Let_s Be Fire With Fire Dance In Bali

Fire Dance

Fire Dance? What do you think about that? In Bali, it is called as Kecak Dance. Taken from the story of Ramayana, this dance has attracted people to come and see. As the traditional dance in Bali, this dance is highly appreciated and developed time by time. The Fire Dance is usually performed for entertaining the local people but also to welcome the foreigners or nominated as one of the traditional dances to represent Indonesia in the global cultural festival. For more details, let’s get closer to the discussion below.

Why Fire Dance?

Why fire? It is because, during the performance, the performers are surrounded by the fire. The only light is the fire itself. It is used to create a magical atmosphere around. It is usually performed by a lot of performers. The fire dance is performed at dusk or night, it is rare to perform it at the day.

What Is It?

The dance is taken from the synopsis of the story in Ramayana with its main actors such as Rama, Sita, Laksamana, and Rahwana. It tells about the Alengka Kingdom. One day, Rama, Sita, and Laksamana went to the jungle. There, they meet a deer. The deer is actually the reincarnation of Rahwana. Rahwana then kidnapped Sita when Rama and Laksamana ran after the deer. After arrived in Alengka, a place where Rahwana became the king, Hanoman came and tried to seize Sita. However, Rama saved her. That is why Bali is culturally shaped with the myth and folklore in Indonesia.

Why Seeing It?

People are historically related to the myth in their life. It is because the myth is something bigger than life. It is beyond. By seeing this dance, people can understand the local wisdom especially in Bali and do reflection on their life. The story of Ramayana can also be seen in the form of wayang. However, by using the fire dance, it is more attractive so that it is like you are involved in the story and can express you feeling. Another reason is because hearing the dalang to tell you about the story, sometimes it is boring, right? However, by watching the dance you might not be sleepy and still enjoy the performance.

How Much Is It?

There is no free lunch in this today world, right? So does this dance performance. To enter the stage, people should pay about Rp. 75.000,00. It is the appropriate price to see the great performance like that.

What Are The Attractiveness?

Here are some reasons, why the dance is welcomed and appreciated by lots of people.

1. The Performers

The performers include many people for about 75 male people. The compositions of the performers will make the dance fire and fire.

2. The Attributes

The attributes used are made by the people there. They are like ‘jarik’ in their body and ‘blangkon’ in their had. The attributes make the dance smoldering and more epic.

3. The ‘Cak-Cak’ Sound

Fire Dance is performed and called as Kecak Dance because they are performed together. The ‘cak-cak’ sound is voiced by the performers during the dance. It is used to create the more magical atmosphere as calling the ‘roh’ to come. Thus, it makes them as possessed by the ‘roh’. But then, the handler or the chief will splashes some water, so that they can be conscious again. That is why the dance name comes from.

4. The Beat And Rhythm

The beat and rhythm are usually fast. But then in some parts, it will be more slowly. The playing of those is to follow the ‘kidung’ or such a ‘pray’ that is dedicated to the dance.

5. The Sharp Eyes

Be careful to the eyes. Because the eyes will be wider and wider so that be ready for that and make sure you do not have a heartache.