Knowing history of Bali from Bajra Sandhi Monument

Bajra Sandhi MonumentDecide to make Bali as a tour destination is a great idea to have travel in different ways. There, you not only can enjoy the beauty of the nature of Bali Island, but also learn about it’s history. This is because this island offers historical knowledge that tells about the Balinesse struggle in against the invaders.

This knowledge is presented in a monument namely Bajra Sandhi Monument. Besides telling about Balinesse struggling, this monument is also telling about the history of the kingdom in Bali, in the past.

By visiting this monument, you will get valuable experience and knowledge about Bali. it is because one of the way people knows the history of a certain region is by visiting it’s monument. For that, by visiting Bajra Sandhi Monument, then it can be the right way to know about the history of Bali Island.

This monument stands majestically in the middle of Renon Field, in Puputan, Denpasar Bali. If you tend to visit this monument, you can come everyday, other than national holidays. It will be opened every Monday – Friday at 08.30 – 17.00 WITA, and Saturday – Monday at 09.30 – 17.00 WITA.

Typical balinesse atmosphere can be felt in the first time you step your foot in Bajra Sandhi Monument. This is because this monument is decorated by typical balinese architectural with Balinese philosophy and symbol of independence. For example, the stairs at the main entrance of this monument is amounted to 17, there are grand pillars inside this monument amounted to 8, and the building which stood as high as 45 meter.

All of those numbers are the representation the symbols of Indonesian Independence Day, namely 17 August 1945.

1. The history of the monument
The name of Bajra Shandi itself was coming from the word of Bajra Shandi. In this case, a Hindu priest usually carries bajra in every recites incantation during a religious ceremony. As for the meaning of bajra itself is a bell. Because the shape of this monument itself resembles as a bell, then it is called as Bajra Sandhi Monument.

2. Parts of the monument
Bajra Sandhi Monument is divided into three parts those are nistaning mandala utama, madianing utama mandala, and utamaning utama mandala. Nistaning mandala utama is the first ground floor of the building with some space like information, exhibition room, library, administration, meeting, etc.

Meanwhile, madianing utama mandala is the middle floor displaying 33 dioramas of Balinese struggling in againts the invaders. The last is utamaning mandala is the upper floor which also called as the review room.

In the top floor, the visitors can enjoy the view of Denpasar from height. To enjoy this view, the visitor must climb the spiral staircase as high as about 10 meters, namely Tapak Dara stairs.

Bajra Sandhi Monument is one of tourist destination in Bali which offers a complete package for it’s visitors. There, you not only can learn the history of Bali, but also can enjoy the view of Denpasar from the height. So, make sure yourself and your family to visit this monument