Capture Your Unforgettable Moment In Les Waterfall Yeh Mempeh

Waterfall Yeh Mempeh

Waterfall lovers, here you are. Bali will serve you with the most gorgeous waterfall that you will never forget. Have you ever visited Les Waterfall Yeh Mempeh? Well, to know more about why it is categorized as the graceful waterfall in Bali, let’s get started with more details below.

What Is The Meaning Of The Name?

Les Waterfall Yeh Mempeh is called as Flying Water Waterfall because the water is like flying to the air, so it is named so. The are lots of visitors who come from many countries. The cold air must have refreshed your feet and make your neurons relax. Can’t wait to see you there.

Where Is The Location?

People can find the fall in Tejakula. Tejakula itself is located in Buleleng regency which is actually located in the east part of Bali near Singajara. It is not difficult to find, because the place is so close to the tourist destinations from the headquarter of Bali, Denpasar. It lies along the hills which has the fresh air and beautiful scenery from the top of the street.

How To Access Les Waterfall Yeh Mempeh?

From Denpasar, people can go forward to Singaraja and pass Tejakula. After that, You need about thirty minutes until an hour to reach the place. At the end of the path, lies the waterfall that is located secretly in the jungle and rural North-coast. The street is narrow and little bit challenging so that you should prepare for your extra energy and safety. You can also use your bicycle together with your relations. And then from the parking area, you need about twenty minutes to enjoy the waterfall. It takes for about one kilometer from the countryside.

How Much Is It?

Regarding the price, it is affordable Find the locket payment and meet with the people working there. People should pay for about Rp.10.000,00 each person. In addition, if you need a guide to tell you more and explore about the place, it is provided there. The guide is very close and professional so that you will be well guided.

What To Do In Les Waterfall Yeh Mempeh?

Basically, you can do many things that you want there. However, here are some tips that you can plan to enjoy the enchanting experience there.


This sport is very liked sports for many travelers. It will challenge your adrenalin and lead you to feel the true nature of the most. However, the first thing you should consider is your safety because the tracks are a little bit dangerous. To do so, you might also prepare for some drinks, food, bicycle, clothes, jackets, helmets, and money of course.

Photo Hunting

In this recent era, social media especially Whatsapp and Instagram have become the very popular social media to express what people did. They enable people to share their happiness, just take a selfie or we-fie photo hunting together with your partners or girlfriend or boyfriend. The great background will mingle you with the charming scenery. Before you do so, you should check whether the battery camera or handphone is fully charged or not. By doing so you will not miss the very unforgettable moment in your life.


It is not doubted again, that touching the very fresh and clear water will stimulate you to play under the fall during the day. You are allowed to swim there, but you should consider about your safety. The current is not too big, but you should be careful of the slippery and sharp stones there. Thus, do not forget to bring your shoes.

Enjoy The Sunset And Sunrise

If you had a very long holiday or at least you plan to enjoy the great holiday, and it does not rain, do not forget to enjoy the enchanting sunrise and sunset there. You might plan to do it when arriving at the place or when you are going to leave it. Just follow your heart.
Walk Around Near The Waterfall

There lie the green fields and hills with the fresh air along the street. After doing a lot of activities, you can walk around enjoy the nature.