Besakih Temple As The Biggest Temple of Bali

Besakih TempleOne of the amazing temple which can not be missed when you are visiting Bali is Besakih temple. This temple is located in Besakih Village, Karangasem, Bali. From the airport, the trip will be for about 2.5 hours to get Besakih. Besides this temple, you can also visit some tourism objects around this temple like Bukit Jambul, terasering field in Sidemen, also getting rafting in Telaga Waja river.

As we know, that Besakih temple is the place for Hindustani for doing the worship. This temple is also called by Pura Agung Besakih. There are many temples inside of this temple. It consists of one centre pura namely Penataran Agung Besakih Temple, 18 companion temple that surrounding Penataran Agung Besakih Temple, one Basukian temple, and others temples. So that is why, this temple is awarded as the biggest temple of Indonesia.

Besakih temple is a centre location of Hindustani worship activity. This temple is having many places for doing worship. The hindustani is also called this temple by Pelinggih. To know more about this temple, bellows are the informations for you:

The history of temple of Besakih

Besakih temple is famous in all over the world. not only domestic but also foreign tourist are also visiting this temple. Besides named as Pura Agung, this temple is also called by “the mother of the Bali’s temple”. The reason is because it’s size which is very big.

The history of Besakih is started by the development of this temple. This temple was built by a hindustani from India who has long time stayed in Java. his name is Rsi Markandeya. Initially, Rsi Markandeya was having ascetic in Hyang Mountain (Dieng Mountain, in Centre of Java). after having a long time to had ascetic there, then Rsi Markandeya was getting revelation to penetrate forest in Dawa Island, from South to North.

In the place of forest penetration, Rsi Markandeya planted the pot which contained of metal and holy water. Those metal was including gold, silver, chopper, iron, and bronze. Those kinds of metal was named by Pancadatu by Bali’s society.

Besides metal, the other thing which ditanam by Rsi, was jewel. This jewel is called by Mirahadi, which mean the main mirah. Meanwhile, the place to plant this pot called by Basuki, which mean safe. It was named by Basuki because Rsi Markandeya and his adherents were safe of perform their duty. So that’s why, the name of Basuki is changed by Besakih.

The interesting things in Besakih

As mentioned above, one of temple which could not be missed when you are visiting Bali is Besakih temple. This is because this temple is having some interesting thing, such as:

  1. This is the biggest temple in Indonesia
  2. There are 22 total temples there
  3. This temple was build by Rsi Markandeya (a Hindustani was coming from India)
  4. The word of Besakih is coming from the word of Basuki which means safe
  5. The relationship between Besakih temple and Gunung Agung is very close, because this temple is considered as backyard of the mountain to reverence o the God, while the God is concepted as Gunung Agung.


Besakih temple is one of the Tourist Object in bali which must be visited. Besides famous in Indonesia, but it also famous in all over the word