excitement of sliding through the space bowl. You’ll slide from 9.5 meters height and be pulled through a huge bowl then let you flushed down the pool.

3. Canoeing

Do you want to enjoy the calmer water sport? You should try canoeing. This place provides you the calm water for your serene canoeing. Enjoy the moment of paddling on a canoe while admiring the spectacular view of Nusa Dua. Not only the single canoeing, the double canoeing boat is also available for canoeing moment with your partner. The instructors are also available for those with first time canoeing experience.

4. Bicycling

As we know, Nusa Dua is an area with many tourist attractions such as a museum, art gallery, shopping center, and entertainment center. And do you know that by visiting surf & turf you can get a chance to visit those places? Well, surf & turf provides you with many bicycles to push and visit all the nearby tourist sites. Take your time to enjoy Bali on your bike.

5. Bar And Restaurant

Feel worn out of your released excitement? It is the time to chill out with your friends and family. You just need to get to The Wave, a reputable restaurant within the Surf & Turf Nusa Dua. It offers you the fancy dishes you can’t deny. For the other option, you can have some light beer and beer while enjoying the spectacular sunset scenery. This place is the perfect spot to enjoy the relaxing vibe.

Your Complete Guide To A Fun Holiday At Nirmala Waterpark

Nirmala Water Park

When you go to the beaches around Uluwatu such Green Bowl Beach and Balangan Beach, you might pass Nirmala Waterpark. So why don’t just stop by and have some excitement there? The place is very suitable for your family holiday as there will be numbers of pools you can enjoy. Have an unforgettable experience with your children or friend there.

Location of Nirmala Waterpark

This waterpark is situated at JL. Pantai Balangan No. 1 Ungasan. It is within the area of South Kuta, Badung Bali. The location is pretty strategic. It is in line with Balangan Beach, one of the surfing paradise in Southern Kuta coast. Therefore, this place is frequently visited by both international and domestic tourists. To get there, you need 30 minutes from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. For the complete guide, check your mobile map.

Ticketing Information at Nirmala Waterpark

Nirmala was established in 2011 and now this waterpark is open daily from 8 am to 6 pm. About the ticketing, it starts from 30K for children and 50K for adults. Family Package is also available with 300K for 8 persons. The other package is School Package with 850K for 50 students. The ticket price is applied for all day long, either for domestic or international tourist. Try the online ticketing for discount and advantages.

Things You Should Try At Nirmala Waterpark

Not merely provides the guest with regular swimming pool, Nirmala provides numbers of water excitements. You are able to try many kinds of activities in the available pools. Starts from challenging flying fox to the relaxing sunbathing, this place enables you to have some fun activities. Here are the things you should try at Nirmala:

1. Swimming

Just like the common waterparks, Nirmala provides some pools for you to swim. this place also provides children pool where you can let your children safely play with water. Swimming equipment is also available such as swimming board, swimming tube, and swimming ring. It doesn’t matter if you or your children can’t swim well. This equipment will help you.

Want a more challenging swimming experience? You should try the wave pool, the long pool with the exciting artificial wave. The other available pools are the Olympic pool, and Big bang Water boom.

2. Water Sliding

Talking about water sliding, this place will make you stand in awe for the water slides. Nirmala has numbers of amazing water slides such as Rounder Slides, Spiral Slider, and Speed Racing Slider. The water slides along with the pool enable you to have thrilling yet exciting experience of water sliding. Just don’t forget to wear your swimming gear to keep you protected.

3. Mini Flying Fox

Not only outstanding with its water excitement, Nirmala also provides mini flying fox. The waterpark with “Fun and Educated Water Recreation” support the physical movement of children. Therefore, this place provides the mini flying fox which is good to stimulate children adrenaline and excitement. Not only for children, the flying fox is also available for adult visitors.

4. Relaxation

Want to have a relaxing time after the tiring water activities? The long chairs are available for you to lie down and have some rest. You will also love the shady and cool place for those comfortable and inviting chairs. You can just order food and beverage from the available restaurant and mini pool bar. Or you just want to lie down while reading a book? This place will give you a go.

5. Gathering

Not only for personal excitement, this waterpark also provides you some spaces for social gathering. You are able to make use of the gazebo, garden, of the restaurant. It is nice to have a social or family gathering while having so much fun playing with water. What a perfect combo for your fun purposeful holiday.

Location And Some Reasons To Have Wonderful Family Holiday At Citraland Waterpark

Citraland Waterpark

When we think about a holiday in Bali, the first come to mind might be the fun holiday on the beach. Or else, we might think about the other natural tourist attraction such mountain, lake, and garden. However, those kinds of attractions are mainly available far from the center of the city, Denpasar. But don’t worry. Citraland Waterpark is able to provide the excitement from the center of the city, Denpasar.

Location Of Citraland Waterpark

Sometimes we go to Bali for a business meeting instead of holiday. But why don’t you take your family with you and have a short exciting holiday after the meeting? Well, you can go to the waterpark built by the great property developers in Indonesia, Ciputra Group. This waterpark is located at Ubung Kaja of North Denpasar, specifically at Jl. Cargo Permai Marketing Gallery, Crystal Square. Public transportations are available to take you there.

Some Reasons To Visit Citraland Waterpark

There are many tourist destinations around Bali which are suitable for a family holiday. But why should you visit Citraland over the other tourist destination? Here are the reasons why this place deserves a visit.

1. Amazing Waterpark

This waterpark is suitable for children and adult. Many pools and water slides are available for your excitement. Children would love spending their time at Adventure Gallery which includes a baby pool and a kids pool. If you want to spur your adrenaline, you can try The Sea Legs. At this section, you will find some quite challenging activities such as tube slide and racer slide. You can also experience a wonderful foam party event.

Citraland Waterpark is open at 2 pm and closed at 6 pm during the weekdays. But on the weekend, you will have a longer time to enjoy the excitement in the water with your family. This place open at 9 am and closed at 6 pm during the weekend.

2. Affordable Ticket

Besides facilities, ticketing is also important information you should get before visiting a place. In Citraland, you can get an affordable ticket for the whole family. The entrance ticket to this waterpark is 50K on weekdays and 70K during the weekend. You can also get into the foam party event with 70K. The price is valid for adults and children above 80 cm in height. And for children under 80 cm, it is totally free.

3. Promo And Discount

As mentioned above, the ticket is quite affordable for the amazing facilities from Citraland. Moreover, you can get more promo and discount for the ticket. To get the promo and discount, you can order the ticket via online ticketing vendor. There are many promo and advantages you can get by purchasing the ticket online. Or else, you can also visit Ciputra Group’s exhibition and expo to get some discount coupon.

4. Recommended Food

You are forbidden to bring your own foods and beverages. However, don’t be worried, as you can easily get foods and beverages around this waterpark. Food stalls and restaurants with affordable and recommended foods are available for you. So, when you are hungry and tired after the vigorous water activities, just grab the available foods nearby.

5. The One And Only

For your information, this waterpark is the one and only in Denpasar. So, when you want some wonderful excitement at the center of Bali, this place is quite a catch. The strategic location in the heart of the city enables you to visit the other places in a short time. What a wonderful place for a short family holiday

Those are the reasons why you should visit Citraland Waterpark along with its location. Don’t forget to prepare your stuff such swimming suit, waterproof camera, and towel before you go there. So, have a wonderful family holiday!

5 Important Information You Must Know About Bali Wake Park

Bali Wakr Park

Bali always offers a variety of exciting rides for recreation. There are many tourist destinations that we need to try. One of them is Bali Wake Park. Bali Wake Park offers a proper concept to be enjoyed by all of the people, from children to adults. So this place is perfect for hanging out with friends and family. This water sport was opened in April 2015, so classified as new and make a lot of people curious. And this is some important information you must know about this place:

1. Location

The location of Bali Wake Park is quite familiar. The located on Benoa Harbor street, Pesanggaran, Denpasar. this location is also quite easy to reach, only about 10 minutes from Ngurah Rai airport. To get there can be accessed via toll road over the sea, so it only takes about 15 minutes from Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, as well as from Kuta and Sanur location is very easily accessible, thus making the new watersport rides are increasingly popular.

2. Very Complete Facilities

Bali Wake Park provides convenience for beginners who want to try and learn watersports Cable Wakeboarding. This place opens a Sunday Fun Day program for children 6-12 years old every Sunday from 9 am to 12 pm. Not only that, but Bali Wake Park also provides facilities such as buoys, helmets, boards, shoes for everyone who wants to play Cable Wakeboarding. In addition to the various excitements that can be enjoyed on Cable Wakeboarding, Bali Wake Park also has new facilities. Among them are Wedding Packages that can be enjoyed from January 2018. There is also Aqua Park which will become the largest water park in Bali with complete facilities.

3. Cheap And Economical Tickets

You do not need to spend a lot of money to visit Bali Wake Park. For a duration of an hour, you only need to spend Rp 250,000, if the duration of 2 hours, you just pay Rp 400,000, 4 hours duration is Rp 550.000 and for a full day you just need Rp 700.000 to pay the ticket. So, the longer duration you choose, the price offered becomes cheaper. Well, surely you are confused about which duration you want to choose. So before buying tickets think carefully how long you want to play on this ride.

Well in this vehicle there are some terms and conditions apply. The price for local people, adults and children are similar. It is including lockers and security equipment. Next, you have to make a reservation at least 2 days before the game schedule. And the Operator has the right to refuse without any reservation early.

4. The Largest And Only Water Rides In Bali

Watersport is offered Cable Wakeboarding and you should know this water ride is the largest one only in Bali. Wakeboarding is watersport activities that combine skateboarding and surfing concepts. Bali Wake Park is very special because if we do Cable Wakeboarding activities in Bali Wake Park, we can play without taking into account the weather again. We can play every time and do not need a speedboat to attract us. With the strap, we hold tightly it will be connected with a number of existing towers and can be adjusted via a control mechanism at the desired speed. We can choose the desired distance, short distance or longer. But for beginners more recommended short lines first. Including a number of available obstacles becomes more challenging and attractive.

Here we can explore the artificial lake area of 5 hectares, even a number of challenges are quite challenging, making water sports is quite attractive. We can even follow this game with 8 people at once, different if the wakeboard is pulled by a speedboat that can only one person or a maximum only two people.

5. Safe And Comfortable Tourist Destination

The operator in Bali Wake Park is very concerned about safety and comfort. Before starting this game, of course with instructions or directives first. Cable Wakeboarding players must wear security tools such as helmets, jackets, and buoys which are the equipment required by every player. Before you begin, you will be shown a video that provides an overview or guide when performing a game. How to start, position, avoid falling other players, or code the instructor if you fall. You do not have to worry about falling in the water because you use a jacket and safety helmet. And you do not have to walk to the beginning of the game, because the buggy car is always ready to pick up and drive you to the starting point.

Well, that’s important information about Bali Wake sport you need to know. For challenging sports lovers, do not be hesitate to go there. Enjoy an exciting and challenging holiday at a very low price. Make your holiday to be an unforgettable moment.

5 Things You Should Know About Splash Waterpark

 Splash Waterpark

Splash Waterpark is classified as the latest in comparison to other water parks in Bali, the presence of Splash Waterpark Bali provides more options for you to define a place of recreation with new game rides that make you experience differently. Located not far from Berawa Canggu Beach, Splash Waterpark Bali becomes the choice of a crowded game place by visitors. Here, the tourists can feel the joy of various rides of water games. The choice of various rides to make tourists feel at home here, either domestic or foreign tourists. Before going to this place, you must know some information like this.

1. Location

Location of Splash Waterpark Bali at Pantai Berawa Street, Br. Tegal Gundul, Canggu Bali, is located in an area with New Canggu Club. The location is quite strategic in the tourism area of Canggu is growing quite rapidly, which is why this place is quite crowded by tourists, especially during holidays and weekends. If you are scheduled to tour to Tanah Lot tourist attraction which is located in the same direction you can stop by Splash Waterpark Bali to enjoy the various interesting game.

2. The Game Is Complete And Safety

The various types of games provided at Splash Waterpark Bali are not only for adults but also children, so this water park is ideal for family tourism. The internationally-supplied venues include their safety standards, the various slide shows, and slide show provided a sensational and adrenaline-ridden challenge.

There is a Giant Racer with 4 tracks adjacent to the equivalent of a five-level building you can glide on a 90-meter course, this game is sure to spur your heart beat, if you have heart defects it is not recommended to join the game. With the 4 tracks, you can race and glide along with friends or family so as to add to its excitement. A number of waterslides provided at Splash Waterpark Bali which can also boost your adrenaline. There is also a Super Bowl, Super Bowl Race is also no less exciting. You will be invited to glide over a giant bowl until finally plunge into the pool.

Well for the kids, there is also Crazy Creek and Splash Playground. Crazy Creek is a swimming pool with a stream of water, like a river. While Splash Playground you can try a mini slide, climb the castle, or play shooting water.

3. Complete Facility

Besides various types of games for both adults and children, Splash Waterpark Bali provides dining facilities after a day of water play, of course, you want to enjoy the cuisine served by food and beverage outlets here, various international menus are provided. The newest water park in Bali also provides open spaces as well as covered areas for families to rest. The water park also provides bookings for groups, such as family events, corporate outings, and children’s parties.

4. Splash Waterpark Bali Entrance Price

Splash Waterpark Bali is a water recreation park that provides various games for children, youth, and adults. Fill your holiday to be more vibrant in Bali with Splash Waterpark Bali. The price offered is affordable and in line with what is offered.

For adults only need to pay 300,000, children from 3-17 years old 180,000 and under 3 years are free. Ticket prices apply to local people and foreigners. It also includes admission to Canggu Club which includes Fitness center, gym, Club House Sports Bar, Bistro and other outlets

5. Splash Waterpark Schedule

Well for you who want a vacation, Splash Waterpark Bali is open every day except Nyepi Day, starting at 09.00 – 18.00 with. You will be content to play water all day. So for you who are bored with the beach atmosphere, you can go to Splash Waterpark Bali.

Well, that’s the 5 things you should know before going to Splash Waterpark. For parents who are still confused for a vacation or spending a weekend with family, this is a very suitable place. Go there and enjoy the excitement.

Reasons Why You Should Go To Circus Waterpark With Your Families

Circus Waterpark

The most awaited moment of a family is a school holiday. Planning a vacation place must have been thought by the father and mother. Especially a fun holiday place for their children. Have you already planned an exciting vacation spot for a vacation? Sometimes you must be confused to choose which place is suitable for your children. Why is Circus Waterpark one of the holiday destinations that must be on your holiday list? This is the reason.

1. Near to The Airport

The location of Circus Water Park is very strategic. Located on Kediri street, Tuban, South Kuta makes that location not far from Ngurah Rai International Airport. You just need 3 hours to arrive there. It is so close rather than traveling to the beach. On the road, you and your family can rest in your car, gathering energy to have fun on the water tour later. This tour operates from 10 am to 6 pm. Of course, you will very satisfied to enjoy all the rides in it.

2. Cheap and Many Discounts

Besides near to the airport, Circus Waterpark often gives discounts. Normal ticket price for adults is Rp 150.000 and children Rp 100.000. It is so cheap, is not it? Especially with the discounts are often given. You can find discounts on tour and travel applications with cheaper rates. In fact, there is also a discount by inviting some people. Special Bali residents have special prices by showing the original Bali ID card. With a friendly price, you can play as much as with your family in all water rides In addition to discounted admission, you can also check the price of the package with various benefits at a price that is definitely cheaper.

3. There is a Children’s Special Aircraft

Like the water park in general, Circus Waterpark also provides a playground for children. The main purpose of a family to this place is to make children happy playing fun water rides. With a lot of water rides, you can invite children to feel the Pinisi Boat with various waterslide and climbing area of the child combined with a beautiful color will make children happy. There is also a Mini Spiral Slider, a small circular but not too big slider that is perfect for children’s play area. Parents need not worry. Then there is the Spill Bucket, a giant bucket of 10 liters of water ready to flush the children’s bodies that create satisfaction for the child. Then, Speed Racing Slider, three colorful sliders that show the slide with high speed but safe for children. All the rides are safe and fun for the child.

4. The Exciting Rides For Adults

For father and mother who want to feel the excitement. Many exciting rides include Wave Slider, a giant launcher that will take you down with tires. There is also a Spiral Slider with a height of 10 meters which will definitely challenge the adrenaline. Then there is the Speed Spiral Slider, the sensation gliding at high speed from a height of 10 meters. So, for parents who are tired of waiting for children can try water rides for the adult.

5. Convenient and Complete Facilities

Besides exciting water rides and suitable for children, Circus Waterpark also provides several facilities that will make the family holiday more perfect. You can feel the Circus Kitchen with a variety of delicious food. There is also Circus Relax, can be used to celebrate birthdays with a capacity of 80 people. Then, there is a clothing store and swimming equipment and Circus Store. There is also a rental gazebo for a family gathering, and rental lockers to keep luggage safe always. All these facilities can be rented either by reservation or directly. Holidays become more complete with facilities above.

So, still hesitate to vacation in this largest water park in Bali? Do not be hesitate. Your vacation will be fun and unforgettable with Circus Water Park. Purchase the tickets now and instantly feel the excitement in them.

One Stop Information About Waterbom Bali.

Waterbom Bali

Most people come to Kuta Bali for the sunset view on the beach or enjoy the nightlife at Kuta. Some of them might also visit Kuta for its high-end shopping experience. But do you know that at Kuta we can also enjoy the excitement at one of the high-end waterparks at Kuta? Once you visit Kuta, never miss the chance to visit Waterbom Bali, one of the reputable waterparks at Kuta Bali.

Location of Waterbom Bali

Waterbom might be the best waterpark in Bali. It is located at Kartika Plaza Street, Kuta. It only takes 10 minutes walking from the famous Kata beach. Or else, you can take any kind of transportation to get there. The strategic location of Waterbom enables the visitors to stop by this place while visiting the other famous destinations at Kuta.

Ticket Information of Waterbom Bali

There are two categories of the ticket. The first is the entrance ticket for an adult which costs 289K. The second category is the ticket for children between 2 – 11 years old which costs 251K. However, the price doesn’t include some attractions such euro bungee and water blaster. If you don’t bring your cash with you, don’t worry as Waterbom can work with many paying methods.

Rides at Waterbom Bali

There are many rides you can enjoy during your visit to Waterbom. This place offers you three categories of rides which are mellow, moderate, and extreme. While children are mainly suitable for mellow and moderate rides, you should try the extreme one. Here are some extreme rides you should try at Waterbom.

1. Climax

You need a big courage to try this ride. On climax, you’ll slide almost vertically, being caught and whipped into an inverted loop. Then, you’ll be shot out to the crowd. Make sure you manage a good expression when the crowd watching you.

2. Twin racers

On twin racers, you can have a challenging competition with your partner. You’ll ride a mat with your head first, then being launched into the closed spiral tube, and then the big drop afterward. This ride combines fun and challenging experience for adult and children above 110 cm.

3. Fast And Fierce

do you enjoy something fast? You should try fast and fierce where two open slides let you and your partner slide down in thrilling speed. You might be addicted to the speed sensation and ask for more.

4. Smashdown

Are you sure you brave enough to go on this ride? You have to go in a capsule from 26 meters in which the floor will drop out anytime and let you lunch through the vertical drop in seconds. It is one of the rides with the perfect level of drench, thrill, and speed.

5. Pipeline

This ride enables you to enjoy the serene atmosphere of the skyline and the amazing view of the whole park from the height of 20 meters. Serene? Are you sure? Well, actually you’ll spin through the sharp turns. I’m not sure you can properly open your eyes at this ride.

6. Green Vipers

Green vipers offer you the combination of tangling tubes with the different path, speed, and coverage. You can choose either the fun open tube or closed tube for the more thrilling experience. You’ll enjoy the excitement of sliding from 20 m of height and prove which slide has the fastest path to the exit pool.

7. Boomerang

One of the most popular rides at Waterbom is the boomerang. The ride will bring you up and down the path again and again. Of course, it is in the thrilling height of 20 meters.

There are many more rides you can enjoy at Waterbom. Don’t worry about the safety, as Waterbom has been certified as one of the world-class waterparks in Asia. So, we can say that this place is worth the price.

Facilities Of Kemenuh Butterfly Park

Kemenuh Butterfly Park

Kemenuh Butterfly Park is the place which protected some butterfly to tour attraction. This place located in Kemenuh Village Sukawati Gianyar Bali. Butterfly Park in Kemenuh located in strategic place in the center of Bali Island. Park of Butterfly near some tourist place in Bali and become one of the butterfly park in tropic area. You and your family not will regret if visit this place. Your child can see the grow of butterfly from one step to other step. Metamorphosis of the butterfly will make you satisfied because of their beautiful wings.

Park of the beautiful butterfly built to give different tourist place. Bali is identic with the beach and the other Bahari tour. But this is place is better than beach, it is the protected area to butterfly. You can see some butterfly which in tree. Their beautiful wings will make you satisfy and want to come back again. In this place you can get some facilities, such as:

1. Wide Parking Area

It is the one priority from some tourist when they come some tourist place. Parking area make the tourist comfortable because of the wide of parking area. If the parking area is not wide some tourist will make uncomfortable. Some tourist usually ride on the cars or the motorcycle. Many tourists will ride on some minibus or the big bus. So if the parking area not wide it is will make some tourist feel uncomfortable to park their vehicle.

2. Restaurant

After walking in the all area of the park you will feel hungry. You can eat in the restaurant which prepare by the organizer. This restaurant not only gives some seafood but some traditional food from Indonesia. Organizer built this restaurant by some perspective. They think about the beautiful place and about the Indonesian restaurant.

3. Butterfly Museum

It is the important place in Butterfly Park. Butterfly museum is the place which content some butterfly with the various types. The wings of the butterfly always different than the other butterfly. For this reason, the organizer of Kemenuh Butterfly Park put some butterfly with various types. Visitors can look some different of the butterfly from the other aspect.

4. Souvenir Shop

Holiday is one reason why we must buy some souvenir. If you and family take a holiday but not buy some souvenir you feel some minus aspect. Bali is the most popular island in Indonesia which give some tour to people. Some tourist will enjoy the holiday, they will make happy again because of the souvenir. The souvenir in Bali is special than the other souvenir like jogger and the other souvenir.

5. Rice Field View

Other facilities you can get from Kemenuh Butterfly Park is the view of the rice field. Rice filed is the one of the view who make some people comfortable. They will make comfortable because of the colour of the green. The colour if green make some quiet sensation to people. It is the reason why in this park the organizer give the rice field view to the visitors.

6. ATM

ATM is one of the item which must bring by some tourist. In modern era some people not bring their money in the wallet. They just bring the ATM card to pull some money for the holiday. Usually the budget of the tourist in real time is more than their preparation. So to give the comfortable situation the organizer built the ATM corner in this area.

7. Toilet

After eat some food and drink the water they want to wash their hand or take a bath. They feel uncomfortable because a day they walk around the park. The toilet can help the visitors to do this activity. Without the toilet some tourist place will not complete because this is necessary for all people in the world.

Kemenuh Butterfly Park is the most popular butterfly in Bali. Bali not only has the zoo but to butterfly, they have too. Come in Bali without visit this butterfly park will make your holiday not complete. So you must visit this place before you come back to your hometown.

Activities In The Bali Bird Park, The Biggest Bird Park In Indonesia

Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park built from 20 years ago on October 1995. This is the biggest bird park in Indonesia. Bird Park in Bali in wide land and have various birds. The local bird or nonlocal bird in the bird park. 250 species take care in this park. Cendrawasih, pelican, parrot and the protect bird protected in this park. Bird Park in Bali is one of the favorite tourist places. Many tourists visit this park with their family. Everyday 300-400 visitors visit this place. They attractive with the Jalak Bali one of the protected bird in Bali. You must go to this place if you with your children. Because the child like to play with some birds.

If you go to Bali Bird Park with your family you must do some activities in there. Some activities will make you enjoy your holiday in Bali. This Bird Park has some activities can do with your children. It Is some facilities:

1. See The Parrot Fly Bird

One of the facilities you can do in Bali Bird Park is seeing the Parrot Fly Bird. Usually Parrot Bird always quiet in their birdcage. But in this bird park is different because the Parrot Bird is fly. The parrot flies bird not silent in the birdcage but they fly around the bird park. See some birds fly in the air of the bird park will make the special view for the visitors.

2. Watch Cinema 4D

4D theater is the one of the cinema which make the watcher like watcher live in front of them. If the watcher see the rain they will feel rain to their body. The 4D Theater give some sensation will make some watchers include the film. For this sensation some visitor can enjoy the film on the 4D theater. This 4D theater is one of the section of the bird park. Children very interesting to watch 4D film.

3. See Comodo

Comodo is one of the protected animal in Indonesia. Only in some place you can see the comodo. But in this place you can see the comodo. In this park not only the birds which protected but other species like the comodo. Indonesian protected animals must save by Indonesian people too. Bali want to make the one of the park who take care of the protected animal.

4. Photo With Some Birds

The first reason why some people go to this park because want to take the pictures with some birds. You can take picture with some birds with different species. Not only the protected bird but the other bird which in here. Photo with some bird will make you near the bird like a friend. Children will very interesting for this section.

5. See BirdLife

Other activities you can do in this park is see the bird life. There are from they as egg until they become a real bird. When as egg the bird has experience with their mother. How they can still life when some animals want to eat them. This is very interesting to some people who come in this park.

6. Petting Bird

Petting bird is activities who like children. Children always feel happy because they can give food for their bird. Giving some foods to the bird will make the children happy because the bird will around the children. Bird feel safety when the children giving the food for them.

7. Study About Birds

All of the activities it is the most interesting activities. Study about the birds will make some children interesting. Children will understand about the birds in all aspect not only one. This section will make children study and play in this park.

Seven activities in the Bali Bird Park will make your family enjoy the holiday. Some activities are the positive activities to their children. This place will open at 09.00 am until 5 pm. Bird Park in Bali is the biggest big park in Indonesia. So if you and family go here you and family will happy and very interesting.

Holiday With Son And Daugther To Bali Zoo.

Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo is one of the tourist place in Bali. This is the place which content some animals. Not only the honest animal but the wild animal is in here. You can see the rabbit, deer, horse, elephant and the other animal. One of the favorite destinations for the tourist is in here, Some of the tourists when enjoying the holiday with their family go here. Did you know why almost tourist will go here? Yes, the reasons is in this place you will find other playground to your son or your daughter. They will very happy because can enjoy their holiday with play in playground. But playground in Bali Zoo different from another place.

5 Playgrounds In Bali Zoo For Children

Parents will give their children everything they can give. Give the holiday to their children is one of the must something do by parents. Holiday is the waiting moment to children because the children can play all of the time. They take of their sadness to be happiness in the moment of the holiday. This moment always waiting for the children around the world. Children will choose the place which has some playgrounds. This is some playgrounds in there:

1. Petting Zoo

Petting zoo is one of the playground which have in here. There open at 10.00 AM until 17.00 PM. No extra fee to inside the petting zoo. This is include the ticket in front of the zoo. Some people enjoy the petting zoo to make their children happy. Children when give some meals to animals feel happy and not afraid. They think that it is a new adventure in the zoo.

2. Animal Encounter

Animal encounter is the place which use by some tourist to catch some photos with the animal. Some animals like a deer, lion, tiger, birds and the other animal can take photos with the children. Don’t worry in animal encounter you will safety because of the safety worker in there. You and your children will get some photos with protected animal in there too.

3. Miniapolis Jungle Waterplay

Children very happy if they can play water in all the place. In this place your children can play water until they feel bored. Miniapolis jungle waterplay will open at 10.00 AM until 5.00 PM. No extra fee to play in this playground. Your ticket include this playground. Waterplay is the most favourite playground for children. They will forget the time if the play with water in this playground. The facilities of the playground are Cabana, Changes room, locker and cafe. You and your family can enjoy the holiday when you choose to visit this place.

4. Ride On Pony Horse

Pony horse is one of the popular animals in the kids cartoon. Children always remember that the horse who ride on by the prince or the princess is Pony Horse. They always has some enthusiasm when listen about Pony Horse. So it is not a surprise that children look so attractive when play with the Pony Horse. This animal always make the children like a prince or princess in that time. Playground of the Pony Horse open at 10.00 AM-4.00 PM. For one children the parents must pay Rp. 35.000 if they want to ride on the Pony Horse.

5. Bird Show

The last playground is the bird show. Children will like to listen some bird when they produce a sound. Special bird will always produce the beautiful song along the bird show. Their sound will make the children be quiet because of their sound. They will enjoy the situation when the bird show their voice to the tourist.

Enjoy the holiday with family in the Bali Zoo is the best choice. This tourist place gives some beautiful view to the tourist. Not only the animals, but they have some playgrounds for your child. Children will very enjoy their holiday in this place. Let’s go to this place with your family and enjoy the trip!