Did you know that you can see wild Dolphin in Bali

wacthing dolphin in bali with traditional boat at lovina beach

Vacation in Bali does not always have to visit the tourist attractions. Been to Kintamani, Ubud, Uluwatu, Tanah Lot Bedugul or may already become commonplace. This time I want to introduce to you one of the tourist activities that are not less interesting.

Besides having a culture that has been known to foreign countries, Bali also has many other tourism potential. nature become one attractive alternative to fill the holiday in Bali.

Geographical conditions of the island is very favorable if viewed in terms of tourism. This small island has many beautiful beaches to the mountains that is no less interesting. The natural conditions are very supportive to be developed into nature adventure .

Nature adventure watching dolphin  in North Bali.

What I want to introduce is, travel out to sea. The interesting thing about this event is the lives of the dolphins. You will be invited to look closely the behavior of these friendly mammals. This is not to see dolphins trained in the pool, but saw immediately how they live in their natural habitat.

It is not easy to get a chance to see these animals live in its life place. but with a dolphin tour packages in Bali, you can realize it.

To see the dolphin in bali, we have to ride traditional boat from Lovina Beach. This beach is located in Buleleng, North Bali. if you are in Kuta, the time needed to arrive at Lovina beach approximately 3 hours.

The Right Time to see Dolphin in Lovina.

Dolphin usually appear in the morning, at around 06:30 clock until 08:00 am. Yes, this means we have to leave early in the morning. If you stay in Lovina, you are lucky, because it does not have to get up early in the morning to see the Dolphin.

For those of you who are in Nusa Dua or Kuta, you have to be ready to leave early. you will be picked up approximately 03:00 AM. it is pretty hard. but it needed a little sacrifice to be able to enjoy this nature adventure.

If you can not get up early, I suggest you try to swim with the dolphin activity. but this is done in the pool. Pretty fun as well, although not to see them in the wild.

See Dolphin plus visiting tourist attractions by Bali Dolphin Tour.

If you want more experience, you can book a bali dolphin tour. This package gives you the opportunity to see the dolphin and also visit some interesting places in North Bali. what you get in bali dolphin tour are:

  • See the Dolphin
  • Visit the highest waterfall in Bali named Gitgit waterfall
  • Seeing the beauty of Lake Buyan
  • Visit the monkey forest
  • Visiting Ulundanu temple,located on Beratan lake
  • Visit the fruit and vegetable market in Candi Kuning.

Read here for detailed information bali dolphin tour.


Besides visiting tourist attractions in Bali, try some nature tourism activity become the interesting things that you should try. a close look at the wildlife, especially the dolphin can refresh the mind and eliminate stress from your daily work.

I know that not everyone likes nature adventure, and for those who do not like, you can try some other adventure tour tour. You can try Bali rafting or water sports. But before that, please check out more information about bali adventure here.