Holy Bathing in Tirta Empul Temple as Hindu Culture

Tirta Empul TempleTirta Empul Temple is bathing place which has water source. It is well known as holy water. Tirta Empul Temple is famous as a place for Hindu people to purify themselves. Almost everyday, this place is full of people who will do ritual. Especially for a good day like Purnama day and Tilem day.

Where is Tirta Empul Temple Located?

This temple is located in Tampaksiring Subdistric, Gianyar District, Bali Island. If you are in Denpasar city, it is better to drive through Jalan Wr. Supratman. It is the fastest route. It prevents due the traffic. It needs 56 minutes to reach there. It is around 37.8 km. If you drive through Jalan Raya Tampaksiring, it will be little bit longer. You will need 1 hour 3 minutes. It is around 37.8 km.

Discovering Unique Background of Tirta Empul Temple

The history of Tirta Empul Temple is unique. It told in that time, King Mayadenawa did not let the people there celebrated religious ceremony to worship God. Also to ask for salvation to them. Gods knew this attitude of arbitrarily of King Mayadewana. Bhatara Indra and the Gods attacked King Mayadewana. He lost and ran away to north side of Tampak siring Village.

With the supranatural power of King Mayadewana, he created poison water source. It made Bhatara Indra and the Gods fell down and failed to chase up King Mayadewana. Bhatara Indra immediately drove in his stick to the ground. His stick created water source from the ground. This holy water is used by Bhatara Indra to make the Gods alived.

How is The Architecture and Ritual in Tirta Empul Temple?

Tirta Empul Temple is built in 962. It happened during 10th century until 14th century on Warmadewa dinasty. In the side of temple, you will see modern vila. It is built for President Soekarno during his visit in 1954. Nowadays, it is used for important guests to take a rest.

Tirta Empul has three sections. First, it is front yard which people called it as Jaba Pura. Second, it is central yard which people called it as Jaba Tengah. Third, it is inner yard which people called it as Jeroan. You can find two pools which has 30 showers in central yard (Jaba Tengah).

The shower ritual in Tirta Empul Temple is very unique. The rituals consist of Pengelukatan, Pebersihan, Sudamala, and Pancuran Cetik. The function is for cleaning ourselves from dirtiness of body and soul. Also, it helps people to protect themselves and reach their goals.

How is The Quality of Water Source in Tirta Empul Temple

Hindu people believe that water source in Tirta Empul is clean. It is holy water for their ritual. However, nowadays the water quality becomes poor. It is the effect of contamination of the area around.

It caused by people in surrounding areas usually throw the garbages away to open water. Also, in sewage channel which flows to the river. There is a case which one person almost loses his eyesight by infection. The water source of Tirta Empul nowadays is contaminated by Escherichia coli.