Complete Guide For A Casual Holiday At Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach

Have you ever heard about Bingin beach? It is also known as the hidden beach at the southern part of Bali coast. This beach is located near the famous dreamland beach, the great surfing site Padang Padang beach, and the exotic Balangan beach. All of them are the beaches on the south coast of Bali island with white sand and inviting water.

So, why we should visit Bingin instead of the other beaches? The answer is that Bingin offers you the calmer beach for your relax and casual holiday. This article will give you the complete guide to going there along with the location and facilities of the beach.

Access To Bingin Beach

As mentioned above, this beach is located in the south part of Bali, specifically at Pecatu of South Kuta District. It is approximately 32 km from the capital city, Denpasar. It is also said that the location of this beach is still hidden that common people do not notice. Therefore, follow the instruction of the local people might be the best guide to get to the beach.

Talking about means of transportation to Bingin, it is recommended for you to rent a motorcycle. The place cannot be accessed by public transportation. Even if you ride a motorcycle, you have to park the motorcycle in the parking area and walk the rest of route to the beach. You need to be a little adventurous to walk through the narrow and slippery path to the beach. But don’t worry, the view won’t disappoint you.

Reasons To Visit Bingin Beach

This beach is actually close to Dreamland Beach. However, the route to Bingin is considered to be difficult. There are some reasons why you should take the risk by exploring this hidden beach, such as:

1. A Sense Of Private Beach

It is a small beach with only a few tourists visiting. However, it is the main reason why we could feel the sense of private beach at Bingin. Local people do not really like to visit this beach as it is quite inaccessible for their vehicle. But for lover of travel and adventure, it doesn’t matter since the view deserves the effort. You can sit on the bench enjoying the scenery and the ambiance.

2. Surfing Paradise

International tourist put their effort to get to this place for one main reason, surfing. Well, Bingin present the wave rider with the impressive wave for their love of spurring their adrenaline. For surfer, the perfect timing to surf is during the afternoon, when you can have the spectacular wave.

3. Affordable Facilities

How about the ticket entrance to this place? The answer is that it is completely free. In addition, although Bingin is considered to be a disclosed area, you can easily find motels and inns in affordable prices. Not to mention about the foods. You can easily grab foods from the nearby food stalls. What an amazing place for backpacker.

4. Great Diving Spot

Although Bingin is located in line with the sandy beach at south coast of Bali, this beach doesn’t have more sand. Most of the area is dominated by coral reef. So, it’s not a good place for sunbathing, yet it is an excellent place for swimming and diving. Bingin has calm water to dive in. and don’t forget to wear your footwear as you may step on the sharp coral reef.

5. Beautiful View

This beach is surrounded by a tall cliff with green plantation on the top of it. It gives the beautiful combination to the bright blue sky, clear water, and the white sand of the beach. We can also see a small pond with calm water near the beach line in the low tide. And when the sun goes down, you will have such a great sunset experience.

Those are the guide to enjoy your holiday at the hidden beach of Bingin. Have a good relaxing holiday, everyone!