At Vacation Time You Can Hunting Unique Souvenirs at Ubud Art Market Bali

Ubud art marketAt a long of vacation you can spend time to hunt antique and unique souvenirs in the Ubud art market. If you are visiting the beauty of the tourist attraction in Bali do not forget to buy souvenirs here. During your holiday in Bali it will be more complete if you stopped at the traditional market of Ubud. This market will open from 04.00 am to 06.00 pm, WITA.

In the morning the merchant sells in the Ubud art market more commonly are very basic things that used for everyday life, in the after noon, the art shops will start selling various handicraft items. This is a fun time to hunt for local handicrafts such as carvings, sculptures, knick-knacks, paintings, and various other souvenirs that you can buy for a cheap price.

Ubud market adds to the completeness of traditional markets in Bali

In Bali, you may have been familiar with other traditional art markets such as the Guwang, Sukawati, Kumbasari, and Kuta. The existence of Ubud art market to be more complete needs of souvenirs shopping typical souvenirs of Bali. Uniquely you can certainly bargain the price to the seller souvenirs, it is a tip to get a cheaper price.

Traders here usually try to sell their merchandise when their store is newly opened, although it can be a small profit that the sellers remain consistent and eager to sell. With Hindu beliefs, this could be a “penglaris” or something that suggest to have a lot of money.

The most delightful place to shop is by souvenirs in the Ubud Art Market

Ubud art market provides a wide range of handicraft items. Of course, this is perfect as a shopping place, especially for souvenirs which typical souvenirs of Bali. Prices of goods offered from thousands to tens of millions of rupiah. Various items of knick-knacks or accessories can be found easily.

Similarly, handicrafts from bamboo, wicker, batik coconut, and home decoration, including bags, wallets, cups, sandals, bed covers, carvings, blankets, paintings, sculptures and many others. Every day Ubud art market is always crowded by visitors, especially when the holidays arrive.

Visiting Ubud Traditional Market

To visit the art market of Ubud, we recommend you visit here in regular days which is not a holiday, so the market will not crowded by other tourists from various countries of the world. This traditional market is a wide that consists of two floors. But the visitors prefer shopping at nearby shops adjacent to the parking lot.

If you have plenty of time to shop, try walking along the shops at this market, because the items offered here are a lot and unique. By a smart bargain, you can choose the best price, cheaper as possible. In this market many choices of goods unique souvenir that may you like.

Ubud market is located in a very stretegis location, precisely located in the center of the city on the main highway, in this area there is also Puri Ubud or castle Saren Agung. This place is a cultural heritage and history of the lamps are still well preserved to date. Now this place becomes one of the tourist attraction in Bali.

In this place every day held an art show, so it is not surprising that Ubud art market is quite dense. A lot of the inhabitants of this region, tourists Indonesian or other countries and traffic vehicles are ridden.

This traditional art market is mostly visited by domestic tourists and foreign tourists in the holidays. Even by local people who need a variety of cooking spices and foods can buy in this market, cheaply prices you can get according to you. Let’s hunt to Ubud art market Bali to find unique and cheap things!