Kroya Waterfall, Sliding In The Nature


Kroya WaterfallHave you ever heard about a waterfall in Bali? Bali is an island that has many tourist destinations. Each year there are many domestic and foreign tourist come to Bali. As a popular tourist destination, Bali has many beautiful waterfalls. Even Bali is famous caused it has many beaches, Bali has other varieties of destination tourist such as a lake, rice terrace, and waterfall. Kroya Waterfall is the one of a beautiful waterfall in Bali Island.

This waterfall is unique enough. It is around 12 meters from the ground. If you want to visit this waterfall you must go to Buleleng Bali. The location of this waterfall in Sambangan village, the regency of Buleleng. If you want to visit this great destination, you must know about things that you can do in this area. Make your preparation and keep a nice holiday in the beautiful waterfall.

Things To Do In Kroya Waterfall

This waterfall is different from other waterfalls. You can do many things that you cannot do in other waterfalls in Bali. It is the reason why many tourist come to this place. They want to try something new. Here the things that you can do:

1. Play On The Natural Slide

Do you like with sliding activities? Who says that it is just acceptable in Water Park, because you can play on the natural slide in there. The waterfall is low from the ground and the cliff is safe enough to sliding activity. It is like concave from nature. You can slide from upper part and then slip off in the pool. Many tourists like this activity.

2. Swim In A Pool

The water is fresh and you and you can swim in the pool under the waterfall. Before you come here, do not forget to prepare your swimsuit. The water flow is still acceptable to swim. As suggestion do not come in rainy season. It caused the water flow is danger and the management from this place will close the area.

3. Jumping From Cliff

In this place you can jump from cliff. The cliff is around 5 meters from the pool. It is really recommended for you that love to increase your adrenaline. Commonly, teenagers or young people love to try the new challenge. You can jump from the cliff and the fall in the pool under the waterfall.

4. Take A Picture

Bring your camera when you visit this waterfall. You can take many pictures. This place is beautiful background for your photo. Capture your holiday moment in this place. Do not forget to bring a waterproof camera. There are many beautiful spot in here.

5. Have A Nice Trekking

When you arrive in parking area, you must keep walking until near location in the waterfall. You must walk in the middle of green forest because the location from the waterfall in the middle of forest. You can ask the local guide to help you. Enjoy the journey because you can see many wild birds in the forest. Do not throw any rubbish in this route. There are many rules when you in this place, because many Balinese believe it is the sacral place. Follow the rules and do not break it.

6. Enjoy The Scenery

The scenery from this area is beautiful enough. You can see the transparent water. It is so clear and you can see the bottom of the pool. The green forest around the waterfall creates fresh scenery. Imagine the combination green forest and blue sky plus the clear water. It is a perfect scenery for all the visitors that come there.

Now make a preparation and call your friends. You can enjoy Kroya waterfall in Buleleng Bali. It is cheap enough caused you just need a little contribution around Rp.10.000. The contribution fee can change suit with the condition.