Knit Your Special Moment By Doing Ayung River Rafting

Ayung River Rafting

Who does like rafting? Rafting as one of the extreme sports are very familiar for the people who are very interested in sports. When visiting Bali, do not forget to try one of the epic places there. Are you curious about it? Yes, it is about Ayung River Rafting. Want to know more? Just follow the details below.

Why Ayung River Rafting?

Bali is well-known for its beaches. However, this is the other sort of interests in Bali. It is Ayung River. From Sanur, Ayung River lies between 62.5 kilometers. That is why Ayung River is called as the longest River in Bali. Besides, there are some grades which are designed from the very beginning to the very professional level. There are grade 1-3. It is useful for everyone to map their capabilities and match the grade they want to enjoy.

How To Reach There?

From the Ngurah Rai Airport, people need about one hour to get there. People will pas Ubud, Kuta, and then Sanur which is also the tourist destinations. Near Sanur, you can see the Ayung River in Payangan village, Ubud, Bali. Payangan village is located near the many rivers there, so you can easily notice Ayung. You could go there by both motorcycles or walk because the area is narrow. The stones are also slippery so make sure you could keep your body balance.

How Much Is It?

Basically, the price depends on the age range. For children, it can be about Rp. 350.000,00 and for adult, it is about Rp. 530.000,00. But do not worry, because, by that price, you are given some equipment supporting your rafting like the jacket, boats, helmets and many more.

What Is The Mechanism In Doing Ayung River Rafting?

To start the rafting, people are divided into groups and each group is about four to six people with one instructor. The instructor will explain you about how to do well rafting. He also will accompany you and responsible you’re your safety too. However, if the children are afraid and still lack of experience, they can be accompanied by their parents. The track they should pass is about 12 kilometers in 2 hours. During the rafting, people can take a photo with the carving stone as the background along the river. The carving stones are made by people there. Wow, such a well handmade arts, right?

What Are The Facilities Served In Ayung River Rafting?

After you did the rafting, you are facilitated with some facilities here. The facilities will make you easy to enjoy the rafting to the most.


To use the toilets, it is free. The toilets are adequate to use by lots of people. So don’t worry and use the facility. The toilets are also well cleaned. There are soaps, shampoo and also showers there. So you can take a bath and relax.

Change Rooms

Change Rooms are apart from the toilets, because they are designed to just for change the clothes so that the ones using the toilets are not disturbed. The change rooms are also served in large amount so that you can change your clothes without waiting for the other people inside.


After rafting, people must have been wet. Thus, the towels will be helpful to dry the body so that people could not have any fever easily. The towels are clean and high quality.

Rest Rooms

Restrooms are designed for the visitors to take a rest for a while and enjoy the scenery of the river. The restrooms can be for group or individual. You can decide it yourself.


While waiting for the time to come home, you can end it by having lunch with your family or friends. Then when you come home, you are not tired again and full of energy as when you visit the place. What a wonderful story to share.