Make Your Enchanting Experience In Batubulan Village


Batubulan Village

If you are foreigners, visiting Bali is a must. But then what to visit, because there are so many tourist destinations there. One of them is Batubulan Village. Having so many cultures and traditions makes Batubulan as the very wonderful village to visit. Let’s get closer then.

Where Is It?

Batubulan village is located in Bali, especially in the Gianyar regency, Sukmawi district. It is the most strategic place in Denpasar as the headquarter of Bali. Because the many tourist transactions are done here. The gate is located in the west area. This location is crowded because located near other tourist destinations too.

What Is The History Of Batubulan Village?

Batubulan has a history behind it. Dewa Agung Kalesan who is the stepchild of King Badung was given an authority to build a palace in the forest. One day, when he and his people went to the east area of the forest, he saw a stone shining like a moon. That is why the name is called as Batubulan coming from batu for stone and bulan for the moon. Then, Dewa Agung Kalesan builds a palace there.

How To Get There?

From Denpasar, the headquarter of Bali, people need about fifteen minutes to reach the location both by motorcycle or car. It is provided with a large parking area there, so do not be afraid of using your own motorcycle or car. However, if people choose to walk around, they need about forty-five minutes to reach there.

How Much Is It?

Basically, to enter the village, it is free. You are not supposed to pay. However, you should pay for some performances like dance performances you should not miss. It is about Rp. 30.000, 00 for each performance.
What To Do In Batubulan Village?
Batubulan is famous for its arts, from visual arts to many crafts. Here are some of them and the other beauty of Batubulan.

  1. Art Shopping

    Knowing that Batubulan is the village which has the art artifacts will lead you to see how people make them. The most well-known art is stone carving. Here, people can make a statue and many other art forms like a necklace, ring etc. The persistence of people in doing so makes Batubulan as the potential region to well economically developed. You will not regret anything while buying the accessories there, because they have the very high quality from the first-hand makers. So, happy shopping there.

  2. Enjoy The Dance Performances

    Bali, as the other provinces in Indonesia, has many traditional dances like Legong Dance, Kecak Dance, Barong Dance, and many more. There are some schedules when to see those performances. Usually, it is about 09.00 in the morning until 10.30 am for Barong Dance. While Kecak Dance is shown about 18.00 until 19.00 in the dusk. Do not forget to bring your camera to capture the great moment there.

  3. Enjoy The Art Galeries

    Besides those activities, you can walk around the village and see how the people are making the art crafts. You can learn and ask them for some questions like what to be made, what for, how, and why? Because some crafts are culturally produced like a statue for example or the dancing ornaments. You also can take photos there and see more details about the art galleries.

  4. Photo Hunting

    With so many cultural views, it is obviously the right moment to capture the most unforgettable moment in your life. You can take a photo from the many angles you want because each angle of this village is very beautiful.

  5. Culinary Hunting

    Do not forget to buy some food and spoil your tongue with the yummy culinary here. The dishes sell there are well made and full of the Indonesian taste that is spicy. However, the Bali taste itself is not spicy as what other region has like Yogyakarta for example. Basically, the price is not too expensive, but you should consider your money.