Aling-Aling Waterfall, The Exotic Waterfall In Singaraja Bali

Aling-Aling Waterfall

Bali island is a great place for local tourist and foreign tourist. You can find many tourist destinations on this island. This island has many beaches, lakes, and waterfalls. If you visit Bali island and then spend your holiday in here, make sure that you explore many exotic places. One of the exotic places in Bali is Aling-Aling waterfall in Singaraja Bali. This waterfall is famous in Bali island.

This waterfall located in Sukasada village, in the regency of Buleleng. It is around 30 meters from the ground. This destination located in the middle of the jungle. So, it is recommended for the real traveler. Caused you need extra effort to able arrive at this destination. You cannot use motorcycle or car to arrive in this place. You must walk on the stairs to enjoy the waterfall. As a suggestion, you must prepare yourself to visit this tourist destination.

Preparations Before Visit Aling-Aling Waterfall

For your information, this waterfall is a hidden waterfall in Singaraja. It means you must pass the jungle and then try to have hard trekking. So before you decide to visit this waterfall, you must have preparations. The benefit from this preparations, you can enjoy your holiday without any problem. These the preparations before visit this waterfall:

1. Prepare Your Guide

When you visit this waterfall, it is better if you use a guide. The reason caused you will get many obstacles to arrive in this place. Actually this place is less directions for tourist. So, it is difficult for you to start the trekking. If you bring a guide, it is very useful. The guide will give you some directions and give more information about the waterfall. The waterfall is sacral place for local people. Your guide will give you the traditional rules in this area. You must follow the rules.

2. Make Sure Your Body is Fit

Before you start your trekking make sure that your body is fit. The route is hard enough for new visitors. You must walk on the stairs. Then there are many slippery road in this area. You must pass the jungle between many big trees. Without fit body, you cannot enjoy your trip. It is like an adventure for all visitors. It is recommended for teenager who loves adventure and hard trekking.

3. Bring First Aid Box

Do not forget to bring first aid box. In a fact, there were some accidents in this area. Sometimes the accident is caused the hard trek and the strong water flow under the waterfall. So, make sure that you bring your first aid box. It is really important. If you get an injury, you can fix yourself. Fill the first aid box with antiseptic and bandage.

4. Prepare Your Suit And Foods

The waterfall is still virgin and natural. Of course there is no public facilities near from this area. It means you must prepare your suit and do not forget to bring foods. You must have many beverages in your bags. But remember it is a hard trekking, do not bring many things in your bag. You will get many trouble because your bag.

5. Bring Your Camera

Even you need extra effort to enjoy this place, there are many beautiful spots for you. You can take many pictures in this area. For this one, do not forget to bring your camera. Many people come to this waterfall to take some good pictures. There is no a photographer here, so you cannot rent a camera in this place. Capture your moment with your friend in an exotic waterfall in Singaraja Buleleng

Aling-Aling waterfall is the best place for get a good scenery and fresh air. Under the waterfall you can swim with your friends. There are many wild birds in this location. You can spend your holiday in this quiet place.