Location And Some Good Reasons To Visit Batu Belig Beach

Batu Belig Beach

Have you ever heard about Batu Belig beach? some of you might never know about it. some even cant guess where it is. In fact, Batu Belig is one of the beaches located at Bali. As we know, Bali of Indonesia provides us with hundreds of exotic beaches you can’t get enough. And one of the beach you should visit is Batu Belig.

In this article, you will find the reasons why you should visit this beach instead of the other beaches. The reasons involve the location, access, facilities, and of course the attractiveness of Batu Belig. So, read through the page to help you decide which beach you are going to visit for the next holiday.

Location Of Batu Belig Beach

Why is the location of Batu Belig one of the main reasons to visit this beautiful place? Well, it is because Batu Belig or Kerobokan beach is located near the hottest tourist resort, Seminyak. The beach of Batu Belic is specifically located at Kerobokan Traditional Village of North Kuta District, Bali. It is surrounded by the other famous tourist area such as Canggu Splash Park. Therefore, you can also visit the other interesting places.

The other reason is that you only need 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. And about the transportation, you don’t have to worry. Means of transportation are available to take you to the beach and from the beach.

The Attractiveness of Batu Belig Beach

Talking about the attractiveness, you will be impressed by the attractive golden sand on this place. The light brown sand of Batu Belig looks like gold under the sunlight. The flat beach enables you to lie all day long while complimenting the amazing view. In the afternoon, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset just like what we can find in Kuta. Batu Belig also owns that scene, yet in the cleaner and calmer atmosphere.

1. Facilities Of Batu Belig Beach

At Batu Belig or Kerobokan beach you will find many interesting facilities. Therefore, you won’t have to worry during your holiday. This place also supports the facilities for a family holiday such as:

2. Water Sports

You can try many kinds of water sports at Batu Belig such as paragliding, surfing, and swimming. Adults can try any kinds of available water sport. On the other hand, the swimming area near the beach line is recommended for children.

3. Horse Riding

Who says horse riding can only be found at the mountain? On this beach, you are able to try the sensation of relaxing horse riding while enjoying the beautiful beach scenery. you can also take your children with you or ask them to learn how to ride a horse. And the most interesting, mothers can get their back massaged or the nail polished while watching the children.

4. Restaurant

Feeling hungry after a beach day out? Let’s find something to eat. Batu Belig provides you with wide options of trendy restaurants, café, and bar. You can find some recommended restaurant for your family. Or else, you can also find some café and bars with lounge to sit while admiring the spectacular sunset view.

5. Shopping

Ladies and gentlemen, you don’t have to worry about your holiday wardrobe. You can get everything for the surrounding sellers. They sell Balinese shirts, sarong, and handicraft. You can buy some for yourself and your friends at home, of course in the moderate prices. Besides, you can also find some chic boutique for your shopping spree in Bali.

6. Hotel

When you visit Batu Belig, you can easily find a hotel to spend the night. Just choose any hotels which meet your preference and suitable for your budget. Hotels at Batu Belig offer excellent services and facilities.

Do you see how the location, attractiveness, and facilities of Batu Belig being so inviting? So what are you waiting for? Free your agenda, grab your ticket, pack your things, and have a nice holiday.