Badung Market as Most Famous and Biggest Traditional Market in Bali

Badung MarketIndonesia is one of the famous countries that provide so many interesting tourism places including traditional Badung Market which located in Bali. If you plan to go on vacation in the near future and are looking for tourism destination that provides amazing traditional Balinese’s stuffs, then Badung Market is a great reference to go.

Different with other ordinary traditional markets, this market is so big even categorized as the biggest traditional market ever in Bali. Any original and traditional unique products as the origin of Bali are available in the varied options so going shopping there will not feel boring at all. it becomes one of the reasons why this market becomes so popular among tourists who visit Bali.

Let’s getting known more detail about Badung Market then you will get clearly description of its interesting as a place you must visit during spending your vacation in Bali.

Reasons Why Badung Market Becomes so Famous

The countless people worldwide love shopping. No wonder if shopping always be one of the top activities to be listed during the vacation. Shopping unique and original products from the place where you go on a vacation always be interesting one to do. Among many of Bali’s Markets, Badung Market could be said as the most top one because people could find anything they want completely.

This market actually is known as Kumbarasari by local people here. It is always crowded everyday and never even one single day this market looks empty. Not only tourists, Local Balinese people also come here to buy anything for their daily needs.

Here they are the points that makes this traditional market becomes the favorite spot for them to shop here:
1. Affordable and cheap price
The affordable and cheap price of all the available products here offered to the customers who come. No wonder even there are many shopping center malls available in Bali, this traditional market is never getting forgotten to visit.

2. Traditional of Balinese’s origin products are available completely
If you want to buy such original Balinese souvenirs for your families, friends, or relatives to be given to them after going back of your vacation in Bali, Badung Market will provide you anything you need perfectly.

Even there are many choices of Balinese homemade souvenirs available here in good quality but offered just in affordable price. And, of course homemade products always be precious and unique, right?

3. Strategic location
This biggest traditional market is located near the heart of the city, so reaching this place during your vacation is really easy to do. The accommodation to go there for people who do not use their private vehicle is also so simple, so no worries about public accommodation at all.

4. Great service to carry your shopping belongings
Are you shopping too much there? Do you feel troublesome to take and carry your shopping goods? No need to worry about such thing. At Badung Market, you only need to pay cheap price to get service of someone that will carry your belongings while shopping there. It will only cost you around IDR 5,000 up to 20,000 to get the shopping carrying service which depends on how many goods you ask them to carry on.