5 Uniqueness You Have To Know About Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach

The holidays will come! It is time for you to refresh your mind, soul, and body with the holidays. The best recommendation is definitely to the beach, but which beach can make an unforgettable moment? Bali Island has beautiful beaches and Sanur Beach is best suited for the pleasure seeker. Besides beautiful scenery, Sanur Beach has a uniqueness that other beaches do not have.

1. Beautiful Sunrise Ever

The sunrise hunters would not want to pass the beauty of sunrise on this beach. In Sanur Beach is already known as a sunrise beach. You can imagine the atmosphere of the beach on a quiet morning while waiting for the sun to rise. Especially with loved ones. Guaranteed your holiday will be a special moment and Sanur Beach will start your day off perfectly. Do not forget to take a picture, because the beauty of this beach sunrise is unmatched

2. The Calm Waves

After sunrise, it is not complete if you already on the beach but you do not feel the sea water. Once satisfied to enjoy the sunrise of Sanur Beach that is super beautiful, you can play water to enjoy how cool sea water in this iconic beach in Bali. Do not worry about the waves! The waves are very friendly, it will not drown you because the sea here is quite shallow even when tide. This makes Sanur beach visited by many tourists.

3. Combination Of Beach And Bicycle

Although it is not possible to get bored playing water on the beach, you also have to feel the euphoria of cycling on the beach. You Have never imagined how fun to ride on the beach. Only at Sanur Beach, you can enjoy the scenery, people passing by, the cool air, and looked at dozens of small-looking ships. So you can enjoy the beach from all sides. For those who do not bring a bike during the holidays here, you can really rent because there are providing bikes for rent. You can rent at a rate of Rp 20.000 / hour. You must not feel boring if you already fun to play bikes, especially with friends or family. Cycling will be cooler done in the afternoon. The morning is also not less extraordinary. While cycling can really make a video like youtubers. Cycling on Sanur beach, you can enjoy the scenery and definitely get a beautiful unforgettable moment.

4. Nusantara Coffee

Early morning most relaxing if drinking coffee and in Sanur Beach area. There is a coffee lovers hangout which is definitely recommended. There is Kopi culture. Customers can order typical coffee from the various region in Indonesia. You can choose your favorite coffee such as Aceh coffee, typical coffee of Bali, even Toraja coffee available in this shop. Do not be lazy to queue, because in the morning it must be crowded. People come just want to enjoy a cup of coffee. About the price do not be afraid to drain your pocket, because the price of coffee is very friendly. For people who do not like coffee, just calm down. They already anticipate it because in this shop also provides various juices and milkshakes.

5. The Best Selfie Place Ever

The most fun during holidays is when capturing moments with loved ones. Sanur Beach is able to display an extraordinary backdrop for a complete added moment. Besides it is the best place to enjoy the sunrise, there is also the best place to immortalize your vacation. You can enjoy as much selfie here and guaranteed not to be disappointed with the shots.

Well, have you already had a plan to vacation at Sanur Beach? Do not be hesitate, now invite your friends to vacation here. Order tickets to Bali and enjoy the beauty of Sanur Beach that certainly will not make you regret. Instead, want to go back and forth again.