Location And Some Reasons To Have Wonderful Family Holiday At Citraland Waterpark

Citraland Waterpark

When we think about a holiday in Bali, the first come to mind might be the fun holiday on the beach. Or else, we might think about the other natural tourist attraction such mountain, lake, and garden. However, those kinds of attractions are mainly available far from the center of the city, Denpasar. But don’t worry. Citraland Waterpark is able to provide the excitement from the center of the city, Denpasar.

Location Of Citraland Waterpark

Sometimes we go to Bali for a business meeting instead of holiday. But why don’t you take your family with you and have a short exciting holiday after the meeting? Well, you can go to the waterpark built by the great property developers in Indonesia, Ciputra Group. This waterpark is located at Ubung Kaja of North Denpasar, specifically at Jl. Cargo Permai Marketing Gallery, Crystal Square. Public transportations are available to take you there.

Some Reasons To Visit Citraland Waterpark

There are many tourist destinations around Bali which are suitable for a family holiday. But why should you visit Citraland over the other tourist destination? Here are the reasons why this place deserves a visit.

1. Amazing Waterpark

This waterpark is suitable for children and adult. Many pools and water slides are available for your excitement. Children would love spending their time at Adventure Gallery which includes a baby pool and a kids pool. If you want to spur your adrenaline, you can try The Sea Legs. At this section, you will find some quite challenging activities such as tube slide and racer slide. You can also experience a wonderful foam party event.

Citraland Waterpark is open at 2 pm and closed at 6 pm during the weekdays. But on the weekend, you will have a longer time to enjoy the excitement in the water with your family. This place open at 9 am and closed at 6 pm during the weekend.

2. Affordable Ticket

Besides facilities, ticketing is also important information you should get before visiting a place. In Citraland, you can get an affordable ticket for the whole family. The entrance ticket to this waterpark is 50K on weekdays and 70K during the weekend. You can also get into the foam party event with 70K. The price is valid for adults and children above 80 cm in height. And for children under 80 cm, it is totally free.

3. Promo And Discount

As mentioned above, the ticket is quite affordable for the amazing facilities from Citraland. Moreover, you can get more promo and discount for the ticket. To get the promo and discount, you can order the ticket via online ticketing vendor. There are many promo and advantages you can get by purchasing the ticket online. Or else, you can also visit Ciputra Group’s exhibition and expo to get some discount coupon.

4. Recommended Food

You are forbidden to bring your own foods and beverages. However, don’t be worried, as you can easily get foods and beverages around this waterpark. Food stalls and restaurants with affordable and recommended foods are available for you. So, when you are hungry and tired after the vigorous water activities, just grab the available foods nearby.

5. The One And Only

For your information, this waterpark is the one and only in Denpasar. So, when you want some wonderful excitement at the center of Bali, this place is quite a catch. The strategic location in the heart of the city enables you to visit the other places in a short time. What a wonderful place for a short family holiday

Those are the reasons why you should visit Citraland Waterpark along with its location. Don’t forget to prepare your stuff such swimming suit, waterproof camera, and towel before you go there. So, have a wonderful family holiday!