Car rental in Bali with driver

bali car rental
Bali car rental  give  many options for tourists . various types of vehicles available ranging from manual to automatic . from economy class to the upper class . we can get bali car rental with driver or self drive car .

Types of Bali Car Rental

A wide selection of car  from various brands such as Toyota , Suzuki , Daihatsu , izusu , hyundai , kia , mini and other brands provided by the car rental in Bali . start from  the Alphard , mini cooper , jeeep , kijang inova , AVP , Avansa , Karimun estilo , kia picanto , suzuki splash , Ertiga , ELV , bus and other types of cars can be found easily .

Choose bali car rental with driver or self drive car?

The answer to this question is very relative . depending on the condition and the purpose of your hire car in bali.

If you rent a car in Bali for  bali tour , you should choose  bali car rental with driver . it would be very easy for you because the driver is already experienced in bali tour and ready to take you to destinations across Bali . the price is not too expensive . only for USD 35 you ‘ve got a fuuly air-contioned car  with a capacity of 6 people .

If you go alone  or both , for the purpose of business or visiting family in bali .  bali car rental with self drive is right choice . It’s better to choose a small capacity car like:  Karimun estilo or kia picanto . This economy car can you get for USD 25 per day .


Bali Car rental with Driver VS Bali Car Rental Self Drive.

Bali Car rental with Driver.

The advantages:

  1. We’re only need to sit back and relax without having to think about where the road to the attractions we are headed.
  2. Fuel include
  3. Does not cover damage in case of a car accident.
  4. Equipped with bali tour guide, which is ready to explain about the object of interest in Bali


  1. Prices are a bit more expensive.
  2. There may be those who feel less free because a vehicle with unknown people.

Bali Car rental with Self Drive.

The advantages:

  1. You are free to go anywhere you like.
  2. You are free to invite any number of passengers, as long as it can go.
  3. Cheaper price

Weakness :

  1. You have to bear in the event of accident damage car
  2. Additional cost to purchase fuel
  3. Should think of themselves the way to your destination.
  4. Not being informed about interesting places in Bali


I Need Airport Transfer Service. what is your suggestion?

If you need an airport transfer service , whether it is a transfer from airport to hotel or from hotel to airport . I suggest you hire a car with driver , because  it’ s  offer  very cheap  price . economy car rental prices in Bali for an airport transfer service is determined based on areas such as Kuta , Nusa Dua , Ubud , Seminyak , Candidasa , Lovina , Denpasar and others .

How to book a car rental in bali

To book a rental car in Bali , wheather it is bali car rental with driver or self driveis  very easy . you can find it easily on the internet . For example is this website . why don’t you book for bali car rental here with me ? or check for car rental rates first.



The best chooice of bali car rental is depend on your purpose and capasity needed. so only you will know what is the chooice. wheater bali car rental with driver or self drive.

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Ketut Muliarta