5 Unique Uniqueness of Barong Dance

Barong Dance

Indonesia has a lot of art and culture. In every region, definitely have unique art and culture, as well as different customs. Starting from traditional ceremonies, traditional clothing, custom homes, crafts, and others. One of popular art is traditional dance. Because at every point in Indonesia has a traditional dance that reflects the uniqueness of a region. For example is the island of Bali. This thousand unique island holds a thousand distinctive arts. The thing that most inherent in the people of Indonesia when hearing traditional Balinese dance is definitely Barong dance.

1. The One and Only in Bali

The island of Bali is not only famous because of beaches, but also Art and culture. One of the arts and cultures that are often found by domestic and foreign tourists is Barong dance. You will not find this dance except in Bali. Almost all tourists who come to Bali feel incomplete if not watching Barong dance performance.

Barong Dance can be seen in several places in Gianyar regency, Bali, among them in Pura Dalem Ubud which usually started staged at 19.30 WITA, and in some art studio in Batubulan village which was staged at 09.30 WITA.To watch the performing arts, tourists can go to Batubulan Village through Denpasar City, the Capital of Bali Province. From Denpasar City, Batubulan is about 10 km or takes about 15 minutes using public transportation. Meanwhile, if tourists start the journey from Kuta Beach or Nusa Dua area, it takes + 45 minutes.

2. Unique Properties and Costumes

The uniqueness of Barong Bali Dance is a dance show that uses a unique property that is a mythological creature named Barong. Barong is supervised by two male dancers who became head and tail. Legendary component lies in the wellspring of the story from the pre-Hindu convention of trusting the Barong as a fanciful creature that secures the great.The mythological element also appears in the manufacture of Barong costumes whose basic materials are obtained from wood in places considered to be haunted, such as graves.

Not only that, but also costumes or clothing from Barong Dance describes a blend of lion, tiger and cow form. In the body is decorated by typical feathers and ornaments of leather. In addition, costumes from barong should not be treated haphazardly because there is already a special ceremony for it. Usually after the barong performances will be interspersed with kris dance. This dance looks a bit extreme because the dancers pierced the kris into their own bodies.

3. Interesting and Fascinating Movements

Barong Dance movement is very interesting with the facial expression is very distinctive and mystical nuance is the uniqueness of Barong Dance. Besides, with the background and the typical Balinese stage decoration adds to its uniqueness. Barong Bali dance also has its own special features such as a magical aura and mythological elements are so attached. Coupled with comedic elements that add to the privilege of barong dance. The comedic element itself is inserted by companion figures such as the ape showing certain movements that make the audience laugh.

4. Mystical Nuance

The gamelan music that begins the show, adds to the mystical nuances of dance. With the musical accompaniment, Barong began to shake his body and wiggle his head. It is very cute and funny. So it attracts the attention of the audience.

5. Barong Dance Contain a story

The uniqueness of Balinese dance is always contain a story. Barong Dance tells the battle between virtue and evil with a barong as a symbol of virtue. The struggle is eternal, as our life today and inseparable in this world, as Balinese people believe in the existence of Rwa Bhineda a concept of difference that balances nature, such as there is good and bad, there is evil and also good.

That is the five unique Barong Bali dance that always amazes tourists, both foreign and local. You can watch this dance at some point on the island of Bali. If you watch it, do not forget to always capture your moment.