Amazing Temple on the Cliff of Uluwatu Temple Which Jutted into Ocean

Uluwatu TempleUluwatu Temple is located on the cliff. So that, you need to hike stone stairs which are quite high. The high of the temple is 70 meters above the sea level. It faces to the east. Unlike the other temples in Bali, they face to the west or south.

Uluwatu temple is jutted into Indonesian ocean. There are hundreds monkeys there. They look like tame, but be aware of them! They may take your snacks or stuffs that you wear.

Where is Uluwatu Temple Located?
Uluwatu Temple is located in Pecatu Village, Kuta Sub-district, Badung District, Bali Island. If your position is in Denpasar City, you need to drive around 30 km away to reach Uluwatu Temple. Uluwatu has another name, it is called Luwur Temple. It is one of the six temples which assume as spiritual pillar of Bali Island.

Discovering the History of Uluwatu Temple
There is amazing history of this temple. This history is background of temple establishment. At least, there are two points of view in establishment of Uluwatu. First point of view, it happened in Marakata Empire. In the ninth century, this temple is founded by Empu Kuturan.

Second point of view, in establishment of Uluwatu is related to Dang Hyang Nirartha. He is shaivite religious figure which came from Daha Empire in Kediri, East Java. In the 1546, it is a time of Dalem Waturenggong Empire. On that time, Dang Hyang Nirartha came to Bali. He established Uluwatu Temple in Pecatu Village.

Dang Hyang Nirartha has passed spiritual travelled around Bali. After that, he came back in Uluwatu. In this temple, he left the earth toward heaven. Anggara Kasih day is ceremonial day of Uluwatu. It is based on wuku Medangsia in Saka calendar. It happened for three days. Many Hindu people celebrate that ceremony. Ceremony in Hindu term is called piodalan.

How is The Architecture of Uluwatu Temple?
There are two gates to enter the temple. One is located in north, another is in south. These gates shape is ‘bentar’ gateways. In front of the gateway, there is a couple of statue. It shapes is like a man with elephant head in stand position. The wall of gateway is designed by soft sculptures of leaves and flowers.

Inside the Uluwatu Temple, exactly behind the gateway, you will see halfway with stone steps towards the courtyard. This halfway is shady, many trees in both sides. The courtyard is outdoor. It is covered by stone. Close to gate in north side, there is wood building. In west side, across the enter gate, there is ‘paduraksa’ gateway. This gateway is for entering second courtyard.

Paduraksa gateway is different from outside gateway. Threshold door has curve shape which is framed by stone. Above the threshold door, there is giant head sculpture. In the top of gateway is shaped like crown with many sculptures. Likewise, a gap between gateway is made of many sculptures too.

In the north side, you can see small courtyard. It jutted to the ocean. In the tip of courtyard there is wooden building. It seems like a place for people to see ocean better. Uluwatu has many times get renovation. Even in 1999, this temple ever burned by lightning.