5 Things You Can Do At Sribatu Spice Garden And How To Get There

 Sribatu Spice Garden

No wonder if you can enjoy many exotic beaches in Bali. But don’t you know that Bali also has its amazing mountain view? And the most important thing, there are also some amazing tourist attractions around the Batur Mountain. Batur Mountain is a place in the high altitude around Batur volcano with an amazing view of lake and mountain. One of the interesting places for your peaceful and relaxing holiday in Bali is Sribatu Spice Garden.

How To Get Sribatu Spice Garden

The spice garden is located at Sribatu village, about 40 km from Denpasar. Sribatu is a village in Gianyar Regency which strategically located between Ubud to Kintamani. To get there, you can book some personal guide which will accompany you to Sribatu and the other nearby places. There are many tour agencies provide the tour package to this place. Sribatu village is worth a visit during your holiday in Bali.

Activities At Sribatu Spice Garden

By visiting Sribatu village and its amazing spice garden, you can do many things for your refreshment. Here are some activities you can do at this place. The place will give you the refreshment from your hectic routine. So, don’t miss any chance to try these activities.

1. Learning About Spices

As mentioned before, Sribatu has an amazing spice garden including the spices commonly used in Bali and Indonesia. The spice garden will amaze you with numbers of eastern spice plants. Some of you might not know how the cinnamon processed, how the black pepper plant looks like, and the other question about spices. In this place, you will get the answer to those questions.

Not only walking around the spice garden, the visit to Sribatu will give you the experience of learning about spices. You can find cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, ginger, and the other spices you usually use for your cooking and medicinal property. You will also get the chance to bring the precious spices back home by purchasing them.

2. Tasting Coffee

Have you heard about Luwak Coffee? Well, Luwak Coffee might be the most expensive and unique coffee in the world. Luwak coffee genuinely comes from Indonesia, and also available at Sribatu village. It’s not about the new or rare species of coffee. What makes Luwak Coffee special is the processing method.

Luwak Coffee used the coffee beans (either Robusta or Arabica) which have been eaten by Luwak or the Indonesian Civet. The coffee beans then passed through the digestive tract and create such amazing fermented coffee. For some of you, it might be gross. But you might never be able to deny the premium taste and inviting aroma of the Luwak coffee when it is served.

3. Fruits Harvesting

Not only spices, this garden also provides you with fruit plants. Some tropical fruits grow very well in this place. You can find some fruit plants such as banana, papaya, and cocoa. Balinese cocoa is known to have a premium taste. Not limited to enjoy the view of the garden, we can also have the experience of harvesting the fruits.

4. Sight-seeing

Mountain view always be so inviting to enjoy. Added with the fresh air and friendly local people, you would not hesitate to go around Sribatu village and its spice garden. You can enjoy the view while riding the available bicycle or ATV bike. Want a more extreme experience? You can try white water rafting available within the area.

5. Enjoying Indonesian Foods

Don’t forget to try the exotic Indonesian taste by having some food from the restaurant around Sribatu Spice Garden. The restaurant provides you with various Indonesian foods you can enjoy with your friends or family. This experience would be precious as you can enjoy Indonesian foods seasoned with the traditional spices picked from the spice garden.

Those are the activities you can do at Spice Garden of Sribatu and the recommendation about how to get there. Have a nice refreshing holiday at Sribatu Village and don’t forget to visit the nearby places.