Authentic Way of Life in Pengelipuran Village

Penglipuran VillagePengelipuran village will offer you a complete relaxation with the cool mountain atmosphere. Situated in Bangli Regency, you could reach the village through 45 kilometers distance from Denpasar City. Lots of local and foreign tourist dream and love visiting Bali due to the various tourism places.

The thing that become the magnet of this Dewata Island is the pure nature. Many of them dream about having fun in nature just to release the stress from a city life. Bali is very well renowned with its exotic beach like Sanur Beach, Kuta Beach and Jimbaran Beach just to see the sunset, surfing, or exposing to sun.

Out of those pretty beaches, you must see the Pengelipuran village in Bali. It belongs to one of the top three cleanest villages in the world together with Giethoorn in Netherland and Mawlynnong in India. It offers you the local wisdom which is still respected and practiced today.

Let the nature calm down your mind with the beautiful landscape and cleanliness and freshness of this village. This nature will present the authentic beauty of rice paddy view, the well-kept village and garden in the hilly countryside. This traditional village has its own characteristics to attract the visitor.

Find your precious moment in Bali Pengelipuran village that will offer you the real traditional way of life such as the ceremony, the custom, etc.

The traditional house.

You may say that this traditional village is unaltered with modernization era. When you first enter the village you will see rows of charming Balinese traditional houses which is neatly organized with the lined penjors hung in each of the house.

The houses are constructed with traditional architecture. Almost everything is made of plant such as bamboo roof shingle. All of the house style is alike with the gate and dog of Kintamani race. There will always be a small pura in every house for worshipping. There is also

Balinese Religious festivities.

The best to visit Pengelipuran Village is when around Galungan religious festivities. At this time you will see the and Balinese traditional dress worn by the young girls. You will also find specific Balinese decoration that is only available in this festival.

Traditional Balinese Custom And culture.

Here, you will see the real Bali directly. Pengelipuran Village comes from the word “Pangeling Pura” means the reminder to Pura. Pura is the holy place to recall the ancestors. It is one of village in Bali which still hold Balinese custom and culture.
The citizen’s daily life still keep the tradition and the other local wisdom. You will see all of the housewives collect and sort the trash. The environmental concern is taught since in the early childhood. This is one of the reason why Pengelipuran Village has friendly environment.

Located in the 700 meters high above the see level, this Pengelipuran Village allows you to whiff the fresh air along with the fresh garden. It becomes the favorite tourist destination since there is no motorcycle allowed through the road.

The visitors are also not allowed throwing trash carelessly. Besides, the friendly inhabitant will make you feel more comfortable staying in the Pengelipuran Village. Along with the name, “Pengelipur” means enternainer, you will be amused with beauty of picturesque landscape.