Charge Your Spirit By Visiting Taman Segara Madu Waterpark

Taman Segara Madu

Happy holiday! After working on your very strict schedules, you can relax your mind and body by joining some holiday packets. One of them is Bali. Bali has Taman Segara Madu Waterpark as the right place to spend your holiday with your children, friends, or family. The waterpark is one of the famous sites to visit in the holiday, recently. Thus, you should not miss the very great moment in your holiday. Here are some features about that waterpark.

Where Is The Location?

Taman Segara Madu Waterpark is located in Canggu. It is near the downtown and people can reach it easily. Canggu is one of the regions in Bali, especially in Badung regency, Kuta Utara. The area covers about 4.500 m2 with about five swimming pools for children and adults.

How To Get There?

People can get the place by using car or motorcycle, because it is near the headquarter of Bali, Denpasar. People can pass Pantai Batu Bolong street after tracing along Canggu street. There are large parking areas there, so do not be worried about lacking the parking lot. There is a big sign “Taman Segara Madu Waterpark” in the front of the place.

How Much The Entry Ticket?

To enter, there are some different prices. For foreigners, you should pay for about Rp.30.000,00 until Rp. 45.000,00. While when you are domestics, you should pay for Rp.25.000,00 until Rp.35.000,00. To be noted, that the prices might be changed conditionally. But do not be afraid, it would not be too expensive from the earlier prices. After paying, you can enjoy many facilities and services there.

What Are The Facilities?

The Taman Segara Madu Waterpark will serve you with many facilities. They are toilets, market, gazebo, and restaurants. The facilities are well managed and provide good services. You can use toilets without waiting for too long for someone inside because there are lots of toilets with towels, soaps, and shampoo there. The market is complete and it is affordable for both domestics and foreigners. You can shop there and buy what you need. Not many waterparks provide gazebo as one of the facilities there, but this waterpark will make you are impressed. The restaurants serve many menus and local dishes that are cheap but having a high quality.

What To Do In Taman Segara Madu Waterpark?

Here are some activities you can do besides what you have planed there.


Here, people can swim with their children with the additional types of equipment such as glasses or buoys. The current is slow so you can enjoy the fresh and cold water. The swimming pools are can use by the very beginner’s levels to the professional ones.

Gebuk Bantal

Gebuk bantal is one of the games played by using some equipment like a balloon that is shaped like a pillow. Bantal means pillow, while gebuk means hit. That is why the name of the game is called as so. While playing this game, you especially the parents should be aware of the unexpected things like when your children hit strongly you should warn them so that the others would not be hurt. Gebuk bantal is the most interesting game, right?

Doing Water Slide

This is the very common game in the childhood. Usually, people do sliding in the playground where the bottom part will be ground. However, here, people can try another sensation like falling into the water not ground. However, you should consider the high and distance of your children from the water slide to the water. Because it might make your children have an injury. So just please pay attention to your and your children safe.

Tarik Tambang

This game is called as tug of war. Tarik means pull, while tambang means the rope to pull. You should play with the other groups. Each group should cooperate and make a good relationship so that your group will have a strong energy to pull the rope and win the game.


Volleyball is familiar sports. While usually, people play volleyball in the field, here people can try the very cool style by playing volleyball in the waterpark. Wow, can’t wait to see your great smash.