Gitgit Waterfall, The Highest Waterfall In Bali

Gitgit Waterfall

Bali is like a paradise in the world. There are many tourist destinations in this region. You can find beaches, lakes, beautiful fields and waterfalls. Buleleng is a region in Bali that has many beautiful waterfalls. The highest waterfall in Bali located at Buleleng. It is called Gitgit Waterfall. This waterfall is around 35 meters from the ground. It is a beautiful place and it is a unique area.

Actually, there are three other waterfalls in this area. The waterfalls are Kembar Waterfall, Bertingkat Waterfall, and Colek Pamor Waterfall. It is a reason why you must visit this waterfall. Then there are many reasons for you to visit and enjoy this waterfall. It is recommended for you as the real traveler. The route that you must pass still natural and offers big trees.

The Reasons To Visit Gitgit Waterfall

Before you visit a place, you must have some reasons to visit the place. There are many reasons, why you must visit Gitgit Waterfall in Buleleng. You must read below information to have reasons to visit this great destination.

1. Relatively Easy Trek

For your information, you cannot use motorcycle or car to visit this waterfall. You must walk in a small street in the middle of forest. People must parking their motorcycle or their car in parking area. After that, you must walk to arrive in this waterfall. Even you must walk in this area, do not worry about the trek. Actually, it is a easy trek. You just need to follow some directions in this place.

2. There Are Many Wild Birds

Do you like with birds? If the answer yes, it is the best place for you. There are many wild birds in this area. The birds fly in the middle of forest. Around the waterfall is a forest with big trees and good sound. The sound comes from wild birds and the waterfall. It is a good natural combination. This waterfall is a quiet place for all tourist.

3. Has Beautiful Scenery

When you walk in the trek you will see the beautiful scenery. This waterfall has clearer water. Especially in dry season, the waterfall is like mirror. You can see the water is so transparent, you can see all the stone and sand under water. It is a good idea to swim under the waterfall. You can see many garden before you find the waterfall. There are coffee plantation and clove plantation around the waterfall.

4. Unique Souvenir

Near from the waterfall there are many merchants that sells unique souvenir. It is a good chance for you to buy some souvenirs for your family or your friends. Balinese is friendly, you will enjoy to buy some souvenir in this place.

5. Nearby From Lovina Beach

Do not worry when you visit this waterfall. You still able to visit beautiful beach after visit this waterfall. This waterfall nearby from Lovina Beach. Lovina beach is a famous beach in Bali. The located is just less than 20 km. You can enjoy many destination in one day. Do not forget to enjoy other waterfalls such as Kembar Waterfall and Colek Pamor Waterfall.

6. The Good Place To Photograph

When you visit this waterfall, do not forget to bring your camera. It is a good place for take a great picture. There are many spots for you. Actually, there are many people that choose this place as their background picture to their invitation card. It is an exotic waterfall that still natural and has fresh air. The temperature in this area is chilly enough.

After you read the information above, you should have a planning to visit this beautiful waterfall. You can visit this waterfall with your friends. After visit this waterfall, you can move to other destinations nearby from this area such as Lovina Beach.