Discover The Story Behind The Oldest Batuan Temple

batuan temple

Million people visit Bali per year for the different purposes in which some of tourists come for pleasure while others might come for certain purposes such as study tour. These are because of the beautiful sites that have long become the tourist attraction and the historical places that are now used for religious purposes.

One of the most highly recommended place to visit is the oldest temple that later is named as Batuan Temple which has amazing story behind its ancientness. Built in the ancient time, this site has gained its popularity among the visitors due to its exotic Bali’s ornament in some parts and the old fashioned design that stand still until nowadays. Due to its strategic location, Batuan Temple can be reached from many directions.

How to get there?
As you want to explore the truth behind it’s the ancientness, you can have 25-minutes drive heading to south from Ubud village. This Hindu temple is now used by the locals to worship the God but there are still many tourists who come to visit this Bali’s tourist attraction.

Known as Pura Desa, Batuan Temple later falls into three parts in which it is all named as Tri Khayangan. These parts consist of Nista Mandala or the outer area, Madya Mandala or the middle area and Utama mandala or the main temple area.

What is it functions?
Considered as the shrine site where locals give so much honors to this site, like any other tree Khayangan, Batuan Temple is used for religious purposes or worshipping the God by locals around the site. In addition, there is also special moment in every six month when the locals conduct the traditional ceremony which involves the entire Hindu’s people who come to visit for worshipping God together.

If you are lucky enough to visit this temple with no ceremony being held, in this Batuan Temple, you will meet many local artists who display their works such as batiks, crafts, statues and paintings in the hall. As you get into the site, you will welcome with the artistic gate filled with reliefs depicting the story behind mythical Balinese figure and Hindu trinity in form of statues. In Batuan Temple, there are sometimes the traditional dances performed by locals if it does not coincide with the “Piodalan” anniversary.

Batuan Temple is the advisable must-see destination where you will be provided with the beauty of the ancient temple filled with the reliefs. This old temple is always busy due to the thousand visitors per day who want to see the show of every kind of Bali’s dances.

As you enter this site, you will meet some locals who will lend you “Kemben” or literally translated as traditional costume worn to cover the waist. It is such an obligation to wear Kemben as you want to explore the Batuan Temple because it is such a way how visitors show their respect to its sacredness. Again, what you need to know is that you are not charged at all, but it is advisable to donate your small amount of money in the simple donation box to support the maintenance.

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