Alas Kedaton Temple: Discover an Old Hindu Temple behind the Sacred Forest

alas kedaton templeThe uniqueness of Bali is never end and now it comes to the most sacred forest where hundred monkeys reside in with peacefulness. Broadly known as Alas Kedaton Temple, this tourist attraction has successfully gained the attention from the eye of the world as the amazing site that worth visiting as you visit the island of God.

It is no longer questionable that the temple which was built in the megalithic era also hides the story that remains untold among the visitors. If you want to find out the magnificence of Alas Kedaton Temple, you are led to the dense forest and make sure that you are ready enough to meet the pesky monkeys along the journey.

In precise, as you want to visit this site, you are encouraged to head to Kukuh Village, in Marga district, Tabanan or it can be reached by taking 35km drive from the capital of Bali, Denpasar.

History Behind Its Ancientness

As narrated in the inscription of Sading Village, Mengwi, Badung Regency, it is stated that Alas Kedaton Temple was established by the two great people named Mpu Rajakertha and Mpu Kuturan under the reign of the great and powerful King Sri Masula Masuli in 1178 AD. It is also stated in the inscription that the great King Sri Masula Masuli also reigned Bali for over 77 years in which it was over in Saka 1255 AD.

Dealing with the location of the temple, it can be observed that this site faces to west with four gates for people to enter and exit. Unlike any other temples in Bali, Alas Kedaton Temple has the inside part or Jeroan lower than the middle yard, Jaba.

Talking about the design, it is said that the most sacred place for Hinduism also possesses sacred buildings, a lingga and some statues which stand still inside the temple. Two statues that attract the visitors to observe are a incredibly amazing statue designed resembles Durga Mahisasura Mardhani which has eight hands that four of them hold different things from the fly repellent, arrow, knife and tail of bull.

Another statue that you can find in Alas Kedaton Temple is Ganesha statue that sits on the blooming lotus with two dragons behind it. What the makes this statue looks so unique is that the statue only possesses one tusk with the right hand is holding tasbih while the left hand is holding the ax.

The Unique Ceremony Differs From Others

You might be wondering about the religious ritual conducted in Alas Kedaton Temple. In this regard, the ceremony held in 10 days after the celebration of Kuningan day will not use the incense and Karawang as locals worship their God. Again, another thing that you never find in any other Bali’s ceremony is that the presence of Penjor which is commonly showed at Dalem Kahyangan.

In addition, as the Balinese conducts the ceremony, they will finish it before the sun sets, since they do not want to use the lights. To close the ceremony, there will be Ngrebeng tradition in which people running with sharp spears and shout with joy.

Alas Kedaton Temple hides the story that domestics and foreigners do not know, since it deals with the culture and tradition. This makes something attractive and becomes the main reason why tourists always never miss the site to visit. So, do not forget to make a halt in this beautiful sacred temple inside the forest which is inhabited by hundred monkeys.