How to create your own bali tour itinerary


Have you had difficulty in choosing the tour itinerary when on holiday to Bali? It can be confusing when we see the bali tour schedule offered by each tour agent. at a glance there is similarity between one package to another. if we read carefully , there are different. To solve that problem, I will try to explain how to make your own bali tour itinerary.

Before discussing our main topic, I should explain some of the bali  attractions, tourist activities, as well as adventure tour that is often included in the tour itinerary. actually not much. but alot of combination  make us confused.

Most Popular bali attraction

First, let’s look at some of the main attractions are often visited in Bali. if you look at the names of the packages offered by travel agents, we can easily see the main attractions on offer.

For example: Kintamani tour. This means that the main attractions offered are Kintamani. Or ubud tour, this means that the main attraction is Ubud. For the others I think you can find it yourself.

The next, here are some of the main attractions in Bali. I would sort of south bali , central, east, north and west. read here for Main Attraction in Bali.

Most Popular Bali Adventures

Besides visiting attractions that I mentioned above, you can consider the adventure tour for input into the itinerary. a combination of adventure tour with recreation to the tourist attractions can be an good option.

For example: in the morning you can take a bali  rafting then proceed to recreation to the Ubud village . this is possible because of the location of the Ayung river rafting very close to Ubud. You can also make a combination of water sport with uluwatu tour.

Before you read further please check out the article : 32 best bali adventure tour which discusses the types of adventure tour in Bali.

Other common activity during bali tour

After you know about the main attractions and a variety of adventure tours in Bali. I think you also need to know some kind of regular activities include in bali tour itinerary. the following list:

1. Visit the Tohpati village –  here you can see the process of making batik and buy some to take home. you better there in the morning. this is because the location is close to Kuta. so before go to other tourist attractions you will pass through this village.

2. Watching the barong dance – after Tohpati you will enter the village of Batubulan. in the morning, there are many on the stage of the barong dance.

2. Buying gold and silver in Celuk village. This village is located after the village of Batubulan.

3. For painting lovers can visit the village of Batuan. there are many gallery that sells various types of painting.

4. Try the taste of bali  coffee – these activities is a good  choice for coffee lovers.

5. A visit to the zoo – in Bali there are two famous zoo: Bali Zoo and Bali safari and marine park. both located in the district of Gianyar.

6. Try the elephant ride. This activity nicely done with the family. If you are interested, you can find elephant tour price list here.

Create your own bali tour itinerary.

After learning about the main attractions, adventure tours and activity bali. now we go to our main discussion. here I am trying to give advice based on my experience so far. The next decision we leave to you.

1. Decide how long you want the tour will be.

First, you need to decide is how long you will tour. whether 6 hours, 10 hours or more.  6 hour tour often called bali half day tour. tour for 10 hours on call bali full day tour. while the tour more than 10 hours in one day call bali tour. we, in baliholidaystours put the tour more than 10 hours to a full day tour bali group.

2. Choose your main  destination.

After you determine the length of the tour, then choose a major tourist attraction. choose a place that you think is most interesting as a reference. You can select more than one attraction. but not more than 2 attractions.

3. Select place around a major tourist attraction

The next consider the place around the main attractions that you like. some options around the main attractions can make your trip be fun. Choose a place around the main attractions to save travel time.

4. Use an existing tour itinerary as a reference.

To make it easier for you to arrange your tour itinerary. tour program offered by the travel agent can be a reference. like the one in .Next, replace some of the objects that you do not like. but it must be remembered, replace the attraction to attraction nearby. if you do not have a good choice then remove it , so you can spend more time in a major tourist attraction.

5. Contact some tour agent and ask price for your itineray tour.

After you finish making the tour itinerary. contact some tour agent to ask the price of a tour itinerary that you want. You can contact us or search on google.

Prices given may vary. my advice choose the most reasonable price. Very low price could be a sign of lack of service quality. Although not all cheap price means bad service.



Make your own bali tour itinerary is not easy. before deciding to make your own tour itinerary, you should know some of the major attractions in Bali. places of interest as well as some interesting adventure tour in bali . I hope this simple article can help you holiday in Bali.