Historical & Religious Batu Karu Temple as Recommended Recreation Spot

Batu Karu TempleNeeds a unique recommendation recreation spot in Bali? Batu Karu Temple might be great recommendation you should know, then! Among so many kinds of beautiful temples in Bali, surely Batu Karu Temple is a popular one among people worldwide especially both foreign and domestic tourists who love visiting god’s Island as Bali.

Well, Batu Karu Temple is one of important aspects in Balinese people’s life because they still strongly believe this temple as the holy place for them to pray to their god. That’s why this recreation spot in Bali is still well-known as a holly temple at the slope of Batukaru Tabanan Mountain. They believe that this temple is the relics of their ancestors.

Anyway, not all tourists want to always spend their holiday in Bali to have fun. Some of them even want to know more detail about Bali’s culture, original religion, and history. If you are one of such great people like that, then Batu Karu is the right temple in Bali where you should go. Moreover, people still believe that this temple is also the right place to go to calm their mind.
However, because it is a holly temple for Balinese people where they used to pray, one urban’s regulation applied is shall wear polite clothes when visiting this famous Hindu’s Temple. Related to the mentioned information above, what else that actually makes Batu Karu Temple becomes so special and famous?
Let’s find out the answer, below!

Great Things Offered by Batu Karu Temple

1. Fresh and calm atmosphere

Located in mountainous area, Batu Karu Temple presents a really fresh air and calm atmosphere that will let you feel so peaceful while staying there. It is the right place for you to go if you miss such pure village area with less pollution.

2. Amazing Hindu’s Temple architecture design

Categorized as a holly temple for Hindu’s people to pray, of course this temple is designed in truly amazing Hindu religion style. If you are attracted by Balinese’s culture, religion, and history, you can make yourself feel so amazed with the architecture style of this temple.

3. Green and beautiful scenery of nature

Near this temple, you can see Jatiluwih Rice Terrace field that shows green and beautiful sceneries of Bali’s nature. That’s why this temple is also suitable for nature lovers who miss the green and fresh atmosphere to enjoy during their holiday.

4. Spiritual natural water spring

At this holly Hindu’s Temple, you can find the famous spiritual natural water spring that used by Balinese people to purify their own selves before praying there to finally reaching their pure both physical and mentally soul.

5. Piodalan Ceremony

This religious ceremony conducted in Batu Karu Temple just one day after Galungan Day (one of the great religious days of Hindus). You can see directly this spiritual ceremony by your own self at that time. During this ceremony, Balinese people will pray to god and also to their ancestors to reach the smoothness of facing their life and prevented to face such life obstacles.