Activities In The Bali Bird Park, The Biggest Bird Park In Indonesia

Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park built from 20 years ago on October 1995. This is the biggest bird park in Indonesia. Bird Park in Bali in wide land and have various birds. The local bird or nonlocal bird in the bird park. 250 species take care in this park. Cendrawasih, pelican, parrot and the protect bird protected in this park. Bird Park in Bali is one of the favorite tourist places. Many tourists visit this park with their family. Everyday 300-400 visitors visit this place. They attractive with the Jalak Bali one of the protected bird in Bali. You must go to this place if you with your children. Because the child like to play with some birds.

If you go to Bali Bird Park with your family you must do some activities in there. Some activities will make you enjoy your holiday in Bali. This Bird Park has some activities can do with your children. It Is some facilities:

1. See The Parrot Fly Bird

One of the facilities you can do in Bali Bird Park is seeing the Parrot Fly Bird. Usually Parrot Bird always quiet in their birdcage. But in this bird park is different because the Parrot Bird is fly. The parrot flies bird not silent in the birdcage but they fly around the bird park. See some birds fly in the air of the bird park will make the special view for the visitors.

2. Watch Cinema 4D

4D theater is the one of the cinema which make the watcher like watcher live in front of them. If the watcher see the rain they will feel rain to their body. The 4D Theater give some sensation will make some watchers include the film. For this sensation some visitor can enjoy the film on the 4D theater. This 4D theater is one of the section of the bird park. Children very interesting to watch 4D film.

3. See Comodo

Comodo is one of the protected animal in Indonesia. Only in some place you can see the comodo. But in this place you can see the comodo. In this park not only the birds which protected but other species like the comodo. Indonesian protected animals must save by Indonesian people too. Bali want to make the one of the park who take care of the protected animal.

4. Photo With Some Birds

The first reason why some people go to this park because want to take the pictures with some birds. You can take picture with some birds with different species. Not only the protected bird but the other bird which in here. Photo with some bird will make you near the bird like a friend. Children will very interesting for this section.

5. See BirdLife

Other activities you can do in this park is see the bird life. There are from they as egg until they become a real bird. When as egg the bird has experience with their mother. How they can still life when some animals want to eat them. This is very interesting to some people who come in this park.

6. Petting Bird

Petting bird is activities who like children. Children always feel happy because they can give food for their bird. Giving some foods to the bird will make the children happy because the bird will around the children. Bird feel safety when the children giving the food for them.

7. Study About Birds

All of the activities it is the most interesting activities. Study about the birds will make some children interesting. Children will understand about the birds in all aspect not only one. This section will make children study and play in this park.

Seven activities in the Bali Bird Park will make your family enjoy the holiday. Some activities are the positive activities to their children. This place will open at 09.00 am until 5 pm. Bird Park in Bali is the biggest big park in Indonesia. So if you and family go here you and family will happy and very interesting.