Jembong Waterfall, Ambengan, The Waterfall In The Middle Of Cacao Plantation

Jembong Waterfall

Bali has many great destinations for tourists. You can find beautiful beaches, lakes, and waterfalls in here. The one of the region that has the great destination in Bali is Buleleng. Buleleng is a regency that has a good view and many beautiful objects. There is a beautiful waterfall in Ambengan village, Buleleng. Balinese call it Jembong Waterfall. Jembong waterfall, Ambengan village’s treasure because it is very beautiful. Actually, this waterfall is still natural and quiet place.

If you want to enjoy this waterfall, you must make some preparation. Because of the location in the middle of cacao plantation and tropical forest. You must pay IDR 5000 for fee contribution. In this place, there are some public facilities such as toilet for the visitors. You can enjoy this place with your friends. It is a good idea to swim together under the waterfall. There are some reasons, why you must visit Jembong waterfall, Ambengan.

The Reasons To Visit Jembong Waterfall, Ambengan

You have some reasons to visit this exotic waterfall. It is caused you will get many unique in this place. You will get the amazing experience when explore this place. These the reasons, why you must visit Jembong waterfall :

1. Still Natural And Quiet

As we know that many people come to Bali with purpose to enjoy the beaches. There are so many tourists in the beaches. They are rare to visit waterfall in Bali. It is caused the Jembong waterfall is quiet place and still natural. You can hear many wild birds and see beautiful scenery. The location of this place is on the hill.

2. Cheap Enough For You

If you looking for a best place with low price, this waterfall is recommended for you. You just need pay IDR 5000. It is cheap enough for you especially for local tourist. The contribution fee will used to recover the facilities in this place. You can enjoy the scenery, swim, take a picture and see many wild birds.

3. Has A Unique Pool

In this area there is a unique pool. Why it is unique? Because, the pool has a shape likes a heart or love. The local people call it as “Kolam Selfie”. It is a good place to take a picture in this pool. So, do not forget to bring your camera when you visit Jembong waterfall, Ambengan. The pool is small enough. Do not worry you can swim under the waterfall.

4. In The Middle Cacao Plantation

When you visit this great place, you will know that the waterfall located in the middle of cacao plantation. You can have easy trekking in green forest. Through the cacao plantation, you will walk in the small street. Be careful because the street is slippery enough. There are many big stones in the route.

5. There Is A Small Bridge

You can find small bridge in this location. The bridge is a good place to enjoy the scenery. Many people take pictures in this bridge. The bridge is unique enough. It will give you a unique view. You must walk on the bridge to arrive in the waterfall. Do not worry caused the bridge is safe enough for visitors.

6. Nearby Beautiful Rice Field

Buleleng is popular with beautiful rice field. You can see the beautiful rice field when you visit the Jembong waterfall. There are many farmers that you can find in here. They are friendly enough with all tourists. You can ask them about the waterfall with them. The local farmers plant the rice in a terrace. The field has a good formation.

Now you must make some preparation to make a great holiday in Jembong waterfall, Ambengan. You can enjoy a unique waterfall in Bali. It means you have another destination except for a beach. Have a nice holiday in Jembong waterfall.