Banyumala Waterfall, Swim And Enjoy The Beautiful Scenery

Banyumala Waterfall

Have you been in Bali and try to enjoy some unique destinations in there? Bali is a special island in Indonesia that offers beautiful beaches, lakes, and waterfalls. When you visit Bali island, you must try new tourist destinations in Bali such as Banyumala Waterfall. As we know that Bali has many waterfalls such as Tibumana Waterfall, Gitgit Waterfall, and other waterfalls.

Banyumala is a name of a waterfall in Wanagiri village, in the regency of Buleleng Bali. Buleleng is a regency in Bali that has many waterfalls. In this waterfall, you can swim in a pool and then enjoy the beautiful scenery. If you want to visit this waterfall, it is better if you know more information about this unique waterfall. After you have more information, you can make a planning to explore this place. You can spend your holiday in this place with your friends.

Information About Banyumala Waterfall

As a visitors in Bali, make sure that you have a good planning for your vacation in this island. You can decide to use a guide or be independent traveler. If you choose to be an independent traveler, you must have a good preparation. The first preparation is information about your destination. Here the information about this waterfall:

1. Contribution Fee

All tourists that want to enjoy the waterfall must give a contribution fee with local people in there. You should pay Rp.10.000 each people. Tourist should pay this contribution in a post near from the waterfall. It is cheap enough for local tourist that come from other regions. The contribution will use to improve the facilities around this waterfall.

2. Easy Trekking

If you are a traveler, you will like the trek. Actually, it is an easy trekking for new visitor. You can listen the directions from local guide. There are stairs in this area. You must walk on the stairs and be careful caused sometimes it is slippery. You must walk until get the waterfall. It is not far around 400 meters from the parking area.

3. In The Middle Of Jungle

The location of this waterfall is in the middle of jungle. You can find many trees around the waterfall. Fortunately, you can see many wild animals in this area such as birds. But remember that you cannot hunt the birds. All the animals in this area are protected by government and local people. Make sure that you follow all the rules in this location. It is amazing moment when you can hear the combination sound from the water and the wild birds.

4. Pool In The Nature

There are many activities that you can do in this waterfall area. You can swim in a pool. The pool is great enough. The water is clear and transparent. You can see the bottom of the pool. All visitors can swim in this pool. It is better if you prepare your swimsuit before you visit this place. Even you can swim in here, do not throw trash in this area. You must keep the environment around the waterfall.

5. Has Beautiful Scenery

This location has beautiful scenery. In fact there are three waterfalls in this area. The biggest one in the middle and the other is like guides from the biggest one. It is unique scenery for you. You can see the cliffs and then the green forest around the waterfall. You will enjoy the scenery and do not forget to capture your moment in this waterfall. Bring your camera because in this area there is no a place to rent camera.

Call your friends and challenge them to have a nice trekking in this waterfall. Banyumala waterfall is an amazing waterfall for you. You and your friends can swim together in the pool.