Discover The Iconic Gunung Kawi Temple Along With The Story Behind It

gunung kawi templeIt is no need to ask again that everyone coming from all over part of the world acknowledge that Bali is an island of God with the breath-taking beauty and natural panorama. For this reason, tourism sector becomes the major interest on how local government develops its prosperity.

Among many must-visit destinations in Bali, Gunung Kawi Temple would be the most recommended one, since this explores the visitors with the naturally beautiful carving arts with the iconic ancient architecture.

No wonder that this site also becomes the central religious rituals among the Hinduism. Thus, if you put Ubud in your must-visit site to explore, do not forget to write down Gunung Kawi Temple in your destination.

Where is it located?
If you want to enjoy the holiday in Gunung Kawi Temple, you are encouraged to head to Tampaksiring village that is located around 40 km from Denpasar. Since the site is situated in Ubud, people from all over the world would be familiar enough when they want to make a halt in this site for good reasons.

But, things need to know that as you visit the site, you have to pay more attention to the way, since there is only one road mark leading you to Gunung Kawi. In attempt to avoid getting trapped, you are supposed to ask around if the road leads you to nowhere.

History behind its splendor
Story remains untold among people until locals spread to the visitors who regularly come to visit Gunung Kawi Temple. It is said that this temple was built in the century of 11AD under the reign of Warmadewa dynasty who originally came from Sriwijaya.

In the ancient time, the temple used to know as the tomb of the Kings of Bali. Then, its existence disappeared until the archeology team from Holland unearthed the temple in 1920. Apart from the history of the origin of Gunung Kawi Temple, another version narrates that this temple was built by the incredible nail of Kebo Iwa.

In this case, it only took a whole night for Kebo Iwa to build the temple with the help of his nail. Such story remains questionable and need clarifying as well.

What to know about Gunung Kawi Temple
The origin of Gunung Kawi is actually derived from the two words namely Gunung that later is called as mountain and kawi means carved. This is strongly depicted the actual condition of the site where visitors will discover a huge temple carved in the high hills with the beautiful carvings formed as if a huge mountain.

As visitors want to explore its magnificence, they are supposed to walk along the stairs. What makes this historical place looks so beautiful is not only the large sized area, but also the Pakerisan River Viagra et prix that is split the area of Gunung Kawi Temple. This makes one temple with the size of 10 meters of height and 30 meters of width looks like facing one to another.

In dealing with its scenery, visitors remain agape, since its magnificence and the splendor of the natural panorama along the stairs from the entrance of Gunung Kawi Temple are worth praising. The large sized rice field and the breeze that comes at once make the journey to the spot full of joy. It is also supported by the Pakerisan River with the clear and pure water that makes the nature feel as whole.