6 Things You Wont Forget From Balangan Beach And How To Get There

Balangan Beach

Are you sick of your tiring schedule and dull routine? Just take a break and have a fun holiday. Talking about a holiday, there’s nothing better than lying a whole day on a beautiful beach. So, you might need to start browsing about Balangan beach as the recommendation for your holiday.

Location Of Balangan Beach

Balangan is one of the beaches at the southern part of Bali Island. It is located around Pecatu, about 40 minutes from Kuta by motorcycle. Well, a motorcycle is the best means of transportation to go to Balangan as the beach might not be easily accessed by car. You need to be a little bit adventurous to go there. This is also the reason why this beach is also called a hidden beach. So, you can leave from Kuta to Nusa Dua via I Gusti Ngurah Rai Street. After that, you can pass Uluwatu – Jimbaran road to Balangan beach. Then, you can just follow the path and down the stairways to enjoy the beautiful beach with white sand, clear water, and magnificent reef. Or else, you can simply check the location and follow the guide from your mobile map application.

Things You Won’t Forget From Balangan Beach

We can say that every beach has its point of interest, such Kuta with its famous beautiful sunset. So, here are the 6 things you won’t forget when you finally visit Balangan.

1. Beautiful Scenery

The beach offers you the natural scenery you can’t have by simply visiting the famous beaches in Bali such Kuta, Nusa Dua, and Sanur. At Balangan, you’ll find the more natural beach which represents the exotic Bali. You’ll be amazed by the clear sky, blue ocean, also the white sand and the green grass. Not to mention the magnificent tall coral reef around the beach. You can enjoy the scenery from the top of the coral reef.

2. Peaceful

The beach is also known as the hidden beach. It is located quite far from the center of the crowded city. The beach offers you a peaceful retreat as it’s not padded with tourists just like the other famous beach in Bali. You can lay by the beach or take a walk around the beach.

3. Coconut Trees

It might be the most interesting point from Balangan beach. Different from the common beaches in Bali, this beach is beautified by a line of coconut trees along the beachside. It gives you the exotic Hawaiian beach atmosphere.

4. Surfing Paradise

Some of you might love to visit the beach for your interest in surfing. Well, Balangan also offers you the perfect surfing spot as it has the perfect wave to ride. It is better visiting the beach in the afternoon to have the perfect timing for surfing.

5. Recommended Photo Spot

Today, it’s common that people turn their holiday into the photo session. Don’t worry, for you who love going to the natural tourist attraction for photos, this beach won’t disappoint you. It presents you beautiful and unique scenery for your social media photos. Coming to the beach when the water goes down will give you an amazing view to take photos.

6. Good For Backpacker

The beautiful and strategic beach is often followed by exclusive and expensive accommodation. But don’t worry. You can spend a little money for it at Balangan. To enter the location, need no more than 5000 rupiah. For the accommodation, you can stay in motel around the beach with affordable prices.

So, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendar for some days off, grab the ticket to Bali and head to Balangan for an impressively relaxing holiday. Have a great holiday!