Facilities Of Kemenuh Butterfly Park

Kemenuh Butterfly Park

Kemenuh Butterfly Park is the place which protected some butterfly to tour attraction. This place located in Kemenuh Village Sukawati Gianyar Bali. Butterfly Park in Kemenuh located in strategic place in the center of Bali Island. Park of Butterfly near some tourist place in Bali and become one of the butterfly park in tropic area. You and your family not will regret if visit this place. Your child can see the grow of butterfly from one step to other step. Metamorphosis of the butterfly will make you satisfied because of their beautiful wings.

Park of the beautiful butterfly built to give different tourist place. Bali is identic with the beach and the other Bahari tour. But this is place is better than beach, it is the protected area to butterfly. You can see some butterfly which in tree. Their beautiful wings will make you satisfy and want to come back again. In this place you can get some facilities, such as:

1. Wide Parking Area

It is the one priority from some tourist when they come some tourist place. Parking area make the tourist comfortable because of the wide of parking area. If the parking area is not wide some tourist will make uncomfortable. Some tourist usually ride on the cars or the motorcycle. Many tourists will ride on some minibus or the big bus. So if the parking area not wide it is will make some tourist feel uncomfortable to park their vehicle.

2. Restaurant

After walking in the all area of the park you will feel hungry. You can eat in the restaurant which prepare by the organizer. This restaurant not only gives some seafood but some traditional food from Indonesia. Organizer built this restaurant by some perspective. They think about the beautiful place and about the Indonesian restaurant.

3. Butterfly Museum

It is the important place in Butterfly Park. Butterfly museum is the place which content some butterfly with the various types. The wings of the butterfly always different than the other butterfly. For this reason, the organizer of Kemenuh Butterfly Park put some butterfly with various types. Visitors can look some different of the butterfly from the other aspect.

4. Souvenir Shop

Holiday is one reason why we must buy some souvenir. If you and family take a holiday but not buy some souvenir you feel some minus aspect. Bali is the most popular island in Indonesia which give some tour to people. Some tourist will enjoy the holiday, they will make happy again because of the souvenir. The souvenir in Bali is special than the other souvenir like jogger and the other souvenir.

5. Rice Field View

Other facilities you can get from Kemenuh Butterfly Park is the view of the rice field. Rice filed is the one of the view who make some people comfortable. They will make comfortable because of the colour of the green. The colour if green make some quiet sensation to people. It is the reason why in this park the organizer give the rice field view to the visitors.

6. ATM

ATM is one of the item which must bring by some tourist. In modern era some people not bring their money in the wallet. They just bring the ATM card to pull some money for the holiday. Usually the budget of the tourist in real time is more than their preparation. So to give the comfortable situation the organizer built the ATM corner in this area.

7. Toilet

After eat some food and drink the water they want to wash their hand or take a bath. They feel uncomfortable because a day they walk around the park. The toilet can help the visitors to do this activity. Without the toilet some tourist place will not complete because this is necessary for all people in the world.

Kemenuh Butterfly Park is the most popular butterfly in Bali. Bali not only has the zoo but to butterfly, they have too. Come in Bali without visit this butterfly park will make your holiday not complete. So you must visit this place before you come back to your hometown.