32 Best Bali Adventure Tours

bali adventure tour rafting at telaga waja

Bali adventure tours is most favorite tour packages in Bali Island. there are various adventure to choose. we make a review of 33 best bali adventure tours in Bali. Bali is a small Island with  beautiful black and white sandy beach, mountain, fresh river and green nature. that all made Bali is a perfect place for adventure tours.

It is easy to find adventure tours in bali, most of them provide the same kind of adventure tours. but before  booking for bali adventure tour. it will be better to read our review bellow.

32 Best Bali Adventure Tours Review.


  1. Elephant ride

    Bali elephant rideIf you have an holidays in bali with families, this adventure tour is recomended. all family can enjoy sitting on sumatra elephant that walk slowly arround the country side, crossing the river and passing green forest. Price start from USD 180 for family. or USD 60 for adult.  child and infant usualy get a sepecial low price.  here is detail price of bali elephant tour

  2. White water rafting

    Ayung river raftingRiver in Bali is the best place to try white water rafting. with small river with a strong current, plus fresh green nature made it perfect place for white water rafting. Although this adventure tours is companied by experience guide, but it not suggest to bring a baby. it will be better if we do white water rafting with friends more that four people. Price start from USD 33 for adult and USD 30 for child. “Tips: don’t forget to bring camera because along the river there is amazing view see. ” . click here for Bali white water rafting price ( ayung river and telaga waja river

  3. Mountain Cycling

    bali cyclingThis is healty and fun adventure tour to try while your holiday in Bali. while ride a bike we can see beatuful nature view, rice terrace, country side It will need aproximitialy 2 and half hours. we can try cyling to ubud or mount batur. both of adventure give amazing bali tour experience. Price start from USD 42 for adult.

  4. Night Safari

    night safariIt is a modification of Bali elephant Ride. where the original, we ride a elephant in the morning, this adventure tour give different experience of elephant ride. See the bright star while sitting on elephant. it also include dinner and elephant show. if you want unusualy adventure tours, you should try this. Price start from USD 109 for adult.

  5. Country Side Trekking

    Country Side TrekkingTry this adventure tours and get an experience walking through country side. see green rice terrace field. passing forest and more interesting to see. It combine with elepahant ride, so we can recomended for price right now.

  6. River kayaking

    river kayakingAnother combination of white water rafting is river kayaking. while rafting use large size of boat, kayaking use small boat that fit max 2 person. Price start from USD 58 for adult and USD 45 for child

  7. Horse Ridding

    bali horse ridingRide horse through black sandy beach is another interesting adventure to try. it give a romantic experience for honeymoon couple. fresh air, see local people in their daily. nusa penida and mount agung view is what you will get in this bali adventure. Price start from USD 62 for adult and USD 42 for child.

  8. Buggy Riding

    buggy rideBuggy is small four whele vehicle. it can be drive with two person. buggy riding give an off road experience.spectacular view of green rice field as well as massive array of cocoa plantation, crisscrossed here and there by ever-flowing river. Additional challenge even for the braves. The two hours tour also includes a ride to a village compound inside verdant rice fields where uniquely no road access is ever built to the outer world. Price start from USD 88

  9. Surf Lesson

    surf lessonBali is well known for surf destination. eventough we can’t. but if we want to try this sport adventure there is a adventure tours packages to help us. Price start from USD 45

  10. Odyssey Voyage Of Fantasy

    Odyssey Voyage Of FantasyThis adventure tours offer dive experience with Odyssey Submarine. we can see lot of beautiful fish directly in their habitat. See the butterfly, parrot, unicorn & sergeant major fish and many other brightly colored fish as well as the unusually beautiful flora and delicate corals. Price start from USD 86 for adult and USD 58 for child.

  11. Bali Underwater Scooter

    underwater scoterSee the coral reef fish by drive a underwater scoter. No special skills and equipment are. Needed to control it, and it is very easy to use. Oxygen is injected straight into the helmet, so you can breathe as if you are on the surface. Electric engines make it possible to Move with an average speed of 7 km/h any direction Price start from USD 70 for adult and USD 59 for child

  12. Waka Land Cruise

    waka land cruiseExplorer Bali Island by Land Rover. Visit a traditional farmhouse, ancient quarry, hot mineral spring, Relax in our bamboo restaurant, Enjoy our Balinese lunch prepared with ingredients from the island,Taste the Bali Mountain Coffee. Price start from USD 110 for adult and USD 100 for child.

  13. Paint Ball

    paint ballPlay game like an army. invite your friends and play the game. this adventure tour take place at taro village.in green and beautiful 1, 5 hectares field. Price USD 60 for adult.

  14. Water Sport

    water sportWater sport is the most favorite adventure tour in Bali. in Tanjung Benoa there is a lot of kind water sport is offers. Jet sky, banana boat, Parasailing, Snorkling, Diving, Glass bottom boat, fly fish and more water sport to try. Price start from USD 35. here is bali water sports price list.

  15. Mount Batur Volcano Climbing

    mount batur trekkingClimb to top mount Batur and see a spectacular sun rise. we need to start early morning to get this adventure tour. It include light breakfast at top of mount Batur. it usualy include with 2 hours Bali Spa. Price start from USD 90

  16. VW Ridding

    VW safariYour unforgettable experience begins here, Travel by legendary VW safari on tiny country roads and tracks, through terrace rice fields, visit Balinese house compound and make a close contact with the students in their class room followed by Riding a traditional transportation (Becak ride), and discover the real Balinese daily routine including farming activities and Arak (traditional wine) making process We will cross a beautiful view of the volcanic Bratan Lake on the fresh cool water by using catamaran wooden canoe. Paddle slowly on the emerald green water lake of the tropical rain forest. Jatiluwih- Home to the world’s most stunning vistas of terraced-paddies is our last stop. Price start from USD 75

  17. Bali Countryside Adventure

    country side adventureExplorer real balinese lifestyle. visit rice field, visiting school, becak ride, try farming activities like plowing the field, planting rice and etc. it is two hours adventure Price start from USD 59 for adult USD 35 for child and USD 155 for family.

  18. Bali Ocean Walker

    bali ocean walkerMeet coral reef fish by walking on ocean bed, feeding the colourful fish. it is very enjoyable adventure tours. try it with families and friends. This adventure tours commonly combine with other activity so Price is depend on each combination. but generaly Price start from USD 65.

  19. Bali Hai Cruises

    bali hai cruiseThis adventure tours will take you to Lembongan Island. it is a beauty small Island at southern Bali. we can enjoy unlimited banana boat and snorkling. Lembongan Island is famous with best snorkling destination. it offer variety of coral reef fish. and colorful coral reef. Price start from USD 48 for adult, USD 25 for child and USD 140 for family

  20. Bali Safari & Marine Park

    bali safari and marine parkWild Adventure tours, it is an experience offer by bali safari and marine park. is has a lot colection of wild animal. uniqely all the animal place designed similar as their habitat. a visitor take by bus into the jungle and see the wild animal. for families there is also waterpark and kid zone . so bali safari and marine park become the best place for your family Price start from USD 45 for adult and USD 35 for child.

  21. Bali Natural Cycling

    nature cyclingRide a bicycle for two and half hours. passing country side, ancient temple, see rice field, rain forest, cocoa and coffee plantation Price start from USD 63 for adult and USD 43 for child.

  22. Balinese Cooking Experience

    cooking experienceClasses offer a fascinating introduction to the exotic ingredients and unique culinary heritage of Bali. Learn how to grind, mix and prepare the abundant herbs and spices which add the unique texture and flavor to Balinese dishes. Cook in a traditional kitchen using unique traditional Balinese utensils. Our local experienced chef is always ready to assist you to explore the real Balinese cuisine Price start from USD 65, USD 28 for child and USD 175 for family.

  23. Night Rafting & Starlight Dinner

    night raftingIt is a mistical adventure tours. go through ayung river at the night with fire lighting. at the end there is a romantic dinner acompanied by traditional dance of joged bungbung. Price start from USD 72.

  24. Dolphin Tour

    bali dolphinFirst we will see wild dolphin in the ocean. we go to the dolphin spot by traditional boat. then we go back to island to go to hotel. at hotel there is trained dolphin. here we can swim with the dolphin. Price start from USD 165

  25. The Quad Bike Adventure

    quad bike adventureTreat and test your courage and adrenaline in the four quad bikes whist enjoying the panorama of the countryside in the village of Taro. Accompanied by a professional local guide and with more than 2, 5 hours on QUAD Bike (the powerful off road machine) you can explore and discover an amazing country side of Taro villages. Price start from USD 78.

  26. Bali Zoo Park

    bali zooThis is another great choice for family adventure tours. to explore the zoo we only need to walk around and see the animal one by one. we have free time to explore all zoo area. various animal avaiable from wild to bird. and at the end of journey we can see wild animal show and also take a picture with wild animal. it amazing adventure for family. Price start from USD 40

  27. Bali Bird park

    bali bird parkIf you like bird, it is the perfect place to visite. all famiy will be very happy to interact with hundred of bird. Don’t forget to take a photo with the bird. Price start from USD 50

  28. Bali ATV Ride

    atv rideThis adventure tours take place at Jatiluwih village which famous with spektacular rice terrace. we can explore rice field area by ride ATV. it is realy chalengeful activity. Price start from USD 80

  29. Bali Fishing

    bali fishingBali Fishing offers anykind of fishing such as casting, trolling, jigging, shore, mangrove and night fishing in Nusa Penida or Nusa Lembongan. This trip tour takes you to the game fishing area around Nusa Penida or Southern part of Bali Island. Within 1 hour, you will troll for big Tuna fish, Blue Marlin, Mackerel and many other species of deepwater game fish. Also we offer bottom fishing where you have a good chance to catch snappers, blue crevally, scribbled filefish and others Price start from USD 433 per boat.

  30. Bali Diving

    bali divingBali is best place for diving fanatic. dive and enjoy Paradise Island Ocean. is operated by experience operator and guide by profesional diving guide. Price start from USD 22.

  31. Bali Camel Safaris

    bali camel rideBali Camel Safaris provide a journey into a traditional historic seaweed farming village with professional camel handlers will guide you through Nusa Dua Beach. Introductions were made as these single-humped Price start from USD 20 for adult and USD 15 for child.

  32. Bali River Tubing

    bali river tubingIt is another variation of white water rafting. it use small boat fit by two person. It feel amazing when floating through pakerisan river. bird singing, fresh air, green nature make this adventure tours excelent. Price start from USD 50 for adult and USD 40 for child.

I hope this will help you to find the perfect adventure in bali island. an adventure tours will be nice if combine with sightseeing bali tour packages.


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