4 Top Best References of Bali Museum You Should Know

Bali MuseumBali is getting more and more well-known among people worldwide, no wonder there are also more and more foreign tourists need references of Bali Museum when they are spending time for vacation in Bali. Museum actually is one of the best holiday destinations during holiday season. If you plan to visit great Bali Museum, the first step to do is finding the right information, then.

Well, plenty of museums are available in Bali. Some of them are located in Denpasar which is the capital area of Bali. However, not a few of museums in Bali also located in many other cities of Bali. Choosing one of them to be visited sometimes also need you to concern about the nearest location from the place you stay when spending time there.

This article actually provides information that could guide you finding more detail information about museums in Bali, and not only about the location but also the facilities offered by the museum itself. However, even so many choices of Bali Museum, it will focus to discuss about the best top 4 Bali Museums as your references. Check them out below!

Getting Known About the 4 Top Famous Bali Museum

1. Dream Museum Zone – Bali 3D Trick Art Museum

What makes this Bali Museum becomes one of most top museums ever in Bali is because it provides enchanting 3D arts for the visitors. This museum located on Jl. Nakula No. 33X, Legian – Bali. As the first 3D art museum in Bali, DMZ presents enchanting illusions through 3D art paintings there. Besides, this museum also located in Legian which is strategic area in Bali with famous and great tourism places.

2. Bali Shell Museum

It is another unique museum in Bali which is even the only one shell museum in the entirely area of Indonesia. The specialty of this Bali Museum is providing all the kinds of sea shell creatures originally comes from thousand years ago. This shell museum is located on Jalan Sunset Boulevard, Kuta – Bali.
If you are one of the countless people worldwide who adore the beauty of sea shell creatures as one of adorable marine creatures ever, visiting this museum is the right idea to consider.

3. Bali Museum – Denpasar

Reading the name of the museum, it is already mentioned as Bali Museum. Well, this museum is truly located in Denpasar which is the capital area of Bali. If you are interested about Bali’s culture and historical story of this city which well known as the island of gods, this museum will enlighten you up!
Besides, the architecture of this popular museum is also so enchanting and chic, so no wonder so many couples choose this museum as the best place to let them take photograph of their pre-wedding pictures.

4. Antonio Blanco Museum

Among so many choices of museums in Bali, Antonio Blanco Museum is one of the top famous ones among domestic and foreign tourists.. Not only because the beauty architecture design of this museum, it is also because of great historical stuffs exhibited in this museum.
Besides that, the ticket price to enter this museum also so affordable which is only IDR 30,000 for domestic tourists and IDR 50,000 for foreign tourists. This Bali Museum if founded by Spanish man named Antonio Blanco who had great intention of Bali’s origin culture. This museum is located at the hilly area of Campuhan Ubud River, Bali.