5 Things You Should Know About Splash Waterpark

 Splash Waterpark

Splash Waterpark is classified as the latest in comparison to other water parks in Bali, the presence of Splash Waterpark Bali provides more options for you to define a place of recreation with new game rides that make you experience differently. Located not far from Berawa Canggu Beach, Splash Waterpark Bali becomes the choice of a crowded game place by visitors. Here, the tourists can feel the joy of various rides of water games. The choice of various rides to make tourists feel at home here, either domestic or foreign tourists. Before going to this place, you must know some information like this.

1. Location

Location of Splash Waterpark Bali at Pantai Berawa Street, Br. Tegal Gundul, Canggu Bali, is located in an area with New Canggu Club. The location is quite strategic in the tourism area of Canggu is growing quite rapidly, which is why this place is quite crowded by tourists, especially during holidays and weekends. If you are scheduled to tour to Tanah Lot tourist attraction which is located in the same direction you can stop by Splash Waterpark Bali to enjoy the various interesting game.

2. The Game Is Complete And Safety

The various types of games provided at Splash Waterpark Bali are not only for adults but also children, so this water park is ideal for family tourism. The internationally-supplied venues include their safety standards, the various slide shows, and slide show provided a sensational and adrenaline-ridden challenge.

There is a Giant Racer with 4 tracks adjacent to the equivalent of a five-level building you can glide on a 90-meter course, this game is sure to spur your heart beat, if you have heart defects it is not recommended to join the game. With the 4 tracks, you can race and glide along with friends or family so as to add to its excitement. A number of waterslides provided at Splash Waterpark Bali which can also boost your adrenaline. There is also a Super Bowl, Super Bowl Race is also no less exciting. You will be invited to glide over a giant bowl until finally plunge into the pool.

Well for the kids, there is also Crazy Creek and Splash Playground. Crazy Creek is a swimming pool with a stream of water, like a river. While Splash Playground you can try a mini slide, climb the castle, or play shooting water.

3. Complete Facility

Besides various types of games for both adults and children, Splash Waterpark Bali provides dining facilities after a day of water play, of course, you want to enjoy the cuisine served by food and beverage outlets here, various international menus are provided. The newest water park in Bali also provides open spaces as well as covered areas for families to rest. The water park also provides bookings for groups, such as family events, corporate outings, and children’s parties.

4. Splash Waterpark Bali Entrance Price

Splash Waterpark Bali is a water recreation park that provides various games for children, youth, and adults. Fill your holiday to be more vibrant in Bali with Splash Waterpark Bali. The price offered is affordable and in line with what is offered.

For adults only need to pay 300,000, children from 3-17 years old 180,000 and under 3 years are free. Ticket prices apply to local people and foreigners. It also includes admission to Canggu Club which includes Fitness center, gym, Club House Sports Bar, Bistro and other outlets

5. Splash Waterpark Schedule

Well for you who want a vacation, Splash Waterpark Bali is open every day except Nyepi Day, starting at 09.00 – 18.00 with. You will be content to play water all day. So for you who are bored with the beach atmosphere, you can go to Splash Waterpark Bali.

Well, that’s the 5 things you should know before going to Splash Waterpark. For parents who are still confused for a vacation or spending a weekend with family, this is a very suitable place. Go there and enjoy the excitement.