Enjoy the Beauty of Bali’s Nature by Visiting Pupuan Rice Terrace

Pupuan Rice TerraceAs one of the most famous holiday destinations, Bali offers gorgeous beauty of nature which could be seen clearly at Pupuan Rice Terrace. This place actually is only paddy field area yet also becomes so famous among not only domestic tourists but also foreign tourists. Pupuan Rice Terrace is even the right place to go on holiday amazingly without costs much budget at all.

Bali actually is the first area in Indonesia that developing rice terrace system. This agriculture system is actually purposing to give efficient irrigation to plant and grow paddy. Since that time rice terrace irrigation system became more and more famous in Indonesian agriculture field. Not surprised many rice terrace fields made into incredible recreation place since then.

There are several rice terrace areas in Bali which made into recreation and tourism places. However, rice terrace in Pupuan which located in the western area of Bali is the top one which used to be visited by people worldwide when they spend holiday in Bali. Visiting Pupuan Rice Terrace actually is also a great idea for people who want to enjoy natural sceneries perfectly.

So, if you like to enjoy the nature while spending a great vacation in Bali but boring already with the beaches, actually this lovely rice terrace could be the perfect recommendation to concern. If you think that seeing terrace rice field is boring, think twice before thinking that way because there are many amazing facilities, there. Let’s find out below!

Great Facilities and Activities You Could Do at Pupuan Rice Terrace

Principally it could be said that Pupuan Rice Terrace is more than just a spot for you to see green rice terrace field only. Many other facilities will support you to do many cool activities there, especially incredible outdoor activities.

Other Facilities and Activities you can enjoy at Pupuan Rice Terrace:
1. Coffee plantations
If you are one of the countless freak coffee lovers, it’s now your turn to visit the real coffee plants here so that you will see how its look when it is still raw and not yet processed into the coffee you love.

2. Tropical forests
Enjoying the beauty of nature means that getting back closer to the nature. It could be a really joyful activity to do for nature lovers who want to explore amazing tropical forest during the holiday.

3. Natural waterfall
See, you are not only able to enjoy the green rice terrace field only there, you are even able to have joyful time of seeing the real natural waterfall there with clear and pure water that not yet polluted at all.

4. Accommodation Reference
– Hotels
Many hotels and even motels are available near the Pupuan Area. Reaching this tourism spot is easy because it is only around 60 km from Denpasar which is the capital city of Bali. It means Pupuan is categorized as strategic location near the heart city of Bali. Finding hotels is easy to do so that it’s not difficult at all to get the suitable one according the budget you have.

– Restaurant
Many restaurants with widely variants of food started local and international foods could be done simply. Plenty of them are available near Pupuan Rice Terrace. So, have great culinary experience also could be done by you at the same time.