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One Stop Information About Surf & Turf Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua

When you visit Bali, you will be presented by numbers of natural tourist attraction. Not to mention the beaches. Bali offers you with exotic beaches you can’t get enough. The beaches in Bali are the perfect place for sunbathing, swimming, and the other extreme water sport. But if you want a different atmosphere, Surf & Turf Nusa Dua beach offers you the combination of a waterpark, beach club, and amazing sea view. Continue reading

Location And Some Reasons To Have Wonderful Family Holiday At Citraland Waterpark

Citraland Waterpark

When we think about a holiday in Bali, the first come to mind might be the fun holiday on the beach. Or else, we might think about the other natural tourist attraction such mountain, lake, and garden. However, those kinds of attractions are mainly available far from the center of the city, Denpasar. But don’t worry. Citraland Waterpark is able to provide the excitement from the center of the city, Denpasar. Continue reading

5 Important Information You Must Know About Bali Wake Park

Bali Wakr Park

Bali always offers a variety of exciting rides for recreation. There are many tourist destinations that we need to try. One of them is Bali Wake Park. Bali Wake Park offers a proper concept to be enjoyed by all of the people, from children to adults. So this place is perfect for hanging out with friends and family. This water sport was opened in April 2015, so classified as new and make a lot of people curious. And this is some important information you must know about this place: Continue reading

5 Things You Should Know About Splash Waterpark

 Splash Waterpark

Splash Waterpark is classified as the latest in comparison to other water parks in Bali, the presence of Splash Waterpark Bali provides more options for you to define a place of recreation with new game rides that make you experience differently. Located not far from Berawa Canggu Beach, Splash Waterpark Bali becomes the choice of a crowded game place by visitors. Here, the tourists can feel the joy of various rides of water games. The choice of various rides to make tourists feel at home here, either domestic or foreign tourists. Before going to this place, you must know some information like this. Continue reading

Reasons Why You Should Go To Circus Waterpark With Your Families

Circus Waterpark

The most awaited moment of a family is a school holiday. Planning a vacation place must have been thought by the father and mother. Especially a fun holiday place for their children. Have you already planned an exciting vacation spot for a vacation? Sometimes you must be confused to choose which place is suitable for your children. Why is Circus Waterpark one of the holiday destinations that must be on your holiday list? This is the reason. Continue reading

One Stop Information About Waterbom Bali.

Waterbom Bali

Most people come to Kuta Bali for the sunset view on the beach or enjoy the nightlife at Kuta. Some of them might also visit Kuta for its high-end shopping experience. But do you know that at Kuta we can also enjoy the excitement at one of the high-end waterparks at Kuta? Once you visit Kuta, never miss the chance to visit Waterbom Bali, one of the reputable waterparks at Kuta Bali. Continue reading

Facilities Of Kemenuh Butterfly Park

Kemenuh Butterfly Park

Kemenuh Butterfly Park is the place which protected some butterfly to tour attraction. This place located in Kemenuh Village Sukawati Gianyar Bali. Butterfly Park in Kemenuh located in strategic place in the center of Bali Island. Park of Butterfly near some tourist place in Bali and become one of the butterfly park in tropic area. You and your family not will regret if visit this place. Your child can see the grow of butterfly from one step to other step. Metamorphosis of the butterfly will make you satisfied because of their beautiful wings. Continue reading

Activities In The Bali Bird Park, The Biggest Bird Park In Indonesia

Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park built from 20 years ago on October 1995. This is the biggest bird park in Indonesia. Bird Park in Bali in wide land and have various birds. The local bird or nonlocal bird in the bird park. 250 species take care in this park. Cendrawasih, pelican, parrot and the protect bird protected in this park. Bird Park in Bali is one of the favorite tourist places. Many tourists visit this park with their family. Everyday 300-400 visitors visit this place. They attractive with the Jalak Bali one of the protected bird in Bali. You must go to this place if you with your children. Because the child like to play with some birds. Continue reading

Holiday With Son And Daugther To Bali Zoo.

Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo is one of the tourist place in Bali. This is the place which content some animals. Not only the honest animal but the wild animal is in here. You can see the rabbit, deer, horse, elephant and the other animal. One of the favorite destinations for the tourist is in here, Some of the tourists when enjoying the holiday with their family go here. Did you know why almost tourist will go here? Yes, the reasons is in this place you will find other playground to your son or your daughter. They will very happy because can enjoy their holiday with play in playground. But playground in Bali Zoo different from another place.

5 Playgrounds In Bali Zoo For Children

Parents will give their children everything they can give. Give the holiday to their children is one of the must something do by parents. Holiday is the waiting moment to children because the children can play all of the time. They take of their sadness to be happiness in the moment of the holiday. This moment always waiting for the children around the world. Children will choose the place which has some playgrounds. This is some playgrounds in there:

1. Petting Zoo

Petting zoo is one of the playground which have in here. There open at 10.00 AM until 17.00 PM. No extra fee to inside the petting zoo. This is include the ticket in front of the zoo. Some people enjoy the petting zoo to make their children happy. Children when give some meals to animals feel happy and not afraid. They think that it is a new adventure in the zoo.

2. Animal Encounter

Animal encounter is the place which use by some tourist to catch some photos with the animal. Some animals like a deer, lion, tiger, birds and the other animal can take photos with the children. Don’t worry in animal encounter you will safety because of the safety worker in there. You and your children will get some photos with protected animal in there too.

3. Miniapolis Jungle Waterplay

Children very happy if they can play water in all the place. In this place your children can play water until they feel bored. Miniapolis jungle waterplay will open at 10.00 AM until 5.00 PM. No extra fee to play in this playground. Your ticket include this playground. Waterplay is the most favourite playground for children. They will forget the time if the play with water in this playground. The facilities of the playground are Cabana, Changes room, locker and cafe. You and your family can enjoy the holiday when you choose to visit this place.

4. Ride On Pony Horse

Pony horse is one of the popular animals in the kids cartoon. Children always remember that the horse who ride on by the prince or the princess is Pony Horse. They always has some enthusiasm when listen about Pony Horse. So it is not a surprise that children look so attractive when play with the Pony Horse. This animal always make the children like a prince or princess in that time. Playground of the Pony Horse open at 10.00 AM-4.00 PM. For one children the parents must pay Rp. 35.000 if they want to ride on the Pony Horse.

5. Bird Show

The last playground is the bird show. Children will like to listen some bird when they produce a sound. Special bird will always produce the beautiful song along the bird show. Their sound will make the children be quiet because of their sound. They will enjoy the situation when the bird show their voice to the tourist.

Enjoy the holiday with family in the Bali Zoo is the best choice. This tourist place gives some beautiful view to the tourist. Not only the animals, but they have some playgrounds for your child. Children will very enjoy their holiday in this place. Let’s go to this place with your family and enjoy the trip!