6 Reasons To Visit And The Route To Padang Padang Beach

Padang Padang Beach

Most people come to the beach to enjoy the beauty and the atmosphere of the beach. Some others visit the beach to try some water sport such as speed boating and surfing. Well, there are many reasons to visit a beach, especially in Bali where there are lots of beautiful beaches. One of the recommended beaches you can visit in Bali is Padang Padang beach.

Route To Padang Padang Beach

If you go to the beach from Ngurah Rai airport, you can go via Ngurah Rai bypass to the south. After that, you can head to Uluwatu and then to Pecatu. Next, you’ll find Pecatu Indah Resort area which will lead you to Dreamland Beach. Go straight from the intersection for about 2 km and turn left to follow Labuan Sait Street to get to the beach.

It is recommended for you to rent car or motorcycle rather than taking the public transportation. It will be more efficient and accessible. When you arrive at the beach area, you still need to walk down the stairs and narrow crevice. Well, you should be careful, but don’t worry. The view of the beach won’t disappoint you.

Reasons You Should Visit Padang Padang Beach

Every beach has its own attractiveness. Therefore, here are some reasons why you should visit Padang Padang instead of the other famous beaches:

1. Surfing Paradise

If you have a big interest in surfing, you should try riding Padang Padang wave. International tourists love to visit Padang Padang for its great wave. To have a great surfing time, you need to swim about 300 meters from the shoreline. The perfect wave and underwater current will give you a great surfing experience. This beach even has annual surfing competition which is joined by many surfers either from Indonesia or the other countries.

2. Beautiful Scenery

When you enter the beach area, you’ll be amazed by a series of the huge magnificent coral reef. The combination of the big coral reefs, cold and clear water, and white sand is good to refresh your mind. Put on your shades and you can lie all day long enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful scenery.

3. A Sense Of Private Beach

As mentioned before, this beach is surrounded by great coral reefs. This kind of view creates a sense of private beach for this place. In addition, you can enjoy a calm and relaxing atmosphere in this beach. Well, unlike the famous beaches, there are only a few tourists on this beach.

4. Hollywood Filming Set

Who knows this beach famous for being one of the filming set of Hollywood movie, “Eat Pray Love”? As we know, this movie took place in three different countries which are Italy, India, and Indonesia. Many scenes were taken in Indonesia especially Bali which is chosen to represent the “Love” part of the movie. It proved that Padang Padang has an excellent view to represent beaches in Bali to the worldwide eyes.

5. Excellent Facility

Although the beach is not as famous as other beaches, this beach provides excellent facilities. For example, you can easily find restaurant and motel around the beach. So, it enables the tourists to stay for days. This beach also supports watersport especially surfing. Not only for the surfer, has the surfing lessoned also available for all the tourists. They rent the surfing board and take the lesson for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level of surfing.

6. Affordable Price

About the prices, you don’t have to worry, as Padang Padang won’t drain your pocket. For the ticket entrance, it is only 5000 rupiah for domestic tourists and 10,000 rupiahs for international tourist. It is also supported by large parking area near the beach. And if you are interested in surfing but you don’t have any board, you can rent the board with only 100,000 rupiahs for 2 hours.

Those are the reasons why you should visit Padang Padang beach and the route to get there. Have a good Holiday!