Buyan Lake, The Unique Lake In Buleleng Bali

Buyan Lake

When you hear about “Bali”, what is in your mind? Maybe you will remember about beautiful beach and underwater view. In fact, Bali not only has many beautiful beaches but also beautiful lakes. There are many lakes in Bali such as Tamblingan Lake, Batur Lake, Beratan Lake and Buyan Lake. Buyan Lake is a beautiful lake that located in Kintamani, the regency of Buleleng Bali. This lake located between Tamblingan Lake and Beratan Lake.

Although this Lake is not famous like other lakes in Bali, this lake has uniqueness than other destination. If you want to go vacation in Bali, this lake is recommended to you. You can bring your friends and your family to enjoy the scenery in here. You will get fresh air in this area because there are many forests around the lake. Indonesia government makes this lake as a conservation area. It means the government keeps all the environment around the lake.

The Uniqueness Of Buyan Lake

When you want visited one destination. It is better if you know about the uniqueness from your destination. Actually, this Lake has many uniqueness for all visitors. These the uniqueness from this lake that you must know:

1. Good Place As Camping Area

Many people come here to camping around the lake. There is a large place to camping area. This camping area located near from the lake. It is a great chance for you to camping together with your family or with your friends. But remember, there is no a rental place in here. So, if you need a tent or other facilities, you must bring it from your house. There is no boat in this lake, it is caused there is an interdiction to use boat in this lake.

2. There Is A Strawberry Garden

The next uniqueness in this lake is there is a strawberry garden in this area. The society around the lake has profession as farmer. There are many farmers around this lake. You can visit strawberry garden in this area. The local inhabitant give you chance to take the strawberry in their garden. It is a great activity for your children. You can buy some strawberries from this garden.

3. Has Many Varieties Of Fishes

If you like to fishing, it is a good idea to fishing in this lake. There are many varieties of fishes in this lake. Many people like fishing in this area because there is no boat or ship in this lake. It makes the water always calm and offer many fishes for visitors. If you want to fishing in this area, you must bring your hook from your house. There is no place to buy or rental hook in this area.

4. There Is A Vegetable Garden

In here there is a vegetable garden for all visitors. You can see the farmers plant some kinds of vegetables such as cabbage, carrot, and other vegetables. It is a good experience to explore the garden with your children. You can buy some vegetables from farmer and bring it to back your home. Many visitor feel comfort in this area. Then many visitors feel it is like study tour for their children. The children can improve their knowledge about vegetables.

5. Nearby From Temblingan And Baratan Lake

After you visit this lake, you can move to another lake. There are two lakes that nearby from this area. The lakes are Tembilangan Lake and Baratan Lake. Fortunately, you can visit all the lakes in one day. Every lake has different uniqueness and characteristics. You can complete your journey with visit Tembilangan Lake and Baratan Lake.

Finally, you know about the uniqueness of this lake. It is a great holiday if you can visit this lake with your family. To enjoy all the facilities in this area, you just need to spend little money. It is caused all the facilities are cheap enough for the tourist.