Jimbaran Bay Beach, A Seafood Culinary Center In Bali With Exotic Scenery

Jimbaran bay BeachJimbaran Bay beach is the beach which closest to the international airport Ngurah Rai Bali This place very easily reached because it is located just south of the airport . This beach is a major beach spot of local and foreign tourists visit when they took the Bali vacation.
The area of this beach is known as the fishing village area. It is no wonder because, along the coast there are traditional Balinese fishing houses and many kinds of restaurants serving a varieties of seafood. So if you are looking for a seafood culinary center in Jimbaran Bali is the best choice.

Jimbaran’s fresh seafood culinary

On this beach you can enjoy delicious seafood that is still fresh because it is just caught by the fishermen. You can also enjoy the beautiful Jimbaran Bay beach which very long and sloping because this area has a length up to three kilometers.

At the end of this beach, there is also a traditional market that sells seafood such as fresh fish, lobster, squid, crab, shellfish and many other foods. When returning home from the sea the fishermen will usually sell fish in this traditional market.

The atmosphere of Jimbaran

The Jimbaran Bali has white and smooth sand which is the main characteristic of sand on this beach. If you are lucky , you can see directly the activities of local fishermen when they are doing their work on the beach, from using nets, fishing lines or even prepare their jukung for preparating to go to sea.

You can order seafood culunary which served along this beach. In the last afternoon you will the sunset then, the atmosphere of the beach will be felt. While you can take enjoying seafood here with the beautiful sunset at dusk.

After enjoying the sunset you don’t move, because the atmosphere of Jimbaran Bay beach will be more exotic in the night. With flame torch and blend of art by music bands which typical tropical singers provided by the restaurants here . In the night the atmosphere more memorable. In the other restaurants of Jimbaran sometimes also featuring Balinese dance arts.

Jimbaran Bay Beach is the most popular beach on the island of Dewata Bali. Every tourist, foreign or domestic, can take more time to enjoy this nice beach. The beautiful scenery of this area is very famous, that why this beach as one of the most crowded beach in Bali.

If you where at the most crowded beach, you do not need confusion on this beach. There are many exciting and fun activities that can be done in this place. You can do activities like a romantic dinner and honeymoon with your partner.

One thing that can not be missed from Jimbaran Bay Beach is the romantic atmosphere. It is not surprisingly, many people who make this place as a location to spend a honeymoon with their partner. Moreover, here is also a place for a romantic dinner by enjoying the atmosphere of the beach.

There are many restaurants that provide a romantic dinner on Jimbaran. With the sky night Jimbaran Bay beach with accompanied of breeze from the sea, the atmosphere of the dinner will be more enjoyable. Moreover, you will also be able to get various types of seafood dish that intrigue like lobster, grilled fish, shrimp, and many others.