5 Things You Have To Know About Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach

Bali is paradise beach. There are many beaches and one of them is Dreamland Beach. This beach is so popular as a favorite destination for local and foreign tourist. Every day, this beach always full of tourists, especially on weekend and holiday. We will be presented with the charm of natural beauty that is different from the other beaches in Bali.

Dreamland beach is located in Pecatu Indah Resort, Pecatu village, south Kuta district, Badung, Bali. You just need 30 minutes to reach this beach from Kuta. Access to the location is so easy, you can use motorcycle or car. Before you visit in the seashore, you must pass Pecatu Indah Resort and New Kuta Golf. Characteristic one of the beach on Badung regency in Bali is very unique. Well, There are some of the attractions of Dreamland Beach that you should know before visiting here.

1. Paradise For Surfers

The main attraction of Dreamland Beach, especially for foreign tourists is the waves on this beach is a large and rolling high, which is perfect for surfing sports here. Big waves, certainly not suitable for people who want to swim in Dreamland Bali, because it can be dragged the waves into the sea. For people who are not great swimming, you should not swim in this beach when the sea tide.

Despite having large waves, many tourists are tempted to swim at this beach because of the clear water. The clean water of this sea makes visitors enjoy in the water, although it can be hit by waves.

2. White And Soft Sand Beach

Dreamland Beach also has white and soft sand beach, typical beaches in the south of Bali. Tourists who come to this beach also like to sunbathe on the sandy beach with a cloth. Usually while sleeping like that, tourists also while reading books that have prepared first.

3. Beautiful Sunset Ever

One thing that can not be missed, Dreamland Beach is a beach that also faces to the west, so on this beach visitors also can enjoy the beauty of sunsets such as in Kuta Beach, Legian Beach, German Beach and Jimbaran Beach.

4. Dazzling Cliffs

Dreamland beach has an iconic spot, looks around it surrounded by towering cliffs and large rocks. Similar but not the same, the geographical contour is almost identical to the natural scene typical of Pandawa Beach or Crytal Bay Beach Nusa Penida. Some even think that Dreamland Beach itself is almost similar to Kuta beach, so this beach was also dubbed New Kuta Beach.

5. Exciting Activities At Dreamland Beach

Various exciting activities can be done at Dreamland Beach Bali, among them the most important is surfing, which is one of the water sports (water-sports) are favored by foreign tourists. The texture of the waves on the beach is highly favored and suitable for surfing, which is why this beach is referred to as New Kuta Beach, looked from the type of waves are almost the same.

In addition to surfing, visitors can also do other activities such as sunbathing on the sand or on leased seats, strolling on soft sand beaches, playing water / swimming (be careful with hard waves), burying themselves in the sand beach, self-taken photos, model photos or pre-wedding with a cool background or just waiting for sunset arrival.

Visitors can also enjoy a meal or beverage by cafes located on the beach or buy from a light food and beverage merchant found mostly in this coastal area. In Dreamland Beach there are also many clothes or accessories are sold. Which is suitable for use when being on the beach. Upon returning home, visitors can buy souvenirs and souvenirs to give to relatives at their residence after returning home from vacation in Bali.

So that is 5 things you must to know before going to Dreamland beach. Do not hesitate to go there and enjoy the beauty of the beach. King surfers or sunset lovers will regret if you have never been to this beach. Do not forget to invite family and friends to add to your holiday excitement.