5 Things To Do At Legian Beach And How To Get There

Legian Beach

When we go to Bali, we’ll never miss the chance to chase the sunset on Kuta beach. However, when most of the tourists in Bali go to Kuta, it is sometimes uncomfortable to be at that beach with many people around us. Most people love going to a beach for its calm and relaxing atmosphere. If it is also your problem, Legian beach is the solution.

Well, if you want to chase sunset in the calmer ambience, you can just go to Legian. Just like Kuta, Legian also has a great sunset. Some people also said that Legian is the doppelganger of Kuta. Both of the beaches are located in the southern part of Bali with white sand and beautiful sunset.

Things To Do At Legian Beach

There are many things you can do during your holiday at Legian. Here are the things to do at Legian:

1. Chasing Sunset

When we visit beaches in Bali, enjoying sunset is a must. However, sometimes we can’t make to enjoy sunset because we stuck in a traffic jam, so we miss it. Or else, we are able to get to the beach in time, yet we can enjoy the beach as the beach is too crowded. However, in Legian, you can have both sunset and the calm beach. Well, many tourists visit this beach. But at least, it is calmer than Kuta. We can still take some photos of the sunset without annoyed by the passerby.

2. Laying On The Beach

Most tourists at Legian aim to enjoy the view while lying down on the beach. This way, they can have their mind refreshed, body relaxed, and also the sun-kissed skin as the bonus. So, it’s not a weird thing to see women with tiny bikinis along the beachside. You can also try to do natural tanning method. Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen or you’ll get the sunburn.

3. Taking Photos

We can say that taking photos during the holiday is a must. This way, we can capture the moment in the photographs and recall it every time we want. At this beach, you can take dozens of beautiful photos, as the beach provides you with the amazing view. The combination of the bright blue sky, clear water, and the white sand will mesmerize you. Also, don’t forget about the spectacular sunset.

4. Surfing

Keen on surfing? Just go to Legian. The sea of Legian provides you with the great wave. And if you don’t bring your surfing board, don’t be worried as you can easily rent the available board. For the beginners, you can also learn how to surf and enjoy the wave riding.

5. Enjoy The Nightlife

Although the beach offers you the calm atmosphere at day, you might be able to find it different when the night comes. For you who love to enjoy the nightlife, you can take a walk around Legian and find many of places for your night hangout. As Legian is located near the centre of the city, we can easily find bars, clubs, and pubs, around the street.

So, grabbing some beers with your friends might be a good idea to end the day. About the price, you don’t have to worry, as the places at Legian offer a wide range of prices. Everyone is able to choose the most suitable place to hang out or just enjoy the night with your friends.

How To Get Legian Beach

This beach is very accessible, as it is only 30 minutes from the Ngurah Rai Airport. It can be accessed by public transportation. Or if you want flexibility, you can simply rent a car or motorcycle. Motorcycle renting may only cost about 50,000 rupiahs for a whole 24 hours. In addition, a motorcycle may be the best transportation option, as the route to Legian might be in a traffic jam in the rush hour.

That’s all you can do at Legian Beach and how to get there. Hope you’ll enjoy the holiday.