Beautiful Garden Taman Ayun Temple For Its Rich Historical Stories

taman ayu templeSituated in the 17km northwest of Denpasar, Taman Ayun Temple is the magnificent architectural building that has long become the landmark of Mengawi Village, Badung Regency. This temple complex also comprises of beautiful lotus in the fish pond that makes the site looks so stunning.

The story behind its magnificence speaks about that Taman Ayun Temple was built in 1634 under the reign of Tjokerda Sakti Blambangan with Chinese architectural inspiration was the design until it underwent the restoration in 1937.

The underlying reason of building the towering tiers aims at giving honor to the noblest ancestors. What you need to know about Taman Ayun Temple is that this site serves you as the unifying symbol of Mengwi’s royalty and the site where Mengwi people worship.

Division of Taman Ayun

As you explore the beauty of Taman Ayun Temple, you will learn that this site is segmented into four divisions in which it has different rank. The outer division that later named as “Jaba” is the main entrance where visitors can reach where ponds is situated inside. Not far from the main entrance, you will find the small guardian shrine with the right part is “muntilan”, a place where communal gathers. Besides, you will see the tall fountain with the spouting water as well.

In the next division, you will see Pura Luhuring Purnama in which its third and second terraces are a bit higher than the first. As you get into this part, you will be greeted by Bale Pengubengan with its beautiful ornamental features that speak about the nine Gods in Hindu who always guard the nine directions in as stated in compass.

Again, in Taman Ayun Temple, you are also offered with the beauty of small temple named Pura Dalem Bekak in which it is located in the east part of the site. More of this small temple, there is also eight-meter-wooden tower which is local named as Bale Kulkul. If you make an attempt to climb this tower up, you will be offered with the most beautiful whole complex from the above with the hanging rectangular bells.

What is the most highlighted part of Taman Ayun Temple?

What you need to know that among the four parts of division in Taman Ayun Temple, the third and the fourth are considered as the highest division where the religious ceremonials commonly take place. These most sacred divisions are also linked to the Utama Mandala which welcomes the visitors with its ornamental gate. Apart from it, the three ground temples are referred to the cosmological levels that later is called Balinese Hinduism.

In general, this side does represent the Mount Mahameru that is thought as the churning of sea milk. According to locals, the name of this site can be translated into the beautiful garden where there used to be the site in which the maids canoeing in the ponds.

If you plan to make a halt in this beautiful Taman Ayun Temple, you are encouraged to prepare Rp 3000 – Rp 4000 as the ticket. As you marvel throughout all the division of this site, you will learn more about the past story which is depicted in the ornamental architecture in every single part of the temples and gates.