Are you gold and silver lovers? Take time to visit celuk village for its innovative carvings

celuk villageIn some years ago, Celuk Village used to be the traditional village with nothing to boast for to the domestics and foreigners. But, the face of the village has transformed into the innovative carvings that take the silver and gold as its trademark.

How the societies living in this village successfully touch the heart of silver and gold lovers is from the excellent and distinctive production of silver and gold handicrafts. It can be said that all the crafts has successfully penetrated to the national and international market due to its quality. Various products such as earrings, brooch, rings and some others made of gold and silver are marketed to visitors who come to visit Celuk Village for various reasons.

As the demand on the product increasing, craftsmen try to keep up with trends that now they are also producing some products such as medals, culture symbols and models.

History behind its fame
The story of how Celuk Village comes to fame is initiated from the agriculture societies that gradually transformed into the community that focuses on gold and silver industry. This happened in 1970 when the development of this community was started by the group that belongs to Clan Pande.

Even though the entire society turns out to be the industrial society, still some of them jump into the tourism sector. The shift of this sector causes the positive impacts on the prosperity and social’s welfare which is indicated by the high per capita income after two other regions namely Kuta and Ubud.

Where is it located?
As you have arrived in Denpasar, you are not supposed to be so confused to visit the site, since this tourism resort is quite strategic to reach from the capital of Bali. It just takes around 30 minutes drive or 10 km from the city center.

Again, the Celuk Village is not only one must-see destination when you visit Bali, since there are some other tourist attractions that offers you with the beautiful attraction such as Singapadu Village, Batuan Village and many others in which they possess the distinctive and unique attractions.

If you are interested to purchase the souvenirs or accessories from gold and silver in Celuk Village, you can drop by at the gold and silver gallery along the main road.

Highly potential marketing and trading
The finest silver and gold products from Celuk Village have been traded among the locals market and in recent year, the best quality of the products has been penetrated to the International market.

Many businessmen and craftsmen also try to introduce their own products through some various festivals or exhibition such as Bali art festival or even the overseas festival in some countries such as America, Australia, Japan and Europe. As a tourist, you are encouraged to visit Celuk Village in some certain sites such as when the morning and afternoon comes.

Celuk Village is the only one village that produces silver and gold which have been transformed into various types of accessories that keep up with the trends. Its finest production and the very best quality has penetrated the international market and ready to compete with any other similar products.