4 Ways To Enjoy The Beauty Of Kuta Beach

Kuta BeachKuta Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bali. It is located in Kuta Village, Badung, Bali. Kuta is also considered as a major tourist destination for both of domestic and foreign tourist that must be visited when they have vacation in Bali.

Different with Sanur Beach, Kuta is named by sunset beach in Bali, because people can enjoy see sunset in that beach.

The location is not far from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. If the streets are not jammed, then you only need about 8 until 12 minutes to the north to get this beach. Meanwhile if you are coming from Ubug bus station, the trip will be longer, approximately 30 until 40 minutes by taxi or motorcycle to the south.

In Kuta, you can do many things, such as:

1. Enjoy the beauty of the beach.

The first thing you can do in Kuta Beach is of course enjoying the beauty of the nature. You see, that Kuta is considered as one of the most famous beautiful beach in Bali. So that’s why most of the major tourist’ destination is going here.

There, you can enjoy the beauty of white sand and play it with your friend. Also, you can build some buildings or name by sands as what do you want.

Besides that, you will be saved in this beach, because the coast officer will always give the best service for you. They will always announce the important thing and remind you to always be careful with the luggage that you carry, by using a loudspeaker. So, you do not be worry about the crime which may comes to you.

2. Surfing.

Kuta Beach is famous with the beauty of the wave for surfing, so you can play your board whenever you want. Don’t be worry if you are a beginner, because you can learn to play surfing with an instructor. You can hire them to teach you how to play surfing until you are proficient.

3. Temporary tattoos.

In Kuta Beach, you can also beautify your body by using tattoos. It is usually not a permanent tattoo, so it will disappear by itself after one or two weeks later. The price is quite cheap, depending on the shape and the size you want to make. Therefore, you can decide by yourself about the price do you want to use for having a tattoo.

4. Purchasing some cloths and souvenirs.

As well as visiting the others tourist destination, something you can do in Kuta Beach is purchasing some cloths and souvenirs. There are many spots which offer those kinds of veil and souvenirs there. You can also purchase beach veil, short, cloth beach, and others souvenirs like bracelet, necklace, and others.

In Kuta Beach, you can do many things. Besides what has being explained above, you can do the other things more in Kuta, just like massage, enjoying food and beverage, or just spending the time by waiting for the sunset there. So, don’t waste your time when you visit this beautiful beach