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The following are testimonials from some of our customers.

testimony 9Hi Kadek and Sura back from relaxing Bali to stressful Singapore.
Wana take this opportunity to thank both yourself and Sura again for taking care of our activities. We had great fun. Service was great especially when Sura was able to accommodate to our simple request such as our meals changes. We got to understand Bali better now. We will definitely go back to Bali for our next adventure trip.
Sura, don’t forget us as we will look for you to bring us up to the volcano to cook eggs and watch the sun rise with many more adventure trips to be arranged.
Thanks all for making this trip a memorable one for both me and my girlfriend.
Meanwhile, please enjoy the photos we took with Sura.

Darren and joane

testimony 8I’m good thank you. How about yourself? Indeed I do remember you. We had an amazing day on tour. My friend has the pictures, and she will be uploading them on to facebook as soon as we get back to England. Take careBali Holiday Tour

Hello Kadek.

testimony 7Hello, just wanted to say thanks for organising everything for us this 2 weeks, back in Bali now flying back to Darwin tomorrow, will post up photos and tag you in them, thanks.

Jake & Hayley

testimony 6Hello Kadek! I hope you are doing well. Thanks again for taking care of my family during our Bali holidaySharing a Day 1&2 travel video of the Millanas & Davids’ Bali vacation last October 2013. It was a very memorable holiday because my parents and my brother’s family were with us to appreciate the amazing arts & beautiful landscape of Bali. It was my mom’s birthday too
With Nestor & Narcy Avellana David, Ninno David, Annabelle Camacho David, Nico Millana.


testimony 5Thanks for all and help and showing us around, Ynna and her family arevery happy with your tour and you flexibility to change ittinerary and scedule. We all had fun, Thanks again


testimony 4Nice to hear from you. How’s is our cheerful and beautiful guide Miss Wayang?

Recently our group are busy training & planning for the up coming marathon event in Hat Yai, Thailand on 5th August 2012. We are having a very big group consisting 4 MPV s’. 1 tour bus and a few cars.

When are you and Miss Wayang coming to Malaysia? Do let us know so that we can show you around our hometown.

Attached herewith are some photos from my son’s camera. Hope you like it.

By the way, THANKS for the lovely painting

Hi! Mr Kadek,

testimony 3I had an awesome driver as tour guide, Thank you wayan for the amazing trip. You have all the answers to my questions eventhough they were very annoying. You are the Bali ambassador as you showed us your hospitality.

It was great. It doesn’t matter what trips you guys choose. There are so many packages. The good thing about them is they don’t give you timeline. You stop as long as you want. They still wait. I eat at every stops and they never make noise about it. This is the reason i love Bali.

Every person in Bali is nice. They treat you like you knew each other for a very long time.

Kho Chin Hooi

testimony 2Thanks again for being our tour guide and driver. Thanks for being so patient with us. We had sooo much fun! Bali is an incredible city. More than the sights, art and food, it’s really the people, like you that makes Bali amazing.

vall calma

testimony 1Thanks again Tila! Tiramakasi!thanks for bringing us around. With the best tour guide in Bali, Tila Tour Hope to see you in the future!! Tiramakasi! ‘Til then! Keep in touch

Cherry Laraya

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