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Holiday With Son And Daugther To Bali Zoo.

Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo is one of the tourist place in Bali. This is the place which content some animals. Not only the honest animal but the wild animal is in here. You can see the rabbit, deer, horse, elephant and the other animal. One of the favorite destinations for the tourist is in here, Some of the tourists when enjoying the holiday with their family go here. Did you know why almost tourist will go here? Yes, the reasons is in this place you will find other playground to your son or your daughter. They will very happy because can enjoy their holiday with play in playground. But playground in Bali Zoo different from another place.

5 Playgrounds In Bali Zoo For Children

Parents will give their children everything they can give. Give the holiday to their children is one of the must something do by parents. Holiday is the waiting moment to children because the children can play all of the time. They take of their sadness to be happiness in the moment of the holiday. This moment always waiting for the children around the world. Children will choose the place which has some playgrounds. This is some playgrounds in there:

1. Petting Zoo

Petting zoo is one of the playground which have in here. There open at 10.00 AM until 17.00 PM. No extra fee to inside the petting zoo. This is include the ticket in front of the zoo. Some people enjoy the petting zoo to make their children happy. Children when give some meals to animals feel happy and not afraid. They think that it is a new adventure in the zoo.

2. Animal Encounter

Animal encounter is the place which use by some tourist to catch some photos with the animal. Some animals like a deer, lion, tiger, birds and the other animal can take photos with the children. Don’t worry in animal encounter you will safety because of the safety worker in there. You and your children will get some photos with protected animal in there too.

3. Miniapolis Jungle Waterplay

Children very happy if they can play water in all the place. In this place your children can play water until they feel bored. Miniapolis jungle waterplay will open at 10.00 AM until 5.00 PM. No extra fee to play in this playground. Your ticket include this playground. Waterplay is the most favourite playground for children. They will forget the time if the play with water in this playground. The facilities of the playground are Cabana, Changes room, locker and cafe. You and your family can enjoy the holiday when you choose to visit this place.

4. Ride On Pony Horse

Pony horse is one of the popular animals in the kids cartoon. Children always remember that the horse who ride on by the prince or the princess is Pony Horse. They always has some enthusiasm when listen about Pony Horse. So it is not a surprise that children look so attractive when play with the Pony Horse. This animal always make the children like a prince or princess in that time. Playground of the Pony Horse open at 10.00 AM-4.00 PM. For one children the parents must pay Rp. 35.000 if they want to ride on the Pony Horse.

5. Bird Show

The last playground is the bird show. Children will like to listen some bird when they produce a sound. Special bird will always produce the beautiful song along the bird show. Their sound will make the children be quiet because of their sound. They will enjoy the situation when the bird show their voice to the tourist.

Enjoy the holiday with family in the Bali Zoo is the best choice. This tourist place gives some beautiful view to the tourist. Not only the animals, but they have some playgrounds for your child. Children will very enjoy their holiday in this place. Let’s go to this place with your family and enjoy the trip!

The Interesting Point Of Bakas Rafting Interest Tourist To Come Here

Bakas Rafting

Bali is one of the destination tour of the domestic tourist and the foreign tourist. Not only the beach which interest some tourist. The other tourist place interest some tourist too. Bakas Rafting is the rafting area in Bali with some interesting point. Some tourist come here because the interesting point of this rafting area. Well, if you one of the people who enjoy the rafting as a watersport you will come here. This area has some interesting point which interest the people who enjoy the rafting watersport. If you want to know this reason you must go to this area, if you not go you will feel regret.

This rafting area is one of the rafting in Bali. They have some interesting point which interest some tourist to go here. You know what the interesting point? This is the interesting for this rafting area:

1. Narrow Area

This rafting area is narrow area which using by some tourist to do the watersport. Watersport area with narrow area will make some tourist interesting. If the area is wide the some tourist will not feel afraid because is not attractive. Narrow area is one of the reason why some tourist go to there to do the watersport. In the rafting area you will feel some different sensation because of the narrow area. People who enjoy the watersport will choose the rafting area for their new experience in watersports.

2. Big Rocks

Other interesting point of this rafting area is bog rocks. Big rocks in this area stand in the left and right the passengers. It is like the mountain in the left and right the rafting area. Some tourist which walk in the area will enjoy the view of the big rocks too. Not only give the beautiful view in the area but the big rocks is one of the interesting point. The big rocks in the area is different than big rocks in the other rafting area. Bali always have some surprise to the other people which holiday in here.

3. Descendent Area

Different of this rafting area than other rafting area is the descendent area. This rafting area have some descendant more than usually area. Usually area has few descendent than this area. For the descendant some tourist very interesting because of the descendent make they feel different sensation. Many descendent make some tourist afraid but happy when they walk in this area with the boat. Their boat will bring by some descendent to other descendent with different sensation.

4. Long Area

Bakas Rafting rafting area has the long area to enjoy the rafting. Long area is one of the interesting point of this area. Some tourist like the rafting area with the long area rafting. They can enjoy the rafting area as long as the area. During the trip with boat the tourist will feel some different sensation for this long trip. But the amazing trip will feel quickly when the tourist enjoy the trip. Trip in the rafting area although has long area but still feel quickly if the tourist enjoy the trip.

5. Beautiful View Around The Rafting Area

The last interesting point of Bakas Rafting is the beautiful view around the rafting area. When you enjoy the trip by the boat you can see some the beautiful view. You will feel some refreshing point in this situation. Your brain must refreshed by the holiday activity in this rafting area. If you cannot get some refreshing point you will feel regret. Because Bali always give some interesting point and the refreshing point in their tourist place.

Bakas Rafting will make your holiday not forget in your memory. They will feel some different sensation like refreshing when enjoying the trip. The rafting trip in Bali always gives some interesting point for some people. Not only do you the domestic tourist but for the foreign tourist too. This rafting area always gives the best service for all tourist.

The Advantages Rafting To Telaga Waja Rafting Than Other Rafting Area

Telaga Waja Rafting

Telaga Waja Rafting is one of the watersport places in Bali. Some tourist comes to this lace because of the rafting. In special holiday you can get some special promo to do the rafting. Rafting in this area can enjoy by the tourist in some level age. From the kids in seven years old until the teenagers. This watersport is suitable for you. If you like explore some terrible place you can joint to this watersport. Your holiday will very interesting in Bali. You will miss the Bali so much after you try the rafting.

Some people like the watersport than the other sport. Watersport is one of the choice of some tourist because of the interesting point. Not only the interesting point but some advantages play watersport in Telaga Waja Rafting are:

1. Many Operators Rafting

This place is one of the rafting area favorite in Bali. You can find more than 3 operators the rafting in here. Because of the beautiful of this rafting area you can choose one of them. All operators always give some special offers to passengers. Although this area has some operators rafting but all of them always become friend. They have the positive item than the other. So they can interest some tourist with their each way.

2. Beautiful View

It is not only the rafting area, but in their around rafting area you can see the beautiful view. Rice field and some another green view will make the passengers happy. This beautiful view is a natural view and not make by some people. Because of this view the passenger like to come and enjoy the rafting in here. They will do their holiday with their family enjoy the beautiful view of this rafting area and the beautiful view.

3. Hard Rocks

Rafting area is identic with some hard rocks. Hard rocks give some attractive point in watersport of rafting. Watersport like rafting always become some people feel afraid and happy. They feel afraid happen something in their trip, but the hard rocks make the trip so terrible. In this rafting are hard rocks shape different and the other rafting area. You will feel some different trip if you try to do the rafting in this area.

4. The Different Flow

Flow of the rafting area must different to the other place. In this place you can feel some different flow. When your boat start to operate you will feel that your boat bring by the flow. You just silent and enjoy the flow will bring you wherever. The hard rocks will bring you to some place with the hard rocks too. Your boat walk around the hard rocks with some different sensation for each trip. Enjoy the trip and you can refresh your brain with this watersport.

5. Safety First To Passengers

The passengers come to the place because they interesting for the beautiful rafting area. But the other reason is about safety for the passengers. In this area all operators save the safety of the passengers in first priority. Because of their first priority the passengers choose this area to rafting. Safety is the first reason why some passengers come here. Watersport is one of the sport which include the dangerous in there, so passengers will think about the safety first.

Telaga Waja Rafting is one of the rafting areas in Bali which makes some tourist interesting with their place. Not only because the rafting area but the beautiful view in this area is interesting to the passengers too. You and your family can spend your holiday in here with the different feeling. Your child with some level age can you give this watersport. Slow but sure, because the rafting area always gives the first priority about their safety. So you don’t worry about your child because the operators rafting will save your child when they do the watersport. Let’s go to the rafting area and feel the different sensation for your holiday!

Knit Your Special Moment By Doing Ayung River Rafting

Ayung River Rafting

Who does like rafting? Rafting as one of the extreme sports are very familiar for the people who are very interested in sports. When visiting Bali, do not forget to try one of the epic places there. Are you curious about it? Yes, it is about Ayung River Rafting. Want to know more? Just follow the details below.

Why Ayung River Rafting?

Bali is well-known for its beaches. However, this is the other sort of interests in Bali. It is Ayung River. From Sanur, Ayung River lies between 62.5 kilometers. That is why Ayung River is called as the longest River in Bali. Besides, there are some grades which are designed from the very beginning to the very professional level. There are grade 1-3. It is useful for everyone to map their capabilities and match the grade they want to enjoy.

How To Reach There?

From the Ngurah Rai Airport, people need about one hour to get there. People will pas Ubud, Kuta, and then Sanur which is also the tourist destinations. Near Sanur, you can see the Ayung River in Payangan village, Ubud, Bali. Payangan village is located near the many rivers there, so you can easily notice Ayung. You could go there by both motorcycles or walk because the area is narrow. The stones are also slippery so make sure you could keep your body balance.

How Much Is It?

Basically, the price depends on the age range. For children, it can be about Rp. 350.000,00 and for adult, it is about Rp. 530.000,00. But do not worry, because, by that price, you are given some equipment supporting your rafting like the jacket, boats, helmets and many more.

What Is The Mechanism In Doing Ayung River Rafting?

To start the rafting, people are divided into groups and each group is about four to six people with one instructor. The instructor will explain you about how to do well rafting. He also will accompany you and responsible you’re your safety too. However, if the children are afraid and still lack of experience, they can be accompanied by their parents. The track they should pass is about 12 kilometers in 2 hours. During the rafting, people can take a photo with the carving stone as the background along the river. The carving stones are made by people there. Wow, such a well handmade arts, right?

What Are The Facilities Served In Ayung River Rafting?

After you did the rafting, you are facilitated with some facilities here. The facilities will make you easy to enjoy the rafting to the most.


To use the toilets, it is free. The toilets are adequate to use by lots of people. So don’t worry and use the facility. The toilets are also well cleaned. There are soaps, shampoo and also showers there. So you can take a bath and relax.

Change Rooms

Change Rooms are apart from the toilets, because they are designed to just for change the clothes so that the ones using the toilets are not disturbed. The change rooms are also served in large amount so that you can change your clothes without waiting for the other people inside.


After rafting, people must have been wet. Thus, the towels will be helpful to dry the body so that people could not have any fever easily. The towels are clean and high quality.

Rest Rooms

Restrooms are designed for the visitors to take a rest for a while and enjoy the scenery of the river. The restrooms can be for group or individual. You can decide it yourself.


While waiting for the time to come home, you can end it by having lunch with your family or friends. Then when you come home, you are not tired again and full of energy as when you visit the place. What a wonderful story to share.

Welcome To The Epic Heritage Site In Bali, Kertagosa


Bali lovers, how have you been? Do you want to spend your holiday in Bali again? Do not be afraid. Bali will always offer the enchanting places to visit. The one you should try is Kertagosa. Kertagosa is the historical building in Bali. It is different from the other provinces in Indonesia. It is built for a long time ago and known for its uniqueness. Are you curious about it? Here is some information you can read.

What Is The History Behind The Place?

Bali as the cultural region in Indonesia has lots of histories. One of them is the history of Kertagosa. The name itself is actually taken from the word Gosita meaning announced or built. Basically, it is about the Klungkung Kingdom. Ida I Dewa Agung Jambe is the ruler governed the Semarapura Klungkung Palace. However, it has been restored for many times as the heritage site in Indonesia. It is like a ‘bale’ the place to gather around and accept the justice from the king. This site is found in about 18th century. But then, when the Dutch company arrived in Indonesia, it is taken by the Dutch government. Then the rules made is also changed following the Dutch’s. The building is used to announce and persecute the criminals.

Where Is It Located?

Kertagosa is located in Semarapura town. People need about 40 kilometers from the east of the downtown. It can actually be found in Puputan street near Klungkung. The location is actually in the east part of Klungkung. You can also find it on the Google Maps to make it easier.

How About The Fee To Enter?

To enjoy the historical architecture here, people are asked for about Rp. 12.000,00 to enter. It is included in the ‘sarung’ and ‘selendang’ like clothes to enter the building. Every person should use them because it belongs to the everlasting tradition there.

How To Get There?

From the headquarter of Bali, Denpasar, people can across Puputan street. After that, follow the Prof Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra street towards the east direction. You can go by your own motorcycle or you can go by ‘ojek’ around the place. It is cheap enough actually than you should ride your own yourself. However, it’s up to you just enjoy the place and ask some people around if you doubt about something.

What Are The Uniqueness Of Kertagosa?

As the other historical buildings, it has many things that can attract the people to see it. Here are some of them.

The Paintings

The paintings or the reliefs in the walls come from the story of Wayang. Basically, as the history of the building itself, it tells the visitor about rewards and punishment. The punishment when they do crime or violate the government rules. However, the reward will be given to whom did the deed and obey the government rules.

The Roof

From the very front of the building, people can see the paintings on the roof. It is different from the paintings in the walls. The difference is that besides telling about reward and punishment, they tell people about the reincarnation of the people who should redeem their sins so that they can be the good people in the life after death.

The Service

People will be served by the professional guides and the friendly ones. They will guide you and tell you about the history, the structure and the function of the building. You can ask them everything and get lots of knowledge about the place more of course.

The Structure Of The Building

Basically, the building has three main parts. They are Medal Agung building, Bale Kambang, and Bale Kertagosa. Medal Agung is the main gate of the Klungkung kingdom in the past. While Bale Kambang is surrounded by some pools called Taman Gili. And the last is Bale Kertagosa is the place to discuss the policy in the kingdom about its wealth, safety and also the place for persecution.


In the museum, you can find historical arts like crafts. There are also some documentations about the Klungkung king and kingdom.

5 Things You Can Do At Sribatu Spice Garden And How To Get There

 Sribatu Spice Garden

No wonder if you can enjoy many exotic beaches in Bali. But don’t you know that Bali also has its amazing mountain view? And the most important thing, there are also some amazing tourist attractions around the Batur Mountain. Batur Mountain is a place in the high altitude around Batur volcano with an amazing view of lake and mountain. One of the interesting places for your peaceful and relaxing holiday in Bali is Sribatu Spice Garden.

How To Get Sribatu Spice Garden

The spice garden is located at Sribatu village, about 40 km from Denpasar. Sribatu is a village in Gianyar Regency which strategically located between Ubud to Kintamani. To get there, you can book some personal guide which will accompany you to Sribatu and the other nearby places. There are many tour agencies provide the tour package to this place. Sribatu village is worth a visit during your holiday in Bali.

Activities At Sribatu Spice Garden

By visiting Sribatu village and its amazing spice garden, you can do many things for your refreshment. Here are some activities you can do at this place. The place will give you the refreshment from your hectic routine. So, don’t miss any chance to try these activities.

1. Learning About Spices

As mentioned before, Sribatu has an amazing spice garden including the spices commonly used in Bali and Indonesia. The spice garden will amaze you with numbers of eastern spice plants. Some of you might not know how the cinnamon processed, how the black pepper plant looks like, and the other question about spices. In this place, you will get the answer to those questions.

Not only walking around the spice garden, the visit to Sribatu will give you the experience of learning about spices. You can find cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, ginger, and the other spices you usually use for your cooking and medicinal property. You will also get the chance to bring the precious spices back home by purchasing them.

2. Tasting Coffee

Have you heard about Luwak Coffee? Well, Luwak Coffee might be the most expensive and unique coffee in the world. Luwak coffee genuinely comes from Indonesia, and also available at Sribatu village. It’s not about the new or rare species of coffee. What makes Luwak Coffee special is the processing method.

Luwak Coffee used the coffee beans (either Robusta or Arabica) which have been eaten by Luwak or the Indonesian Civet. The coffee beans then passed through the digestive tract and create such amazing fermented coffee. For some of you, it might be gross. But you might never be able to deny the premium taste and inviting aroma of the Luwak coffee when it is served.

3. Fruits Harvesting

Not only spices, this garden also provides you with fruit plants. Some tropical fruits grow very well in this place. You can find some fruit plants such as banana, papaya, and cocoa. Balinese cocoa is known to have a premium taste. Not limited to enjoy the view of the garden, we can also have the experience of harvesting the fruits.

4. Sight-seeing

Mountain view always be so inviting to enjoy. Added with the fresh air and friendly local people, you would not hesitate to go around Sribatu village and its spice garden. You can enjoy the view while riding the available bicycle or ATV bike. Want a more extreme experience? You can try white water rafting available within the area.

5. Enjoying Indonesian Foods

Don’t forget to try the exotic Indonesian taste by having some food from the restaurant around Sribatu Spice Garden. The restaurant provides you with various Indonesian foods you can enjoy with your friends or family. This experience would be precious as you can enjoy Indonesian foods seasoned with the traditional spices picked from the spice garden.

Those are the activities you can do at Spice Garden of Sribatu and the recommendation about how to get there. Have a nice refreshing holiday at Sribatu Village and don’t forget to visit the nearby places.

Let_s Be Fire With Fire Dance In Bali

Fire Dance

Fire Dance? What do you think about that? In Bali, it is called as Kecak Dance. Taken from the story of Ramayana, this dance has attracted people to come and see. As the traditional dance in Bali, this dance is highly appreciated and developed time by time. The Fire Dance is usually performed for entertaining the local people but also to welcome the foreigners or nominated as one of the traditional dances to represent Indonesia in the global cultural festival. For more details, let’s get closer to the discussion below.

Why Fire Dance?

Why fire? It is because, during the performance, the performers are surrounded by the fire. The only light is the fire itself. It is used to create a magical atmosphere around. It is usually performed by a lot of performers. The fire dance is performed at dusk or night, it is rare to perform it at the day.

What Is It?

The dance is taken from the synopsis of the story in Ramayana with its main actors such as Rama, Sita, Laksamana, and Rahwana. It tells about the Alengka Kingdom. One day, Rama, Sita, and Laksamana went to the jungle. There, they meet a deer. The deer is actually the reincarnation of Rahwana. Rahwana then kidnapped Sita when Rama and Laksamana ran after the deer. After arrived in Alengka, a place where Rahwana became the king, Hanoman came and tried to seize Sita. However, Rama saved her. That is why Bali is culturally shaped with the myth and folklore in Indonesia.

Why Seeing It?

People are historically related to the myth in their life. It is because the myth is something bigger than life. It is beyond. By seeing this dance, people can understand the local wisdom especially in Bali and do reflection on their life. The story of Ramayana can also be seen in the form of wayang. However, by using the fire dance, it is more attractive so that it is like you are involved in the story and can express you feeling. Another reason is because hearing the dalang to tell you about the story, sometimes it is boring, right? However, by watching the dance you might not be sleepy and still enjoy the performance.

How Much Is It?

There is no free lunch in this today world, right? So does this dance performance. To enter the stage, people should pay about Rp. 75.000,00. It is the appropriate price to see the great performance like that.

What Are The Attractiveness?

Here are some reasons, why the dance is welcomed and appreciated by lots of people.

1. The Performers

The performers include many people for about 75 male people. The compositions of the performers will make the dance fire and fire.

2. The Attributes

The attributes used are made by the people there. They are like ‘jarik’ in their body and ‘blangkon’ in their had. The attributes make the dance smoldering and more epic.

3. The ‘Cak-Cak’ Sound

Fire Dance is performed and called as Kecak Dance because they are performed together. The ‘cak-cak’ sound is voiced by the performers during the dance. It is used to create the more magical atmosphere as calling the ‘roh’ to come. Thus, it makes them as possessed by the ‘roh’. But then, the handler or the chief will splashes some water, so that they can be conscious again. That is why the dance name comes from.

4. The Beat And Rhythm

The beat and rhythm are usually fast. But then in some parts, it will be more slowly. The playing of those is to follow the ‘kidung’ or such a ‘pray’ that is dedicated to the dance.

5. The Sharp Eyes

Be careful to the eyes. Because the eyes will be wider and wider so that be ready for that and make sure you do not have a heartache.

5 Unique Uniqueness of Barong Dance

Barong Dance

Indonesia has a lot of art and culture. In every region, definitely have unique art and culture, as well as different customs. Starting from traditional ceremonies, traditional clothing, custom homes, crafts, and others. One of popular art is traditional dance. Because at every point in Indonesia has a traditional dance that reflects the uniqueness of a region. For example is the island of Bali. This thousand unique island holds a thousand distinctive arts. The thing that most inherent in the people of Indonesia when hearing traditional Balinese dance is definitely Barong dance.

1. The One and Only in Bali

The island of Bali is not only famous because of beaches, but also Art and culture. One of the arts and cultures that are often found by domestic and foreign tourists is Barong dance. You will not find this dance except in Bali. Almost all tourists who come to Bali feel incomplete if not watching Barong dance performance.

Barong Dance can be seen in several places in Gianyar regency, Bali, among them in Pura Dalem Ubud which usually started staged at 19.30 WITA, and in some art studio in Batubulan village which was staged at 09.30 WITA.To watch the performing arts, tourists can go to Batubulan Village through Denpasar City, the Capital of Bali Province. From Denpasar City, Batubulan is about 10 km or takes about 15 minutes using public transportation. Meanwhile, if tourists start the journey from Kuta Beach or Nusa Dua area, it takes + 45 minutes.

2. Unique Properties and Costumes

The uniqueness of Barong Bali Dance is a dance show that uses a unique property that is a mythological creature named Barong. Barong is supervised by two male dancers who became head and tail. Legendary component lies in the wellspring of the story from the pre-Hindu convention of trusting the Barong as a fanciful creature that secures the great.The mythological element also appears in the manufacture of Barong costumes whose basic materials are obtained from wood in places considered to be haunted, such as graves.

Not only that, but also costumes or clothing from Barong Dance describes a blend of lion, tiger and cow form. In the body is decorated by typical feathers and ornaments of leather. In addition, costumes from barong should not be treated haphazardly because there is already a special ceremony for it. Usually after the barong performances will be interspersed with kris dance. This dance looks a bit extreme because the dancers pierced the kris into their own bodies.

3. Interesting and Fascinating Movements

Barong Dance movement is very interesting with the facial expression is very distinctive and mystical nuance is the uniqueness of Barong Dance. Besides, with the background and the typical Balinese stage decoration adds to its uniqueness. Barong Bali dance also has its own special features such as a magical aura and mythological elements are so attached. Coupled with comedic elements that add to the privilege of barong dance. The comedic element itself is inserted by companion figures such as the ape showing certain movements that make the audience laugh.

4. Mystical Nuance

The gamelan music that begins the show, adds to the mystical nuances of dance. With the musical accompaniment, Barong began to shake his body and wiggle his head. It is very cute and funny. So it attracts the attention of the audience.

5. Barong Dance Contain a story

The uniqueness of Balinese dance is always contain a story. Barong Dance tells the battle between virtue and evil with a barong as a symbol of virtue. The struggle is eternal, as our life today and inseparable in this world, as Balinese people believe in the existence of Rwa Bhineda a concept of difference that balances nature, such as there is good and bad, there is evil and also good.

That is the five unique Barong Bali dance that always amazes tourists, both foreign and local. You can watch this dance at some point on the island of Bali. If you watch it, do not forget to always capture your moment.

Jembong Waterfall, Ambengan, The Waterfall In The Middle Of Cacao Plantation

Jembong Waterfall

Bali has many great destinations for tourists. You can find beautiful beaches, lakes, and waterfalls in here. The one of the region that has the great destination in Bali is Buleleng. Buleleng is a regency that has a good view and many beautiful objects. There is a beautiful waterfall in Ambengan village, Buleleng. Balinese call it Jembong Waterfall. Jembong waterfall, Ambengan village’s treasure because it is very beautiful. Actually, this waterfall is still natural and quiet place.

If you want to enjoy this waterfall, you must make some preparation. Because of the location in the middle of cacao plantation and tropical forest. You must pay IDR 5000 for fee contribution. In this place, there are some public facilities such as toilet for the visitors. You can enjoy this place with your friends. It is a good idea to swim together under the waterfall. There are some reasons, why you must visit Jembong waterfall, Ambengan.

The Reasons To Visit Jembong Waterfall, Ambengan

You have some reasons to visit this exotic waterfall. It is caused you will get many unique in this place. You will get the amazing experience when explore this place. These the reasons, why you must visit Jembong waterfall :

1. Still Natural And Quiet

As we know that many people come to Bali with purpose to enjoy the beaches. There are so many tourists in the beaches. They are rare to visit waterfall in Bali. It is caused the Jembong waterfall is quiet place and still natural. You can hear many wild birds and see beautiful scenery. The location of this place is on the hill.

2. Cheap Enough For You

If you looking for a best place with low price, this waterfall is recommended for you. You just need pay IDR 5000. It is cheap enough for you especially for local tourist. The contribution fee will used to recover the facilities in this place. You can enjoy the scenery, swim, take a picture and see many wild birds.

3. Has A Unique Pool

In this area there is a unique pool. Why it is unique? Because, the pool has a shape likes a heart or love. The local people call it as “Kolam Selfie”. It is a good place to take a picture in this pool. So, do not forget to bring your camera when you visit Jembong waterfall, Ambengan. The pool is small enough. Do not worry you can swim under the waterfall.

4. In The Middle Cacao Plantation

When you visit this great place, you will know that the waterfall located in the middle of cacao plantation. You can have easy trekking in green forest. Through the cacao plantation, you will walk in the small street. Be careful because the street is slippery enough. There are many big stones in the route.

5. There Is A Small Bridge

You can find small bridge in this location. The bridge is a good place to enjoy the scenery. Many people take pictures in this bridge. The bridge is unique enough. It will give you a unique view. You must walk on the bridge to arrive in the waterfall. Do not worry caused the bridge is safe enough for visitors.

6. Nearby Beautiful Rice Field

Buleleng is popular with beautiful rice field. You can see the beautiful rice field when you visit the Jembong waterfall. There are many farmers that you can find in here. They are friendly enough with all tourists. You can ask them about the waterfall with them. The local farmers plant the rice in a terrace. The field has a good formation.

Now you must make some preparation to make a great holiday in Jembong waterfall, Ambengan. You can enjoy a unique waterfall in Bali. It means you have another destination except for a beach. Have a nice holiday in Jembong waterfall.

Tamblingan Lake, An Exotic Lake In Buleleng Bali

Tamblingan Lake

Bali is a special place for local and foreign tourists. You can find many tourist destinations in Bali such as the beach, waterfall, and lake. One of the lake in Bali is Tamblingan lake. This lake is located in Munduk village at Buleleng of regency. This Lake is near Buyan Lake and Beratan Lake. The government keeps the environment around this lake from pollution. This lake is made natural destination without any modern items. Continue reading